Julian Assange Arrest By British Police Delayed By Technicality

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The noose around Wikileaks' Julian Assange is tightening. It appears that not only does British police know where he is, but that he himself is currently residing in South-east England, awaiting his own arrest. In fact, his only ongoing reprieve is that British police is delaying the arrest while Sweden fixes a technicality in its arrest warrant. From the Sunday Morning Herald: "The legal situation surrounding Mr Assange, the hacker who was born in Queensland and co-founded WikiLeaks, was still unclear last night, with reports that he was in a house in south-east England waiting for British police to arrest him. British newspapers said police could not act as Sweden had filled out a European arrest warrant incorrectly." Furthermore, any return to Sweden would likely be game over for Bank of America's most hated person: "The Swedish Supreme Court said last night it would not consider Mr Assange's appeal against the arrest warrant." Of course, Wikileaks continue to plead there is no legal basis in the arrest warrant issued against Assange: "'There has been a lot of talk about legal actions,'' he said. ''But we have not seen any reference to how we are supposed to have broken the law.''" That said, at this point, Julian's days away from captivity are numbered (or, as some of the conspiracy theorists claim, so the media circus would claim). Either way, Bank of America is likely breathing a sigh of relief.

Once again, it only goes to show that if you threaten to take down a government nobody cares; do the same with a bank, and one's arrest becomes imminent.

In the meantime, Charlie Gasparino reports that Bank of America now believes it is the target of the next Wikileaks release which likely will never transpire (and even if it did, will confirm what the conventional wisdowm is: that the bank is merely an organization replete with fraud, deceit, and unpunished criminal behavior, which always ends up receiving the "settlement" treatment).

From Fox Business News:

On who the Wikileaks are targeting:

“FOX Business Network can say fairly definitively, based on sourcing inside the banking industry that it is most likely BofA. “

On Bank of America’s reaction:

“Bank of America clearly believes inside the firm that it is a target. BofA, from what I understand, has assembled a legal SWAT team to deal with this, if it is them and the documents are released.”