Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory": Wall Street

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In this segment, Jesse Ventura, former Minnesota governor, takes on the boys at Goldman Sachs. As he leaves the room, he tells them, "And I'll keep fighting for the little guy and kick your asses." In parts 1 and 2, also very much worth watching, Jesse Ventura interviews the GATA Chairman Bill Murphy, Bill Black, and Matt Taibbi. You can easily find parts 1 and 2 on YouTube.





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ok, sportsfans, how bout this for a lineup?

Ron Paul : Pres

Jesse V : VP

Bill Black : AG

Bill Murphy : CFTC

Matt Taibbi : Press Sec


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Give em a flying elbow from the top rope Jake. Then piledrive their mainstreet-exploiting asses. Then tag the Sheik, and he can put em in the Camel Clutch til they whimper for mercy.

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Then I will step in with the people's elbow and lay the smackdown on their rooty poot candy asses!

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I live in a communist Province. We have a vegetable marketing board that makes it illegal to sell potatoes at a farmer's market or any non-market board potatoes at a grocery store.

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jesse is definitely worth watching....he hedges his statements too much - almost to the point of dismissing the conspiracy - but if you avoid the negative aspect of the argument you will see the truth...

wtc was blown up by usa intelligence; operations northwoods existed and was the context for 9/11; those cameras at every street corner are the complete and total vindication of george orwell. the sad truth is the plutocracy and government are corrupt and evil. americans must make war against them to recover freedom....(even though it is essentially too late)

ps - a bonus you won't see on conspiracy theory: the fbi, cia, and army delta force murdered martin luther king.

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truTV is a poster child of dumbed-down networks (the proud home of Hardcore Pawn, World's Dumbest, Southern Fried Stings, Full Throttle Saloon and other high-quality, highbrow entertainment). The kind of shit America's moron class gobbles up with a spoon. So Jesse gets a deal: He can do the show, but it has to air on the idiots r us channel. And that's how equal air time is granted here in Amerika.

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I guess I am an exception--I will not be bribed, coerced, or manipulated into doing something unethical. 

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The reality is everyone is bought and paid for and if you are not bought and paid for then you are a sucker. Those at the bottom have JPM cards called "food stamps" that keeps millions from the streets. Congress, the prez, state and local, Judges. They are all bought and paid for and we will have to wait for the money to run out.

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 "Once George Will was trying to make him look stupid for believing in conspriracy theories about JKF;Geogre was askign him what this thing the Warren Commission said etc...and Jesse simply said somthing to the effect "if there is nothing to hide and nothing to these theories, why did the re-up the secrecy of JFK files and hide them from public for another ___ years?""

The JFK assasination:  I thought Bugliosi had the definitive study on this, even besting Gerry Spence.

Check out this thread at the verboten site, "Stormfront":

Quatloos also had a thread on this recently:

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Note-  Someone will try to kill Jesse.

He knows enough not to sit in a hot tub and allow some intelligence crank to blowdart him like Matt Simmons. 

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If I were jesse I would avoid hot tubs at all cost, oh and have a heart checkup to prove your heart attack wasn't expected.

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Some observations on Jesse from a MN that had him as governor -

He isn't brilliant but he is an independent thinker, which is always refreshing.

While he seemed a joke to many outside State, he was a competent Governor. Prior to getting elected as Governor, he was mayor of 4th or 5th largest city in a state of 4 million, more than Palin could say. He got into government as protest but stayed the course thru some mundane governoring stuff, which is harder to do as a mayor and a governor than it is a legislator.

While it seems unusual turnout of voters in largely due to being pissed at existing situation (see Dem turnout in 2006 due to war and 6 years of not liking W and Repub turnout in 2010 due to economy and not like 2 years of Obama), Jesse got major turnout because he got enough momentum late in election to seem possible and then those that normally did not vote got excited to vote for him. My precinct is sort of inner city yuppy and it suddenly had a bunch of joe six packs at the polling place I had never seen before. MN has same day voter registration and it was off the charts for Jesse, guys covered in mud showed up a 7:55 pm (polls close a 8:00) just to vote for him.

While he doesn't mind making a buck, Jesse seems to avoided giving in to insiders who I'm sure would have helped him cash in and be less of rebel voice. More than a sense of deep public service, I just think the guy has a rebel streak and is not in his nature to lie.

While Jesse was governor, he was way too thin skinned for a politician, this I believe was the primary reason he didn't accomplish more and stick around for a second term.

Jesse's greatest talent is putting things in a simple independent way. Clinton had a bit of knack for this, Jesse too can make an opinion that is based on well-informed, good anlaysis but put in a direct, straightforward way, not get bogged in facts. Jesse seldom answers a question directly, but does not evade, just reframes. Once George Will was trying to make him look stupid for believing in conspriracy theories about JKF;Geogre was askign him what this thing the Warren Commission said etc...and Jesse simply said somthing to the effect "if there is nothing to hide and nothing to these theories, why did the re-up the secrecy of JFK files and hide them from public for another ___ years?"

Wathc Jesse on Hannity, he does same thing, refuses to fall into any standard narrative or argue it in similar manner as typical partisans do.

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The problem with the "alternative" media has always been credibility.  People who used to be critical of Wall Street, the hedge fund industry, the Federal Reserve, and the banking industry, used to be dismissed as cranks, nuts, weirdos, insane, hicks, etc..  After the financial breakdown of 2008, and the mainstreaming of Ron Paul and other Austrian economic school experts, larger percentages of the public accept critical assessments of Wall Street.  How bad is it people wonder, how corrupt is the system??? It might take someone with more credibility to do investigative reporting than Jesse Ventura.   

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And today the avg american believe theres a 'recovery'. LOL theyll all soon be starving in the streets, and really they deserve it!

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I can take exception to only one small part of your statement – they will need not do their starving "in the street", as there will be such an overhang of empty housing, that all, even the meanest, will likely have a roof under which to waste away. 


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Jesse had his chance to help the little guy and kick asses when he was Governor of Minnesota.

Sadly for him, the astute were able to compare his talk with his walk and found him to be just another "raise taxes is reform" type.

Jesse needs to shut up and retire, he was given his chance and he pussed out.

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The first time I saw Jesse Ventura was in "The Running Man", that Stephen King scripted cult classic with the future gubernator, Arnold. 

He is definitely a cut above Alex Jones...

But the skeptical folks at "" do not like him.

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Uhhhh, actually Alex Jones is  the one who woke up Ventura to all of this, and Alex is a consultant for the show.

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Penultimate Phase of the conspiracy:  wiping out the homeowners' piggy bank.


End Game:  market crash to 5000 to finish off the job.


Look for troop redeployments; establishment of strategically placed food warehouses, and  FEMA re-education camps for all those who post on ZH.

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TPTB welcome Jesse's coverage as some reverse psyops.  I haven't watched this one but his show is so cheesy it will not do anything positive in revealing what is going on.  

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Not so.  Some folks require a tangential approach.  The Daily Show is popular for its format and it has a loyal following.   Stewart sure gave Cramer a royal reaming.

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Right because most americans are so stupid they actually believe theres a 'recovery' going on. At least Ventura reveals the facts, something no one else will do but alas USA Moronville is too busy watching American Idol to watch the facts presented so what does it matter anyway?.

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A rather hilarious Joe Sixpack-level presentation with far too much implication of a FORMAL conspiracy rather than a natural confluence of interests of people in power (which I believe it is), but its worth watching anyway.

Why did you link to just part 3? Here's all parts in order:

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sorry I junked by accident. my fat finger was going for the link right above the junk key and I got excited and well, it almost never happens but it is such a good movie...

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Just hit it again to un-junk.

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exactly, and of all the conspiracy theory episodes this is the only one that really deals with provable facts instead of wildly speculating about some theories.

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Actions speak louder than words
There will be a revolution even Lloyd smells it coming. The island is the planned safe haven.

Lloyd Blankfein's Building Steps Up Security After The Yemen Mail Bomb Plot

Lloyd Blankfein's building, 15 Central Park West, is taking security measures against the Yemen mail bomb plot (in which packages were said to be sent targeting U.S. synagogues and a Jewish Center in Chicago) that has been a concern since Friday, says the NYPost.

No packaged mail is allowed into the building at this point. It's sent to an offsite center, where residents can pick it up.


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As we all here know this is not a "theory". JV was an Navy Seal. He'll take out a few of theirs before they "get'" him.

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I'm glad Jesse makes these issues palatable to the masses. I can't tell anyone who hasn't been paying attention, and of course, this is how the Ass-Hats get away with it.

Stun Gun

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jesse is a true patiot.

when he walks up to the doorman outside 200 west st in nyc, he asks him if it's goldman headquarters, and the guy says 'no comment'. too funny. shades of the ravenite social club.

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Ventura is THE man.  Bill Murphy and William Black are interviewed in the first part of the three segments:

moofph's picture live in fear of the truth by buying luxuries that mirror your insecurities of "self" lie in a state of anonymity is death by fear of exposure...corruption with excuses that blame the innocent for having faith in your character is an admission of is clear to millions that the weak house themselves in tall glass structures pretending to stand at the top of the hill...but most of the weak's "wealth" has not been given, nor earned, but stolen...and a thief is a thief and justice will haunt you as you crawl ever closer to your chosen history has, keep your eyes over your shoulders as you walk down greed street for someone is most likely behind you waiting for the opportunity to kick you in your cowardly asses...thank you, gov. ventura for shining the light on the creatures of darkness.

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   While I am not sure I would agree with everything you said (that is, of I were able to understand it), that Is undeniably beautiful poetry! 

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The world is currently too small to disappear with ALL the GOLD in Ft. Knox and actually spend any of it.


As boxer Joe Lewis said "you can run but you can't hide" and those with stolen assets will not be able to insure their safety.


So good ahead, make our fucking day.

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Years ago, Mike Wallace interviewed Meyer Lansky on 60 Minutes. Meyer was living comfortably,but not extravagantly, in Miami. Wallace asked him where all the money was. Meyer replied, "You don't think I'd still be alive if I had kept it?"

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Jesse could have saved a lot of time by reading ZH for the last couple of years. But of course, every little bit of exposure to the truth helps!

Ron Paul should sign Jesse up to help him grill Ben in Fed Oversight Committee hearings... now that would be fun!

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Just think, they made torture legal "just-in-time".


They should have read what happened to Francois Guillotine, he finally got to see how his invention really worked, face-up.

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A little over dramatized and a little thin on the facts, but it gets the message across.  Jesse's best line was when one of the trader's said we need to pass laws to prevent the bad behavior and Jesse asked the dude,'What, we need to pass laws so that you know the difference between right and wrong?"  The dude shit his pants and shut up.

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Let's hope that Jesse does not press too many buttons and ends up like George Carlan.

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George Carlin - "The American Dream... because you have to be asleep to believe it"

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"Greeds the game here" - welcome to Wall Street Jesse!

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I loved the show.  90% was accurate besides the table 'sit-down' with the Wall Street Fat Cats.    I was genuinely touched by Ron Paul's tears of disgust and hopefully the masses accept the message.  If not, be prepared to pick up the pieces to your advantage.

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Only the small fry go to jail.

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The stock market is gunna Crash & Burn !!!

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Nothing short of a complete collapse will address the corruption on our system..

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And that can be accomplished when the masses take the bold step of withdrawing all of their money from the banks... Europe is far ahead of fat lazy Americans