Julian Assange Arrest By British Police Delayed By Technicality

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The noose around Wikileaks' Julian Assange is tightening. It appears that not only does British police know where he is, but that he himself is currently residing in South-east England, awaiting his own arrest. In fact, his only ongoing reprieve is that British police is delaying the arrest while Sweden fixes a technicality in its arrest warrant. From the Sunday Morning Herald: "The legal situation surrounding Mr Assange, the hacker who was born in Queensland and co-founded WikiLeaks, was still unclear last night, with reports that he was in a house in south-east England waiting for British police to arrest him. British newspapers said police could not act as Sweden had filled out a European arrest warrant incorrectly." Furthermore, any return to Sweden would likely be game over for Bank of America's most hated person: "The Swedish Supreme Court said last night it would not consider Mr Assange's appeal against the arrest warrant." Of course, Wikileaks continue to plead there is no legal basis in the arrest warrant issued against Assange: "'There has been a lot of talk about legal actions,'' he said. ''But we have not seen any reference to how we are supposed to have broken the law.''" That said, at this point, Julian's days away from captivity are numbered (or, as some of the conspiracy theorists claim, so the media circus would claim). Either way, Bank of America is likely breathing a sigh of relief.

Once again, it only goes to show that if you threaten to take down a government nobody cares; do the same with a bank, and one's arrest becomes imminent.

In the meantime, Charlie Gasparino reports that Bank of America now believes it is the target of the next Wikileaks release which likely will never transpire (and even if it did, will confirm what the conventional wisdowm is: that the bank is merely an organization replete with fraud, deceit, and unpunished criminal behavior, which always ends up receiving the "settlement" treatment).

From Fox Business News:

On who the Wikileaks are targeting:

“FOX Business Network can say fairly definitively, based on sourcing inside the banking industry that it is most likely BofA. “

On Bank of America’s reaction:

“Bank of America clearly believes inside the firm that it is a target. BofA, from what I understand, has assembled a legal SWAT team to deal with this, if it is them and the documents are released.”


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bugs_'s picture

You know this paperwork is all wrong!  No such thing as a RoboArrest!

nope-1004's picture

Assange wants to go to prison for safety reasons, before the information is released.  He's no idiot.  If he releases it "on the run", he's dead.  Inside a Swedish prison, he'd be hailed as a hero for crippling the US financial fraud system.


DaveyJones's picture

was toying the same thought

WaterWings's picture

Your clients' money is probably well spent for that reason. I was gonna say, "It takes a criminal...".

Always know a good defense attorney!

crazyjsmith's picture

Yeah, he seems to be rolling over too easy.  It seems the bigger the fugitive, the easier it is to hide, just ask our pal Osama.  If he wanted to hide out, I think that could have easily been arranged.  Probably realized also that the charges are total crap, and it will be a rather easy battle for him to win.  That will only bring him more credibility when the charges get dropped, which I predict they will.   

crazyjsmith's picture

Yeah, he seems to be rolling over too easy.  It seems the bigger the fugitive, the easier it is to hide, just ask our pal Osama.  If he wanted to hide out, I think that could have easily been arranged.  Probably realized also that the charges are total crap, and it will be a rather easy battle for him to win.  That will only bring him more credibility when the charges get dropped, which I predict they will.   

Windemup's picture

But, but, but, he's a CIA asset? How can that be?

Perhaps they'll stuff his underpants with plastic explosive.

OldTrooper's picture

I wouldn't worry.  The CIA knows how to 'take care of' its own.

But, I wonder which bank really feels safer?  Do they really think he, and only he, can upload stuff?

Dumb Money's picture

Assange is helping britain to decouple from the american titanic.  Of course he can stay there without getting arrested

MarketTruth's picture

Yet, like the Titanic, the plane/boat/car they will be delivering Julian Assange in will have an 'accident' and all people aboard will be killed, oops, i mean found dead.

Robslob's picture

Bankers 1
U.S. Military 0
Free people of the world - 1 quadrillion

unwashedmass's picture

One can only hope he has passed the BAC info on to others, and that it will see the light of day.

the theft of taxpayer money by these guys grows more vomititious by the day......how much did Bennie give the primary dealers for the 100 Dow points today? what was it? 8B? Our kids will spend a year or two paying that off.

go with god, Julian.....

cougar_w's picture

Can only hope? On to others?

There was always more than one Julian. Always. There are as many Julian Assange as there are Tyler Durdens. And each Julian has a score of their respective Marla Singers. And so on, until we hit the comments section at ZH.

Down the rabbit hole, the limits of a man or woman vanish.

DaveyJones's picture

go ask Alice. It is fascinating. The internet and this point in history. Too many entry and exit points for information. Too many angry people. Problems for the handlers  

jbc77's picture

Thats what I was thinking. Lets hope, shit, lets pray he put the BofA data in someone elses hands. He strikes me as an intellignet guy. He had to know he was either going to be killed or arrested. Besides, was Wiki a one man show? The guy had to have a couple people close to him runnig the website? No?

Was really funny to watch one man scare the hell out of BofA execs. Could you imagine these execs, trying to replay in their mind what kind of incriminating emails Assange had in his possesion. BofA execs had been doubling up on Depends adult diapers the last few days..


Run Julian, run......

Julia's picture

Of course the data is stored in many places. I should know, since he is my lover. And between you, me, and the wall, it fits so easily on a flash drive that I can name two places I have stored it. You are such how can I say nicely silly people....5 gigs of data. It's backed up everywhere It's on the web now. Zipped on all those free Megaupload sites, as well as all those bad business model sites like Ring around the Mosy--like yes, we consumers will mosy along and not pay you a dime for your silly service since we have flash drives.

Sorry, Julian is calling from the other room-- yeah honey, trying to type with spellcheck, baby. He says we personally have it saved in 3 places between us and have fun plugging and playing. We don't even have to that funny Windows noise to safely remove hardware.

It is  (what's that honey--the other place--are you sure you want me to tell them?--ok, my love)...Julian is not a small man. His is no Vickrim Panda. He wants you to know we have 4 flash drives right here (I forgot about the one in my beautiful Colombian breasts).

Now multiply that by 1,000. Julian thinks in rational numbers unlike that guy that wants to throw money from that loud that thing sounds like a loud clanky whoosh whoosh whoosh--I think is called helichopper Ben. Raised by my drug cartel papa,  I am good at math. 4000 flash drives, zipped files and Mosy's accounts.

ZackAttack's picture

You have to imagine the he and his people are clever enough to have some kind of scheduled job/deadman switch running on dozens of mirrors that'll torrent his BAC data and the rest of the cables unless he kills it.

Dagny Taggart's picture

Don't you think Assange has a Plan B for the release of the bank data? It isn't as if his arrest was unforeseeable.

midtowng's picture

Assange is just the founder. Not the whole organization. The bank data will be released.

nonclaim's picture

Seems logical the data should be released after his arrest so he can claim "I didn't do it". I would wait comfortably at home too.

scatterbrains's picture

maybe that's the real reason whey they've delayed moving in on him.. fear that it will trigger the release ?

cougar_w's picture

Unlikely. Because they are cops and have simply no fucking idea what they are up against here.

No they really did just screw it up.

OldTrooper's picture

Stick with the simplest explanation - it's usually right.  Good call, cougar.

Screwloose's picture

Probably more likely it's because the whole of South-East England is paralysed by a foot of snow.

There are no trains south of London and the roads and airports are closed.

cougar_w's picture

He's actually safer in a jail, for now. And if the next release is really toxic then he can claim he didn't do it, being in jail.

The board is set and the pieces are in motion. No stopping it now.

MachoMan's picture

I'm guessing if that's the case, conspiracy charges (the ever vague target to defend against) will be soon to follow...


Moonrajah's picture

Dunno about that. He could always have an unfortunate meeting with a shank-wielding inmate c/o BofA in the prison-yard. Or his food could be tampered with. Or he could Eastwood his way out of Alcatrazz and get shot in the process. Or he could try to have unprotected sex with the warden and get tazed beyond resuscitation. Or... well, there are endless possibilities once the man is stuck in a certain place.

Marla And Me's picture

You should ask Martin Armstrong if jail is safe.  He's one that firmly believes that TPTB are dumb (at least the politicians) and that no one is truly in control.  He does have a point there, but he changed his tune a bit after the jail beating... Nothing like losing all your teeth and getting your ribcage stomped on while a guard watches on to make you think that maybe, just maybe, someone wants you dead...

downrodeo's picture

He would pretty much have to be the dumbest hacker ever to let himself get arrested without releasing what he was threatening to release. Like the article says though, likely nothing new will be learned.

Let them all fail's picture

Maybe, but there is an important difference between everyone knowing something and having evidence of such.  Plus there are many people out there who don't know whats going on who could be exposed to this news if the docs were released.

BobPaulson's picture

I expect the fraction of people previously in denial whose denial will be reversed by this will be small. 

The reaction to this has been primarily a combination of denial and "shoot the messenger". Everybody who expected this stuff just nodded their head and mutter "no surprise there". The main value of this IMHO is to divide the reality people (red pill) and the peter pan types more concerned with winning Lindens to buy new costumes for their avatars (blue pill).

Al Gorerhythm's picture

Another US inspired "preemptive strike". 

neophyte's picture

Video on Alex Jones show last night with 2 people from Wikileaks stating categorically that the bank docs will be released. However, they say early next year...... unless they plan to drop a bombshell when no one expects it. Go to Denningers site.

Common_Cents22's picture

The two wikileaks guys were on Judge Napalitanos show yesterday too and also said the info would be relased on an American bank after the new year.


They got some good leverage to keep Assange out of major trouble I'd say.

neophyte's picture

Sorry, I got it wrong. It was Judge's show that I was referring to.

barkingbill's picture

i also believe the bank data will be released. they can arrest him, but can they arrest the data dump?

gmrpeabody's picture

Maybe the BAC leek is really barter, to stay out of jail. Or even alive.

sgt_doom's picture

Dudes, quite a few low-information commenters today.

Wikileaked docs come from the W-crew, which is made up of thousands of hackers around the planet.

And for your viewing enjoyment:

[Swedish Prosecution Authority on Wikileaks’ warrant: Weird]


[Chris Hedges]


[Russ Baker v. George Bush: Family of Secrets]


[The Federal Reserve]


[Media and Propaganda]


Atomizer's picture

My exact thoughts. The group seems widely organised.

grunk's picture

His name is Robert Paulson.

optimator's picture

Julian has no plan B.  Mossad has only one plan and we're suffering it.  Julian is their key actor in this production.  There will be no release on BOA, just as surely as there will be an attack on Iran.  I hope on hope that I'm wrong, time will tell.

Julia's picture

Anda que te coja un burro, pongalo en su boca, puta!

Rotwang's picture

Unless he is renditioned into the gulag, he should be extradited to Sweden, and unless they do their lame-ass usual and release him to the CIA, he could stand trial, and the woman might have to prove she changed her mind in the 'middle'.

sgt_doom's picture

This is surely "Attack of the Low-information Commenters" today.

Geez, Louise, guys, pay attention:


(Assange Case: Ny Knows the Girls Made it Up but Doesn't Care)
MaxVernon's picture

I can see the headlines now: "Assange arrested and flown accidently to USA instead of Sweden".