John Taylor: "How Can A 5% Positive Forecast Coexist With Calls For A Recession, Including Our Own?"

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Market down, meh.., ...US Steel up another 1.5% ... Lol'

Momo's/volume pouring into US Steel for the first time. Prepare for liftoff ....



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The Banks still  have an $800 billion shortfall just meeting Basle III

Their still shroomed & that according to their chums at BIS


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Do you really think they'll need that money?


I take curtain number 2 where the lobyist is with a basket of money to pass that bill to the taxpayers.



The cost is also calcullated on the number of clients you have. SO: what do you do as a bank who needs to pay for clients say with no a lot of money on their accounts and with no loans? YOU KICK THEM OUT.

Second is that they'll break up and make it as UNtransparant as possible and as a total WAY bigger then they are now.

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The events of the current crisis are predicted in these pre-crash videos. I already knew quite a bit about fractional reserve banking and the economic skew created by central banks, but I didn't know the detailed info provided in these videos.
Brilliant explanations about how the world's current financial system is _mathematically_ unsustainable. Great stuff:

Money as Debt

Money as Debt II

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It's not a recession anymore now that the tax give away is near passage. After passage it will a recovery.

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"asset prices cannot climb from here"

This is definitely coming from someone who doesn't own a printing press

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Despite many projections for rapid growth, we have to agree with Woody that the next few years will be dominated by a sovereign debt crisis in the West, growing power in the East, and “cognitive dissonance” among big global market and political actors.

Just one of many cognitive dissonances coming down the pike.

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" but more important some do not believe that the old policy inputs will bring the same results this time."

What he's saying is that the model is broken and that we are in totally uncharted territory.

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Don't be silly; you know the doublethink: if we need you to believe there's a recovery on, why, there's 5% growth forecast. If we need you to believe the banks and states need continuing support, there's a recession forecast.

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"As any further fiscal push is unlikely in the US, and Europe is focused on austerity despite the collapsing  euro-debt markets, asset prices cannot climb from here."

I find it ironic that there is so much negativity regarding the Euro while they are trying to push austerity but the US, after turning down a Deficit Reduction plan, turns right around with another $1.2T "stimulus package". We are led to believe that the Euro will crash and burn while the Dollar becomes the beacon of golden years ahead. What shite!!!

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The US budget assumes 5% growth doesn't it?  Big banks need to tow the line of growth.  Anything bad will be "unexpected" just like UE #'s weekly.

It's time to shut down government to "essential services" like it is supposed to be.


The invisible hand of government sure hits hard and leaves a mark!