John Hussman On Our Fed-Inspired Bubble, Crash, Bubble, Crash, Bubble (etc) Reality

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Bernanke grasping at straws? Nah, GS likes it, so it must be sound non-crook policy good for the middle class I'm sure.

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Why is it these characters that think Bernanke is a nincompoop get any time here at all?

They are the idiots who think Bernanke has the interest of the 6 billion unwashed on this planet at heart when he is the Tonto of the rich.

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If you think about it, its a little sad that we had to live during the bubble era.

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Compared to what, the WWII era? Vietnam era? The Great Depression era? Things could be worse.

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We'll get the world war era back too real soon.

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Correct, because it will be the only possible distraction large enough to keep the masses in their place, and also the only way to keep the Ponzi going.

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To me, it seems like the western is getting close to the end of this inflationary era. The booms and busts are more and more strong each time.

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"We'll get the world war era back too real soon."

we'll be "The Gray Test" generation....or Soylent Green. still awaiting data


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Compared to the 80s and 90s when up was all the rage and the USoA was the ONLY Superpower...

Blue Skies.

Nothing but Blue Skies from now on...

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Agreed! Wealth created by debt is not real sustainable wealth.

They should change the FED mandate to: clearing checks and transactions , making sure there is enough capital so you can get cash out the ATM, adequate cash for interbank lending, reserve rates and getting involved if short term interest rates get above 10%

Let the markets decide interest rates, asset prices and currency values.

That said if I was running a public company I would lock in some capital now.


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The only reasonable explanation for QE2 is that Treasury has no market for all of the U.S. debt other than the FED unless rates are to rise dramatically. We currently have 70% of U.S debt with maturities of 5 years or less and with costs of between .01% and 1.00%. All of the FED chatter about boosting "stock market" or "unemployment" is a smokescreen.

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They have no one to sell US debt to, so now we buy it. End of the road.

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I'm afraid you've exposed the Fed's dirty little secret. The UK is broke, China isn't buying, and Japan is broke. Who else is going to fund a $1.5 trillion deficit? It's not like there's a liquidity problem with the banks sitting on $1 trillion in excess reserves.

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Even Bernankes 'pump the stocks' goal seems quite weak, QE2 rally already over?

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QE2=bank bailouts



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The right horse is ourselves, and the ability of our elected representatives to create an economic environment that encourages productive investment, research, development, infrastructure, and education, while avoiding policies that promote speculation, discourage work, or defend reckless lenders from experiencing losses on bad investments.

Repeal 16th Amendment and legal tender laws, and End the Fed.

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Never gonna happen.  Elected officials abdicated responsibility of the economy to Fed.  They have given the keys to the Fed with the only mandate being to create/find more money so that they can continue to spend.

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Ron Paul was on Squawkbox this morning talking about how much of a clown Paul Krugman is. On the one hand Ron Paul is very anti big government but at the same time he is one of the biggest pork barrel spenders in congress. Go figure. This from a man who many think is a libertarian.

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I didn't know that about Ron Paul. Thanks for the info. He has a big group of followers who believes he has the answers to fix our problems but apparently his words arent matching his actions.

We would probably be better off listening to people like Peter Schiff or Gerald Celente before listening to Ron Paul.

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I like Schiff but his last name is infamous in my book. Celente is excelente!

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Let us not forget. This was the same man, who suddenly up and quit during the Presidential campaign, the darling of the tea party. This was after his campaign coffers had acquired the nice tidy sum of about 35 million dollars in contributions from people who truely believed in him via the many internet Ron Paul money bombs. Heck I even bought into it myself for a while there.

There are many people that are asking , what happened to all of that money?
When asked about it, Mr Paul said it would be spent on conservative causes. Oh really says I? What causes are that? The John Birch Society? Give me a break already.

So now he will be in a position of power I guess. We shall see what happens on the FED issue. In my opinion, it will be business as usual. Its like Bernanke told him one time. If you don't like it then change it. So there you have it.

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You make a good point. Now that he has weasled himself into a position of dealing directly with Bernanke, we will see his true colors. Though, I believe he already showed his true colors during the presidential race like you were saying.

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Well think about it. Paul has been up in Washington for almost 20 years I guess. What has he done? Nothing. Many here in Texas wanted him to come home and run for Governor. That would be a easy shoe in for a guy like him. But no, he wants to remain in Washington,  a place where the beast operates , the same beast he says he hates. His Presidential campaign was taking off and all of a sudden he quits. Personally I think there is something real fishy about that whole situation.  I am not sure if his campaign was infiltrated or not. Yep , it is now shit or get off the pot time for Mr Paul. Matter of fact this morning , he stated he had no intention of trying to get rid of the FED. So how long shall he dance with the devil?  How long before someone stands up and says what needs to be said. We are waiting now.

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Do you even bother to read your own links?  It tells you almost every penny was spent on the campaign and he was near the highest rating in terms of disclosure of how the money was used.  As usual, guys like you who are critical of Paul are long on accusations and short on facts.  Do your homework.

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Spent it on the campaign?  What campaign?  He did not even run very many televsion ads. If you remember, he quit right after a huge money bomb was orchestrated. I shall look up the link where he said when asked about it, that he was going to spend all that money on conservative causes. A lot of people were also asking why he never seemed to run any ads on televison. This I remember all too well. So sorry pal, the bad taste from 2008 lingers in my mouth and I remember it all , all too well. I am not short of facts either bud.

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seriously?  why don't you read up on Ron Paul.  start with his book, "The Revolution".

oh, and check out the recent release showing that Ron Paul returns money to the Treasury every year because he doesn't spend the entire allocated amount for his office, etc.  over $100,000 last year alone.

the man is frugal, plain and simple.  he has every chance to waste that money on lavish bs every year, but doesn't do it.

he stated before that 3rd party candidates don't have a chance, that is why he quit the race.  everyone was disappointed.

nobody is perfect, but attacking Ron Paul for the reasons you have is ridiculous.

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Krugman is a clown and Paul is as honest a politician you will find.  These kinds of articles are a waste of time.  You know as well as I do that if Paul could he would end the Fed along with thousands of other tax payer propped up programs.  We need more Pauls and less Bidens.

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Oh so you are Paul worshiper huh? Imagine that. I knew they are here. Listen buddy, we are sick and tired of excuses. We are sick and tired of getting along just to get along. We want actions. If he won't do it then get the hell out of the way and find something else to do. Your statement about him being as honest a politician as can be found says a lot. I am sick and tired of the lesser of two evils. I am sick and tired othe color gray. Gray areas are not what we want to hear about. Either you are with us or you ware with them. There is no compromise. None.

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ha!  channeling GWBush now.

must be black or white.  there is simply no understanding for nuance or complexity.  "we want actions"  really?  well how about Ron Paul trying to audit the fed. 

i'm not sure i understand from where your anger emanates but try to steer it in a positive direction at least.

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If, indeed, you're "sick and tired" of the Ron Paul's of the world, you need to take the initiative and run for political office.

Put up or shut up.  Better yet, provide us with some alternatives if you aren't willing to make the plunge yourself.

For who/what platform does "us" represent, anyway?

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Are you that stupid?  So he should just let the government take money from his district, and not get them anything in return?  Just let it be spent everywhere but where the money came from? 

You dont think if he could end pork spending he would?  It is because that is the way our government works right now, and he is basically hostage to it..  HE WANTS PORK SPENDING BY GOVERNMENT ENDED, PERIOD.  But since its not ending, he must at least appropriate for some of the funds to be spent IN HIS DISTRICT!!


Fucking lunatics!!  The only man in our government trying to right the ship....

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"We will continue this cycle until we catch on."

These bubbles and crashes aren't accidents, or mistakes of judgement, they are an ongoing criminal enterprise. What kind of world do we live in that a bank robber steals thousands of dollars and goes to jail for decades, but a banker steals millions and gets bailed out by the government? Is it really going to take stringing up the Bernankes, Blankfeins, and Dimons of this world to get the fucking FBI to do its job, or to affect economic & fiscal policy that benefits all not just the few?

These people are criminals worse than most you will find at a state prison. If law enforcement won't do its job, we soon will have to do it for them, and if we don't we will soon be living in a feudal dictatorship; instead of the quasi one we have now.

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May I?


I would correct you only to say orquestrated comments, not ignorant.  The central bankers are taking orders and know exactly what is happening.  I would venture to guess 50% of the people here knew what Greenspan was doing when he said he made a mistake.  BS, they are bought and paid for.

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We have SPY with an RSI of 80, a potential evening star formation (if today closes between 121.28 and 122.26), we're at the top of the rally trend channel (since late Aug), and we've had an upper bollinger band break.

this weakness is expected.  most likely, a short-term reversal is at hand.  likely target is 200 wk moving average between 1195-1200 in the S&P.

today's POMO notwithstanding of course...

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There have been 9 instances since 1997 (too lazy to go further) of RSI ~80 in the SPY.  Each instance had led to a short-term correction within 3-10 calendar days.  Avg correction is 2.5%.  1.48% Lowest.  5.69% Highest.

Upper bollinger band breaks usually lead to snapbacks within the bollinger band.  That would equal ~1215 on the S&P at last glance.

Returning to middle of rally trend channel means ~1210 in the S&P.

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Whatever wealth Benjie "creates" via the stock market is immediately obliterated by inflation, people withdrawing funds to pay down debt of simply live of it since there is no more money out there! Benjamin is one big contradiction of an "economist"! This QE2 will go to banks and banks ONLY, we still are looking at a huge deflationary crash, then followed by the much anticipated hyperinflation and the rundown of the US $, there will be one more, last, US$ bounce, a truly dead cat bounce that is!

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Looks like poor Hussman got wasted in this little liquidity-inspired short squeeze. When will people stop trade on (noisy and manipulated) fundamentals and simply learn to respect market direction? It's not a rocket science is it.

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Because they want to have the world make sense, rather than the chaos it is.

They can't get it thru their heads that unless you are a Lord Blankfein or a clone of his, they are in a crap shoot and the shooter has loaded dice.


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John Hussman, Chicago School Monetarist.

"...the Fed has _become_ the problem."  When it was formed in 1913!

"The proper role of the Federal Reserve, and where its actions can be clearly effective, is to provide liquidity to the banking system in periods of financial stress or constraint..."

In other words to replace electrical fuses with pennies during times of electrical stress.

While it is always good to see someone who is prominent and well respected criticize something that needs to be criticized, Hussman is part of the problem and not part of the solution.

Central planning of credit and money does not work any better than central planning does in any other area.  It results in simultaneous shortages (small business credit, anyone?) and gluts (big bank credit, anyone?), mal-investment, corruption, perverse incentives, moral hazard... and collapse if practiced too consistently for too long.

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Not surprised Tyler highlighted this article -- it's one of Hussman's best.  Bernanke's hubris -- whether motivated by the intellectual echo-chamber or by kleptocratic malice -- has damned us to a fortuneless future, and the magnitude and duration of that future will only grow.  Ben has backed himself into a corner: pulling back on the reins would precipitate both a disastrous fall in the economy and risk assets, and also destroy his academic credibility.  This is a man with everything to lose, and his only glimmer of hope is "more and bigger".   On his best days, he may delude himself into thinking it will work, while on his worst he has the knowledge that he can blame failure on some future austerity measure passed by Congress, and hope that history remembers the fiscal pin-prick instead of the size and cause of the monetary bubble.

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And so that is what it comes down to. An entire nation, and essentially the world, is held hostage to the pride of one man?

It is no wonder that "pride" is not listed amongst the virtues.

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"virtuous circle" == "virtual circle jerk"

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So when will the WashPo print this rebuttal to Bernanke?

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Or, do it the Chinese way. Make all banks part of the government. Flood money into the system to create massive amounts of hard assets from the money and then wipe out all of the debt because there is nothing in the private sector that can pay for the actual cost of the assets ... only the government can...

.... and maybe that is actually what we have done here in Amerika, except we have replaced the government with the Fed and its owner banks. Only THEY can afford anything because they create money and destroy debt at will with no apparent effect on their viability. They play by no rules and abide by no laws.

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The Fed will end up making the U.S. Dollar an unwanted medium of exchange globally as other countries get tired of us printing notes and buying our own debt. Once the dollars power and our influence worldwide diminshes we have one trick left - WAR - Achtung Baby!