Joe Lieberman's Campaign To Trample The First Amendment Is Proceeding Right On Schedule

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As if it wasn't enough that America's ruling oligarchs were sufficiently happy with abdicating their governing duties to the Federal Reserve, they have now decided to imitate China in every possible way, and in addition to making up economic data as they go (for actual numbers just look around you, for all the other imaginary bullshit there's the BLS), they have now proceeded to wipe their ass with the first amendment, on their way to converting the US to a complete banana republic. After Joe Lieberman made a mockery of Internet freedom of speech (and of Amazon's independence) he has now decided to step up his campaign against un-coopted journalists everywhere, precisely as we suspected would happen next in the USSA. Per MSNBC, the Independent Connecticut senator has told Tableau, a Seattle company that allows Web users to post charts, to remove
several charts describing the release of WikiLeaks material. The company
removed the charts on Thursday, following the lead of Amazon, which had
taken down the WikiLeaks documents themselves. The punchline: none of the charts contained any classified data: "The charts were not produced by WikiLeaks, but by a freelance journalist. And they contained no classified or secret material. The charts merely depicted how many times each country, or topic, was discussed in the cables." In other words, as Bill Dedman concludes: "these charts were journalism."

A cached version of the chart in question is being reproduced below:

Tableau's statement in response to Lieberman's bullying was as follows:

Wednesday afternoon, Tableau Software removed data visualizations published by WikiLeaks to Tableau Public. We understand this is a sensitive issue and want to assure the public and our users that this was not an easy decision, nor one that we took lightly. . . .

Our decision to remove the data from our servers came in response to a public request by Senator Joe Lieberman, who chairs the Senate Homeland Security Committee, when he called for organizations hosting WikiLeaks to terminate their relationship with the website.

Below is the take of Salon's Glenn Greenwald on this incurision into the last remaining liberty that Americans actually had left (in addition to collecting jobless benefits in perpetuity of course... and buying NFLX at 1,000x fwd PE):

Those are the benign, purely legal documents that have now been removed from the Internet in response to Joe Lieberman's demands and implied threats.  He's on some kind of warped mission where he's literally running around single-handedly dictating what political content can and cannot be on the Internet, issuing broad-based threats to "all companies" that -- by design -- are causing suppression of political information.  I understand Tableau's behavior here; imagine if you were a small company and Joe Lieberman basically announced:   I am Homeland Security and you are to cease being involved with this organization which many say is a Terrorist group and Enemy Combatant.  What Lieberman is doing is a severe abuse of power, and even for our anemic, power-revering media, it ought to be a major scandal (though it's not because, as Digby says, all our media stars can process is that "Julian Assange is icky"). 

If people -- especially journalists -- can't be riled when Joe Lieberman is unilaterally causing the suppression of political content from the Internet, when will they be? After all, as Jeffrey Goldberg pointed out in condemning this, the same rationale Lieberman is using to demand that Amazon and all other companies cease any contact with WikiLeaks would justify similar attacks on The New York Times, since they've published the same exact diplomatic cables on its site as WikiLeaks has on its (added:  the only diplomatic cables posted on the WikiLeaks site thus far are the ones published by the newspapers with which WikiLeaks partnered -- such as the NYT, Guardian, Der Spiegel, etc. -- and they include those newspapers' redactions; no other cables have yet been posted to the WikiLeaks site).  What Joe Lieberman is doing is indescribably pernicious and if "journalists" cared in the slightest about their own self-interest -- never mind all the noble things they pretend to care about -- they ought to be vociferously objecting to this.

As this pretty much covers it all, there is little to add.

Our advice: after Lieberman is done censoring the Internet, he and his fellow deranged banker puppets will start going down the list of constitutional amendments... which is why if you have been putting of on procuring that gun permit, and putting that bar or two of gold in a safe far, far away from America, this may be a good time to do so.

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Bearster's picture

Wasn't it Lieberman, along with Gore, way back in the early 1990's who said to the video game industry: "censor yourself or you will be censored"?

quintago's picture

This is part of the fifth column's plan to make criticism of Israel, and related histories illegal in this country like they have been able to get through in some european countries and Canada.

Just look at HR 6277 which is making its way through congress.

Lieberman should be thrown out  

Bearster's picture

Yeah that's it, it's all about Israel.  Not.



P.S.  Do you really believe that??  Or is your islamist fifth column spewing whatever propaganda you think you can get people to swallow?

More Critical Thinking Wanted's picture

The far scarier recent development that this article does not mention is that Sarah Palin has called for Assange to get the same treatment as taliban leaders (for example, targeted assassination with CIA drones, etc.):

If Sarah Palin and the republicans win the next presidential election then the assassination of journalists might actually become official policy.

Red Neck Repugnicant's picture

This article must be a hoax because the cornerstone of Sarah Palin's political message is the sanctity of the Constitution, e.g. freedom of speech. 

.....Or maybe she's just another fucking hypocrite like all the Republicans. 

Blano's picture

I was wondering how you were going to somehow blame this on Fox News or the Right.  Amazing. 


You're such a dumbfuck troll you make Nancy Pelosi look good.

nmewn's picture

“We need new catalysts for quality news and entertainment programming,” he said. “I hunger for quality news. I’m tired of the right and the left. There’s a little bug inside of me which wants the FCC to say to Fox and to MSNBC, ‘Out. Off. End. Good-bye.’ It’d be a big favor to political discourse, our ability to do our work here in Congress and to the American people to be able to talk with each other and have some faith in their government and more importantly in their future.”

Senator Rockefeller

Mr. Rockefeller has a dream...LOL.


chopper read's picture


the International Banking Cartel does not wish us to connect the dots.  it all begins with the rockefeller traitors. 

homersimpson's picture

You should add he makes Barney Frank look smart.

ibjamming's picture

Please...Fox News is just as corrupt as the others.  Hell, they want a "Christian Taliban".



Dollar Bill Hiccup's picture

I don't think anyone can make Nancy Pelosi look good ...

rwe2late's picture

 Red Neck   ... a "hoax"?


“Why was he not pursued with the same urgency we pursue Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders?" - Sarah Palin

 Perhaps the most serious problem with so-called "red necks" is their willingness, if not eagerness, to sacrifice economic and political security in order to pursue an illusory "military" security against all conceivable military hypotheticals. Thus, martial or police state legislation and economic ruin are less a threat for them than are the illiterate peasants in one of the most poverty-ridden countries of the world.

And in their fanatical pursuit of military excess, they believe even having one soldier committed somewhere in the world equates to a mortal "state of war" wherein no sacrifice can be too great.

 Ultimately rednecks wind up in endless wars, against undefined enemies ("insurgents" everywhere), seeking a borderless global "full-spectrum dominance" over all lands, people, and resources (the official Pentagon goal).

snowball777's picture

One might ask Saint Sarah why our ally, North Korea, is harboring OBL.

Be prepared for a coached and sincere answer in a language bearing some resemblance to english which completely reveals that she has no idea whatsoever it was a joke.

Dapper Dan's picture

"He who defends everything, defends nothing"....

Idontknow, circa 1520

ibjamming's picture

It's because rednecks/Reps/conservatives are MEN...and men like to fight.  Liberals/Dems/pansies are feminized...they don't like to fight. 

It's not that difficult to understand. 

Pure Evil's picture

Sure, its hard to comprehend, especially if you're a liberal/Dem feminized pansy.

Of course, Liberal/Socialist/Communist/Dems have been known to become embroiled in their own little wars,





rwe2late's picture

 The elite leadership do have their own motives for war and empire, which are typically different than the jingoist pablum served to redneck commoners.

 The "liberal" leaders you list may be just as warlike as many so-called conservative leaders. Generally, in the past, leaders of either political stripe had reservations about excessive military political influence and power. Arguably, at least one "liberal" leader paid the ultimate price.


Nowadays, whether neoliberal Blair or Obama, or neoconservative Cheney or Lieberman, any reservations about the global Pentagon/NATO war machine are absent.

Bob's picture

There's some truth in what you say, yet when you picture every mass movement of the last hundred years, from Suffrage to Labor to Civil Rights to the Anti-War Movement, every single busted head, dog-chewed arm and leg, and bat-beaten body dragged into a paddy wagon was attached to a liberal.

Conservatives tend to talk plenty about violence, but are loathe to take it beyond talk into the real world where they realistically can't bring their guns. 

Not to say that the Tea Party doesn't have potential, but we have yet to see anyone but liberals actually put their lives on the line for any cause in America for over a century. 

EDIT: Not quite LOL . . . but think about what you just said, man, that Women don't like to fight.  LOL.  Talk about reality-deprived stereotypes. 

StychoKiller's picture

Seems to me you need some therapy -- go to this clinic:

You can thank me afterwards! :>D

AnAnonymous's picture

The far scarier recent development


No, the far scarier recent development  is

If people -- especially journalists -- can't be riled when Joe Lieberman is unilaterally causing the suppression of political content from the Internet, when will they be?


Not so long ago, in Europe, Muslims tried to censor a comics. A comics.

Large reaction by the crowd with demonstrations, intellectuals mustering to fight for freedom of speech.

No matter the position on freedom of speech  and censorship,  what we learned here is that Muslims act was the climax of censorship, what should be avoided at all cost: censoring a comics.

Meanwhile President Obama and the Congressmen were able to censor documents showing US military personal torturing by ordering the destruction of the documents on ground that they would give a bad name to the torturers.

Now with that Assange's business. The question is simple: The Muslims in Europe tried to censor a comics, they got put  back in line. Fine.

Fine but where is the crowd for the torture stuff, Assange's stuff? Where are the demonstrations? Where are all those intellectuals demanding that freedom of speech has to be respected as a western value?

Gang's mentality, freedom of speech is an illusion in the Western world.

We showed the Muslims who is the boss as we prevented them from censoring data that offended them. Meanwhile, we show the world who is the boss by censoring data that annoy us.

This is what gangs do: they are heavy on leaking information on others and privy on their  sensitive material.

Duplicity reigns in the West since 1776. The Chinese do censor but at least they admit it. They dont need to masquerade their censorship acts by hijacking humanity and human rights as it is done here.

Much scarier than Palin's declaration.

More Critical Thinking Wanted's picture

Much scarier than Palin's declaration.

Nice rant, but you missed the "Palin might become the next president of the United States, commanding the US military, the CIA, the DHS, the NSA, the FBI and other security services" part of my argument.

Iit must have been quite an effort to miss that.

AnAnonymous's picture

How was it a rant?

Just a sequence of observations...

Palin might become President. Okay, and?

Does not the current President illustrate pretty well that the exercize of personal power in the US can be extremely limited?

Palin will do no more than the aggregation of people in power, this at all levels, will allow her to do.

Palin ordering this or that, Palin struggling to limit this or that will find the support the elements of the power structures want to provide. Nothing more. Nothing less.

So it is much better to admit that the support for certain actions is quite large in the US rather than to think that a lone president will trigger it all because on the papers, he is given this or that power.


Bob's picture

I don't like to get sucked into political debates defined in traditional partisan political terms, but Palin deserves comment. 

It one thing when a coward, whether of the left or right, succumbs to external pressure even when a POTUS.  It's a whole 'nuther matter when that person seizes the world media spotlight to publicly call for assassination to enforce censorship. 

Think about it. 

If you genuinely care about the issues of this thread, you must now permanently cross Palin off your List of people you can risk being in charge.  Once Barry's deposed, of course. 

StychoKiller's picture

The proper action to apply to those that call for censorship is to pile on EVEN MORE of that which they are objecting to, until it sinks through their bony craniums THAT THERE WILL BE NO CENSORSHIP!

l1xx3r's picture

Everyone is allowed their own opinions and beliefs. Just because you might not be intelligent enough to make your own and have to criticize others to feel like you are contributing, doesn't mean they have swallowed propaganda and you haven't.

No one really knows what is going on, so your blantent lack of respect is apparent.

hardcleareye's picture

Your logic is circular and seriously flawed. 

But you closing sentence was over the top, it really made me laugh.  Of course  "you might not be intelligent enough" to appreciate the humor you have provided.

snowball777's picture

"Do you really believe that??  Or is your islamist fifth column spewing..."

You'd have to be Palin-class retarded not to notice how tightly coupled the schmuck from CT is to Israel, no 5th column required.

StychoKiller's picture

Kinda makes ya wonder what kinda frothing at the mouth fit Lieberman's gonna have when dispatches relating to Israel start getting published...

chopper read's picture

i'm no Palin-basher, as she is not a member of the international banking cartel, although she could become a useful idiot quickly as it relates to war. 

that said, i agree with you fellas on your other observations entirely. 

rocker's picture

'Yeah that's it, it's all about Israel'  Yes I do.  100%     If you don't, your delusional and the perfect sheeple.

Bananamerican's picture

easily one of the most loathsome individuals in the senate.

Combo Yertile the turtle, elmer fudd and meyer lansky....a shriveled, corrupt, egoist

chopper read's picture



Lieberman is either a co-conspirator or a useful idiot.  either way, he swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution and he is guilty of HIGH TREASON.  This crime will not stand.  Joe Lieberman, and other legislators of his ilk, can expect a full trial when we regain our Constitutional liberties one way or another.  



bullets, precious metals, freeze-dried food, firewood, a greenhouse, a source of fresh water, a network of friends. these are the necessities if what appears to be coming does.

Our population is incredibly naive, and i have a feeling that they will be the first in line to sign up for national socialism. this, undoubtedly, will cause a civil war, in my opinion.

Careless Whisper's picture

can i see a chart of the big pharma payments to hadassah lieberman over the years?


Red Neck Repugnicant's picture

bullets, precious metals, freeze-dried food, firewood, a greenhouse, a source of fresh water, a network of friends. these are the necessities if what appears to be coming does.

cuckoo cuckoo

Two Questions:

1.  When you speak of a network of friends, are you suggesting that I join Verizon's Friends and Family Plan?

2. Why is there an association between total lunatics and an obsession with freeze-dried/canned foods?

cuckoo cuckoo


Green Leader's picture

You are a very stupid individual.

This site is for people with real intelligence.

Red Neck Repugnicant's picture

On November 29th, in the thread entitled, Some Thoughts on Austerity, you posted:

When "the shit really hits the fan" the Asians will be attacked with race-specific bioweapons. Bye bye

So, is this the sort of intelligence that's required to post here, or do I need to tell everyone how I have 25 canned hams buried in my back yard?  Or, better yet, do I need to post a link to some bigoted anti-jew website, as you did further down this page?


I'm somewhat confused as to what real intelligence is. Please advise.


merehuman's picture

stay calm, your last sentence indicates you are aware of your status. Thats a good start.

jeff montanye's picture

thanks for saying anti-jew as anti-semitic is terribly imprecise and misleading since it includes all semitic people.  as it is a distinction based on language and includes hebrew and arabic, as well as others (maltese, etc.) it doesn't get at the problem at all.

in most cases here, an even better term would be anti-zionist or anti-likud.  an instructive example is to compare two jews: a totally evil piece of dung like lie-berman (also helped kill glass-steagall) and one taking truth to power daily like greenwald who actually believes in and defends the u.s. constitution. 

blindfaith's picture

divide and conquer, so simple.  Make those who do not follow, the brunt of public shame and humiliation.  Keep your small group in a state of constant unification regardless of the subject, and respond and react as one force united against any challenger, by force if necessary, and your rank and file will grow.  Repeat the doctrine as one voice, as the correct and right voice until it becomes the rule the chant.  Rally around one, regardless of the outcome.  Use fear and loathing as your weapon of choice. 

It worked in Germany, and the children of the childern of leaders who fled are now of age.

If you think "c" Street and "j" Street are batting for the same team, you don't get it.

Americans will march to whatever orders they are given, don't kid yourself and hold out that somehow everyone will wake up and do anything to stop the deterioration of the rules of law that build America, or ensured their freedoms.  We are a lazy rotted bunch now.

When you have Senators and Congressmen who say, outright without hesitation, that they are changing parties "to be on the 'right side' of the game" not because they believe in a doctrine but because thay don't want to be see as "thinking the wrong way" have seen the what the Germans saw.  This is not about party affiliation, I want to make that VERY clear, this is about who controls the 'elected' leaders Dem or Rep..... this is about who pays them to do their bidding.  As for Mr. Lieberman, he was just slightly ahead of his time and likely seen by his peers as easy to go fetch any bone tossed.

chopper read's picture

divide and conquer, so simple.  Make those who do not follow, the brunt of public shame and humiliation.


exactly their modus operandi.

chopper read's picture

many Americans of Jewish origin are being destroyed by this International Banking Cartel.  'nuff said.

Green Leader's picture

And in the very end, the banking cartel will be destroyed by their supreme leader. It's a set-up.

That's how it will work out.

Green Leader's picture

The distinction is genetic (Genesis 10: 1-3).

Semites are descendants of Shem, whereas Ashkenazi Jew-ish are descendants of Ashkenaz.

The Ashkenazi love to play that anti-semitic race card. At the same time, they are responsible for the genocide of Sephardim children.

Google radiation experiment + Sephardic children.

chopper read's picture

mate, i would rather just focus on the mechanics of how some individuals are covertly enslaved and coerced by other individuals. 

its a fact, we are all African cousins within 30,000 years as discovered through our very own DNA by the National Geographic Human Genome Project.

i can fundamentally tell you that you are going to lose listeners by bringing race into the conversation.  this is counterproductive for all of us who wish to regain our liberty as protected under the U.S. Constitution. 


Please, let it go. 

GoinFawr's picture


-but you still suck


chopper read's picture

thanks, buddy.  i do sometimes.  its true!  :)

Green Leader's picture


Thanks for the feedback. However, you are making a wrong assumption:

"i can fundamentally tell you that you are going to lose listeners by bringing race into the conversation.  this is counterproductive for all of us who wish to regain our liberty as protected under the U.S. Constitution."

I do not live in the 50 states of the United States of America nor District of Columbia. In fact, English is not my native language.

I can see your point in order to gain adepts, but truth is truth--and the Zionists, the false Jews of Revelation 3:9 (or the Jew-ish, as I call them) do have a global conspiracy and do believe to be some sort of master race. Their aim is to destroy White Christian European nations and their offspring by several means.

They took down a lot of Sephardim in order to be the dominant group in the state of Israel. Ironically, Sephardic Hebrew pronunciation is the official one taught in Israel. We, the Sephardim, are in danger. So few of us are aware that it will be a mass butcher. Kosovo will look like a cheap movie.

I sympathize with your cause but believe it to be hopeless. Although I do not endorse the following website, it could offer you a different perspective.

Pray for wisdom.


nmewn's picture

Jews kill Jews. Christians kill Christians. Muslims kill Muslims...and all variants in between.

You ask the reader to believe in some grand conspiracy of purpose...a generational plan passed from one generation to the next.

All evidence points to only one thing...evil men will do evil things irregardless of religion or race.

As a Christian am I happy with the betrayal of Jesus? No.

Do I hate Jews because of this betrayal? How can I? It is what God wished to happen. It was His purpose.

The Bible says "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:..."

Do I hate another Christian (in this case a Catholic) for crafting them & praying to/through them? No. How can I? We believe in the same God.

They are not evil...just confused...LOL.

Next, one would suppose, the reader will be treated to an expose' that Israel was founded (or taken back, depending on your belief system) for Nazi expatriates, Vichey French etc. that is, Ashkenazic's, instead of for all Jews.

This subject certainly get's tiresome to me...I'm sure it also gets tiresome to Muslims who promote it ;-)

i-dog's picture

"This subject certainly get's tiresome to me...I'm sure it also gets tiresome to Muslims who promote it"

Your naïveté (and willful ignorance) is quite disturbing. I can only hope that you don't have a family that is dependent on you for support and protection in the next few years.

If you can't grasp pattern recognition ... or heed the warnings of such men as Jefferson, Jackson, Wilson and Eisenhower ... then you may also ignore my last words on the subject: 9-11 was a planned 'event' to symbolise the beginning of the final stage of another long-planned 'event' -- the destruction of the American middle class and their enslavement (since their financial 'independence' has been the most potent potential force to deprive the oligarchy of unquestioned power). You will remember these words in about 2 more years when all of America is on welfare and under the rule of DHS and FEMA.

Unlike Green Leader, I don't blame either the Mooslims or the Joos -- religion is but a tool of the oligarchy to maintain division and confusion. The end result in the years ahead will more than likely be a single world religion (concocted by the oligarchy from origins that pre-date the Abrahamic religions) to serve the era of "eternal peace under a wondrous monarchy". Good luck with waiting for your god to save you.