John Mack: A Study In Denial And Status Quo Perpetuation

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If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing time after time and expecting different results, what do you call doing the same thing time after time and expecting the same results?

Capitalism, New World Order style.

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Actually it isn't insanity it is though the definition for neurosis. 

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And once again, no one will be able to see it coming...

Especially the "talent" at CNBC, which seems to be shrinking on a daily basis.  If they could only make Steve LIESman disappear...

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I wish the guys from South Park would skewer the bankers as they did the "sex addicts" in last weeks episode about the Tiger Woods scandal. "We've got a turd in the punchbowl!"

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Big Ben....ouch.  The Rooney's are sooooooo not happy about that.

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That is exactly what I thought. Plus they made him out to be a doofus.

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The world as he knew it has vanished. He cannot fathom the changes. The model of which he was a Paladin has blown up.

In an odd way, he is among the more honorable of the TBTFs. He has taken no pay for several years. I have to admit that I watched this interview live and felt an odd pathos. He truly feels righteous. I tried to hate him for it, but couldn't manage much more than pity mixed with a little contempt.

A middle-class guy, he struggled, got to Duke, got to MS, climbed the ladder, did everything the System asked of him. He lost a Byzantine power struggle, was banished, but came back like Ali. Is he an egomaniac? Sure; they all are.

Now he tries to vindicate a crooked system, but it's the system that made him what he is. He can no more separate himself from this system than he could separate himself from his lungs and guts.

Should he know better? Probably. Could it be that I'm a sucker, and he just has a great act? Maybe.

But in the end, Blankfein knows better - that's what makes him so evil and sickening. In the case of Mack, you cannot help but think he really believes. It's sad for him and sad for us.

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I don't see much of a difference between Mack and Blankfein. And I don't think either of them are either evil or sickening - that seems overly simplistic.


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No they're not evil or sickening. 

Morality and nausea have nothing to do with what they are.

Vigilantes could show us precisely what they are and they would get some justifiable results. Like both their heads on pikes at 85 Broad.

Adjectives really cannot accurately convey the smegma these men are and the catastrophic damage they have done to the world financial system, the investments of hundreds of millions of people along with their accomplices like geithner, orszag, bernanke, summers, paulson, greenspan, rubin, friedman, fuld, frank, thain, dodd, mozillo, o'neal, cox, prince, cassano, shapiro, friedman, kashkari, yellin, gensler, madoff, dimon, sanderson, rainieri, fink, and other self-aggrandizing monsters at AIG, Goldman Sucks, Ernst and Young, jpMorgan Chase, Citi, B o A, Merrill, Bear Stearns, Lehman, and the Bank of England.


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I wonder who is going to be the one to light the match.

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If you keep feeding the zombies blood they will continue their rape and pillage. You have to cut off their heads to stop them. 

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18 months ago, according to the Treasury Secretary, the US was just days away from catastrophic collapse and social disorder with tanks in the street.


If that had happened it would have been the single most catastrophic event to have ever hit the United States.  Worse than 9/11.  Worse than Pearl Harbor.  Worse than the Great Depression.


Yet despite being on the very brink NOTHING has been done to prevent the country returning to the brink!  NOTHING!


Its as if after 3 mile island they all shrugged and said that since it didn't actually explode there's no need to change the design and monitoring of nuclear power stations

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Let's ask Gary Aquire for a backgrounder on Mack, whaddayasay?  Mack and many others should probably be wearing orange jumpsuits and walking funny.

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When you pay someone a bonus for failure, he will continue failing in exactly the same manner he just got paid to fail.

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There will be a great book written about these times.

Paulson, Blankfein, Bernanke, etc. will be the icons.

Everybody will have the cue-ball look.

Everybody will grin-fuck.

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