John Taylor's FX Concepts Is Up 14% YTD

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The FX fund manager, whose EUR/USD insights in 2010 have been spot on, is capitalizing on his calls: his fund, FX Concepts is the 6th best performing CTA/managed futures fund in 2010, with a return of 13.99%. We wish Mr. Taylor continued success, and to continue calling it like it is.

Ranking of commodity trading advisers and managed futures funds that report to Bloomberg data.

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He called the flash crash! Serious.

"The medium-term cycles tell us that there is a very high probability of a serious bout of risk aversion beginning in the next five trading days and continuing into the week of May 3." - John Taylor April 18th - lol serious bout of risk aversion.

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That's great but how do I get into that Dacharan Capital fund? 71% return sounds pretty nice.

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The returns quoted above are for their High Exposure share class which has 5x exposure compared to their Standard share class which is +13.7% on the year and probably more comparable to the risk being run by FX Concepts.  Not to take anything away from Dacharan as their returns have been great - oh yeah, the fund is closed.

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Dj reporting EU seeking powers to ban short selling

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He also just came out with "Greece and the Euro" are doomed.  The post on ZH about Bismarkism coming to and end.


Euro broke 1.3

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Will the dollar die tomorrow?

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For 1nce the good guys win

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I searched for the link to the rest of the story and yet found none, if this is the full body of the story would one be right in presuming it to be merely complimentary to the large paid advertisement for FX trading to the left hand side of the website page ? The big boys make money Forex trading so You can too story  ?

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The last we heard (on ZH), Taylor was expecting the euro to move sharply lower against the dollar.  The euro is currently moving...sharply higher.


TD, since JT's current euro/$ outlook is a bit under water, couldn't you please update his current outlook?  (Please?)

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Admittedly, for Forex Concepts Global Currency Program AUM over $3 billion, not bad. But the leader in CTA / Managed Futures YTD is .....doll drums...+ 276 % so far this year ! ;=)

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Now I see why AMT Futures outperformed-- It's run by Brian Fudge.

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