John Taylor: "November Will See The Flash Point That Begins The Market's Reversal"

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RP should have his heart checked by an independent GP.

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+1  Another scenario is "suicide".....

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If they wanted him dead, it would have been done already.

Much easier to try and discredit him. No one wants to make him a martyr.

I say he gets elected in 2012, the dollar finally collapses, and they blame austrians for all our ills. The ultimate irony.

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It will be clear he had nothing to do with it, and Paul will easily make the point that the Fed's money creation was at the root.

He would be elected to rebuild on the smoldering ashes.

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I think the only reason he's still alive is because hardly anyone listens to him. He speaks the truth 99% of the time, and what's the result? 95% of the population think he's a nut.

I fear that if his ideas really start gaining traction, he could wind up very dead very quickly :-(

I am not really a religious man, but even so, I pray RP has an angel watching over him. 

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Rand Paul'll do it for free.  Senator Rand Paul, that is.

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It's my understanding that Rand Paul is an Opthamologist, so all he could do is check Ron Paul's eyesight, which seems all to clear to me already!

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well, anyone who compares just about anyone to hitler is hard to take at all seriously. i mean, we are talking hitler... stupid analogy. couldn't he have just used stalin...? 

and i am no fan of ben and the fed.



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Why is Hitler considered off limits to be used as a reference to, and Stalin acceptable? Technically, Stalin killed FAR more people than Hitler ever did.

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Mao killed 50+ million but we are lucky that the Chinese don't run Hollywood

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Replace `run Hollywood` with "run the country". Ty.

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George Bush killed 50+ billion.  You must have missed that movie.

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Where do you get your Weed?.

Must REALLY be some good chit'  mon.



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it's more about WHO he killed, shouldn't matter, but it does.  i guess some people believe they are more equal than others.

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You have small Dick, no? Want to blame others?

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He's a daggone furrener!

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it's a classical logical fallacy - the argument ad hitlerum.  we're entering a world of pain

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No no no. It's the MOUSTACHE. People just don't understand! Men are not evil!! Their facial hair is.  That's why Geitner with crazy hair and no facial hair is only somewhat fact he's more dumb than anything else and yet Bernanke, no hair and lots of facial hair is WAY evil..

I wrote a song about it...


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Well, that theory would go a long way in explaining my dark fantasies...

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it was a facetious comment.

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You sure you weren't being fascist?  ;-)

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With a qualification? Bullshit.

The commentator compared Ben to Hitler with a question laced with incredulity, that anyone could compare the two. He didn't base his question on the warnings that the two issued about their plans, and the answer from Taylor followed in the same vein.

The article states that Hitler warned of his plans for war. Bernanke has issued his. The theme: Is anbody listening?

The war is here (currency), no one took any notice.

Well, some did.


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Two reasons:

1. Hitler was more flamboyant.

2. The lefties had first position at the publicity machine for a long time, and didn't like a commie being the poster-boy of evil.

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no it really has everything to do with Hitler's having killed lots of jews

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"Why is Hitler considered off limits to be used as a reference to,..."

Yo, Dog.

ya gotta go way back into the uunet "flame wars" to find an answer to this question. -- Answer: "anyone who invokes either Hitler or the Nazis" has already lost the argument.

So: off limits.

Stalin killed as many (maybe more) but not as publicly and besides, he was Roosevelt's ally.

Go figure.

- Ned

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in the interview he said he used Hitler to get attention and he did.

next: mass murderers (top 5)

1 = Mao        70 million

2 = Stalin      20 million

3 = Hitler      11 million ?

4 = Tojo         8 Million

5 =  Pol Pot    1.5 Million


Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.
Mark Twain


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I have only 500,000 subjects. It is just not fair, I will never attain an international rating.

Surely we should be rated by the number murdered as a percentage of potential murderees.

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I see a pattern here.

1 = Mao = communist                                70 million

2 = Stalin = communist                              20 million

3 = Hitler = fascist/socialist                        11 million ?

4 = Tojo = prime minister under a monarch 8 Million

5 =  Pol Pot = communist                          1.5 Million

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"Stalin killed as many (maybe more) but not as publicly and besides, he was Roosevelt's ally.

Go figure.

- Ned"

Because they thought alike, and had the same belief systems.

FDR, along with Wilson, where the TOP 2 Dogs in bringing us where we are today.

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+3.14 (I like pie)

And just for the record, the best analogy in my mind would be Mussolini.

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he didn't say bernanke was like hitler

he said bernanke has been telegraphing his intentions for years just like hitler did, but no one took them seriously

seems like an acceptable analogy to me


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cue the anti-semites in 3...2...1...btw, where Chumba?

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Weekend Charts

Have a great one, folks!

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Selling the mo mo winners into the close....hard.


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That is exactly why I do not believe much of what this author commits to disk.

"Our analysis argues that the month of November will see the flash point that begins to reverse the markets’ optimistic course."

There are 6 hedge funds in the Reston Va. area with direct funding from the FED tasked with saving America with unlimited free FED dollars and powerful trading algorithms.

Does this guy think the Reston 6 are going on Holiday?

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You are assuming that the Republicans will actually live up to their rhetoric. That's a very big "if".

However, we are probably already in recession, and its going to get worse.

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"However, we are probably already in recession, and its going to get worse."

Today is Friday, October 29th, 2010. Are you copy and pasting that line from 2007? We are in a DEPRESSION and it's going to get worse.


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1 if by land. 2 if by sea.

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Do the Repubs have to give the chair to their ranking member, or can they pick a junior member?

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They can pick whomever, but ranking members expect to be picked.  A bunch of left overs from the Bush years, I want fresh unspoiled blood.

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I'm thinking that just about the whole lot needs to get the chair.