JPMorgan Subpoenaed For Mortgage Debt Records

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First we had this: JPM's Mortgage Unit Sued To Disclose Loan Quality Data, Following Allegations It Misrepresented Over 70% Of Loan Portfolio

then this: JP Morgan Sold Investors MBS Covered By "SACK OF SHIT" Loans... Then Shorted All Those With Exposure: A Goldman-AIG Redux

and lastly, this: Here Comes Abacus V 2011: Former Head Of JPM's Structured Products Desk To Be Charged With Securities Fraud For CDO Transactions

All of which combined or seperately lead to this:


As for questions of whether there will be any prison sentences to come out of any of this, save them for comedy hour. At best, we will get another Credit Suisse disclose-and-settle standby case.

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SEC actually doing something about the TBTFs? I don't believe you! They're all too busy watching porn.

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So I am wondering if it is possible to corner or squezze the CDS market?? And cause a crash in the credit markets that spread to commodities and stocks as we saw in 2008.

Lets see.

Goldman Sachs Profits $9 billion on that trade alone.

Goldmans client, Paulson also profits 9 billion. SO now were at 18.

Throw in the same trade by JP Morgan and any other big name GS clients who were let in on the "big Short" trade of the centuray and it could soon tally $50 billion !

Is that enough to have caused ther crash? And if not howe many more billion would it have taken, Tyler?

All we have to do is prove it caused the crash.  It would be absurd for all them to claim they didnt now it would crash the market, when they were only trying to attempt to bring CDS to a corrected level. 

They Had to have known, Hank Paulson epesically.

There is your Treason charge. Their is your finacial 911.

Ron Paul needs to campiagn with "End the FED" not "audit the fed"




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You don't see that Bernanke is running policies consistent with ending the Fed? He's running the fucker into the ground to leave you morons with fists full of cowshit.  You want to be campaigning on keeping the Fed and lynching the gimps who run it. Make it retrospective to get King Gimp Greenspan himself. The Fed is fubar - Greenspan laid it out, and Bernanke knows it. It is Wall Street's bitch. Like Enron, Lehman and Bears - it is being milked before your very open and blinking eyes.

edit: In short, Bernanke wants the end to the Fed; the legacy that will be left behind won't be worth 2 nods of goatshit. The vaults will be filled with cheap USTreasuries. The gold would have been sold off long ago. The excuse: "Well how else do you think we was gonna pay for it? You guys in Congress wasn't building any employment." Gimps 1, USA 0.

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OT or not; When I repeat something 3 times on the Internet, and this is the third time, I usually hear it repeated in the coming days.

New Campaign Slogan for Dr. Ron Paul;

A prescription for the Cure from the Good Doctor: Liberty!

Take a large dose and call me in the morning.


Over $1 million donated to Dr. Ron Paul today in a money bomb.

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WTF? Your entire Congress is fucked up. The only 2 people who understood what was happening when it was happening are Brooksley Born and Congress Woman Marcy Kaptur. Brooksley's now on the payroll so that leaves Marcy alone in the world of paid and legislated unconscionable conduct. Just bend over and stop all the bitching or they'll stop applying the lubricant.

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It won't matter. Obama's too busy sucking Jamie Dimon's cock to notice any large scale ongoing frauds. Take physical delivery; the more it dips, the more you buy. It's the achilles heel of the financial system - GOD DAMN, THEY HAVE TO SUPPLY ANYTHING BUT WORTHLESS PAPER????

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So the SEC will collect a few bucks or one bank will use another, but The Sheep will still be underwater with no real recourse.

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The bankster hunt begins.

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I wantz whut you smokin!


The only way this is a bankster hunt is if a greater bankster is behind the takedown.

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Some day the zombies will be eating each other.

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Just one more instance of the criminal syndicate known as Wall Street devising ways to destroy both value and capital...while in the real world, Average Joe continues to register his dissent by taking in every last ounce of it and ignoring the stock market...for more than three years now.

I wonder if any of these brain trusts actually has the capacity to understand what ANYTHING means?

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They'll fine them or file a civil suit or something risible like that.

Can anyone tell me when this first happened that the U.S. gov't, rather than send someone to jail who had committed brazen fraud, instead chose to file a civil suit against them?

I don't remember ever hearing about such a ridiculous reluctance to punish wrongdoers properly in those horrible 1980's.  Hundreds fo S&L guys went to jail.  A bunch of people like Boesky went to jail for insider trading.

Now, Angelo Mozilo, agrent freaking orange just gets fined after committing massive fraud.  Goldman Sachs just gets fined for committing massive fraud. 

When did this change? 


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Send the banksters to Pakistan. I'm hearing rumors, that Parliament is opening some positions. A new party has been formed. The new party calls itself the (O.O.M. Party.)


  Osama. Obama Mis. Information Party

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Jamie Dimon will have another opportunity to blame the poor for defaulting & doing what he does best - reinforcing the fact the he is an arrogant, obnoxious, prick

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Sorry Mr. SEC, but it seems those records accidently fell into the shredder in 2008.

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SEC: Non issue, case closed.

ps - Atleast we tried.

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The SEC got involved to broker a "settlement" and force other plantiffs to eat crow.  They're not going after them,  they're protecting them.

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SEC should ban JP Morgan traders from and at risk of destroying their careers that will teach em' to obey the .gov

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william black for president!

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Boondoggling SEC

It is really the SEC that should be investigated, because from 2003 to 2007 they were boondoggling full steam ahead, while all this shit happened right under the SEC's very nose. Now that the Horse has bolted, the SEC find themselves on a cruse abord the Titanic, arranging a deck-chair here and pretending to send a message in a bottle somewhere to boondoggle land, just to be seen to be doing something useful, like arranging deckchairs on the sunken Titanic or sending an SOS in a bottle to themselves....

what on Earth was I just talking about ?

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J.P. Morgan's Food Stamp Monopoly: The More Americans That Fall Into Poverty The More Money Jamie Dimon Makes (Video)

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 We've seen this game before if a group of politicians aren't getting their share of the stolen funds . They have the SEC bring charges which usually follow with bribes, contributions and a public settlement of a small fine and complete denial of any wrong doing.

I am Jobe's picture

Yeap, the episode repeat itself. A fine and back to doing the same thing. Why , the SEC has big packages waiting when they leave office. Shows no matter how educated one is in the USA, it is who you blow to get a job . So much for ethics and hardwork in the USA.

Now start hanging the bitchezzzz.

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This has been discussed here at length.  I'm on record as saying...not this time.  The American citizenry has ZERO confidence in the markets now.  Something will have to be done to reverse that.  Money printing...ehem...did not achieve this effect.

I suspect we are within days...or maybe weeks...from some serious headline damage in this way.  JP Morgan receiving a subeona does not quite get us there...but we draw nearer each day.

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cdad, i was just chatting with an older woman, who is religious with zerohedge, and registered member, but only reads zerohedge for the articles. she said she isn't interested in the comments section. fascinating†

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Most of us skip the articles and head straight to the soap box.

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This is going to end with a fine for paying us a Whopper Menu, relatively spoken.

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The crock of lies are getting harder to cover up.

Turd & Harvey have been very accurate in laying out future events. TPTB has been skillfully clever with their propaganda campaign. Dumbphones and social networking is only netting a 25-35% success rate. Bwahahahaha.

I love when the useful progressive idiots turn on their own. Take a moment to watch. You won't be disappointed. Keep up the good work Tyler and company.

TED-Filter Bubbles-Unseen Censorship on the Internet


Korn Fuck that [Y'all want a single]


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Nice try bitchez. Ain't buying it.

Yen Cross's picture

You know I respect you Buzz!

Die Weiße Rose's picture

Yes,we know all that. -

what I really want to know:

what is happening in FUKUSHIMA TEPCO's Nuclear REACTOR 1,2,3 and four ?

with the latest drone videos please...

if TEPCO and the Japanese Government allows, although I doubt it...

otherwise I can't eat my 55c Can of Sardines (marked: FAO Major Fishing Areas 71,)

 even though I am on a mean budget !

I need to know: has the Nuclear Disaster been cleaned up yet ?

Yen Cross's picture

Excellent Point! WTF? Did Fukushima disolve?

Nobody special's picture

The absence of info on Fukushima surprises me.  It isn't odd for MSN to drop things like this, but I'd have expected Zerohedge would still have active discussion.


The latest info I've heard is that the Japanese Gov't is going to release the measurements from the first weeks of the accident.  They were initially withheld to prevent panic.  This sharing of information was announced May 3rd and should mean an update soon.  Be nice to see what the experts make of it.

Problem Is's picture

"I need to know: has the Nuclear Disaster been cleaned up yet ?"

Yeah, just like the BP Gulf oil gusher is cleaned up...

BTW Die: Corexit jumbo shrimp? Help yourself! I have another platter full in the kitchen...

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These pompous assholes are really gonna feel like they got assraped when a Judge opens the door on all their silver trading manipulation ponzi scheme....

EscapeKey's picture

No doors will be opened, those assholes own the judges.

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Blah, blah blah.  Lots of money for the corporate lawyers, eventually to settle for about $134.84.

'Law' and the sanctity of contracts are so much bullshit among liars and thieves.

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Most of those shit loans came from American Home Mortgage which BS funded. AHM securitized thru BS & then serviced by EMC, originally a division of BS. JPM picked up various sacks of AHM/BS/EMC shit for pennies (or fractions thereof) on the dollar. But the true bag holders are those sold the shit as a good investment & we taxpayers. I believe JPM got the service rights and/or senior tranche rights to these "assets" & non-recourse on the actual securitization underwriting & may have little or no downside risk / liability & all upside. God Bless American Crony Capitalism!

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Were other strippers involved, or just the same one?

Tunga's picture

Paging Linda Green!

You do know she got her start with the IRS don't you? Oh yes. Tunga knows her.


Tunga absolutely loves her. Soon you will too.



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tyler, you tease write. honestly, it is like your heart rate goes up and then the last sentence just kinda makes you not hard any more. the house is a rockin with gold and silver.

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Don't get so excited that you miss the best part of the show: The banks have the profits, but they also have the underlying properties that YET HAVE BEEN WRITTEN OFF THEIR BOOKS! Meaning, as long as they stall the REO SALES, they get to pretend they can keep that money. Once they book the sale/ loss, it all gets eaten up and the FDIC gets to run their businesses. Forget about the blame-game, its another stalling diversion, ON WITH THE MARKDOWNS!

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Oh Boy.... The Mother Of All Complaints


I was wondering how long it would take for this sort of complaint to show up.

This is from Michael T. Pines, who has earned himself a history of doing rather, well, extraordinary things to fight what he has alleged are illegal foreclosures against his clients.  That extraordinary level of activity recently earned him a suspension of his law license.

Not content to take that lying down, he has filed a rather interesting complaint, suing cities and their counsel.

The bottom line is that he contends that the vast majority of the foreclosures that are taking place are unlawful.  They're unlawful because the purported lender has no standing to foreclose as that lender suffered no injury.

The essence of the claim lies in the allegation that after all the credit enhancements, default swaps and other items are netted, the lender suffered no loss: