Julius Baer Whistleblower Who Was Supposed To Hand Over To Wikileaks List Of 2,000 Tax Evaders, Arrested In Switzerland

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Headlines from Sky News for now. Swiss police arrest ex-banker Rudolf Elmer on new charges relating to handover of bank client data to WikiLeaks. Just justice being served.

From Reuters:

Swiss police on Wednesday arrested former banker Rudolf Elmer on fresh charges of breaching Swiss bank secrecy law for giving data to WikiLeaks, hours after he was found guilty of another secrecy offense.

"The state prosecutor's office is checking to see whether Rudolf Elmer has violated Swiss banking law by handing the CD over to WikiLeaks," the Zurich cantonal (state) police and state prosecutor said in a joint statement.

Earlier on Wednesday, a court found Elmer guilty of breaching banking secrecy for publicising private client data. He was also found guilty of threatening an employee at his former firm Julius Baer.

Elmer, who helped bring WikiLeaks to prominence three years ago when he used it to publish secret client details, on Monday handed over new data to the website, which has outraged U.S. authorities by releasing thousands of confidential State Department cables.

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It's NOT GOOD TO BE... a whistleblower...



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Its a good deal,  the german newspaper reported he just has to pay 5000€ in fine.

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That's not how the european union works buddy. He'll have to sell a book for 1.5 million. Tie it to drug sales for 8 millon and then be fined 4 million.

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Or he might get 'suicided.'

Completely off topic, but just discovered (to me):


The More Americans That Go On Food Stamps The More Money JP Morgan Makes

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nobody can make this up.

watch this moron's video

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But he's not a "whistleblower"!

A real whistleblower would be EXPOSING what governments do, not helping them.  A true whistleblower works for the people, any or all of them, not the state.

He's a government agent, an IRS employee, a bought man.  I hope he gets what's coming to him under Swiss law.

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You can have the stinking Swiss (and Swedes too).  Can hardly thing of any group more corrupt than the Swiss bankers and Government while the citizens sit quietly by.  Hide thieves and launder money to make a penny and claim that is just business.  Steal childern from parents and send them to state run prison/labor work camps for reasons that are a flimsy as coming home late from the movies or giving a politian the finger.  No folks, the Swiss have some very dirty linen.

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More drama. Wikileaks sounds more and more like a bad soap opera.

I'm still waiting for the Bank of America documents, by the way...

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FUCK WIKILEAKS. It's high time we get our hands on that insurance file.

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It makes sense to release the BAC stuff around their earnings release.

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BAC has more than one set of books, if it thinks Wiki will release, it will post poor results. This way they can sell the dip as an earnings issue, instead of a Wiki issue.


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Ummmmm... no they don't. PWC has to audit and sign off on their 10K  before it is submitted to the SEC. Do you think that the review of a 10k for a $150 billion company can be done within a few weeks?


Don't get me wrong, these TBTF institutions are garbage and corrupt, but you can't just pull some sort of unverifiable claim out there like that. It allows people to discredit you and some people might disregard the other claims with actual merit against the TBTF institutions.

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agreed, but their books are cooked right up front.  Auditing bogus books is futile.

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Exactly. See Repo 105 if you doubt this.

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Yeah, Arthur Andersen does great forensic audit work!

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You're assuming the auditors aren't in on it. Think Enron.

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A few years ago I wrote a paper for an accounting class. The topic was FASB 57 - related party disclosures. The more I searched I found that in every case of a major corporate fraud related to related party disclosures, one of the BIG 5 accounting firms not only signed off on the fraudulent financials, they were charged and found guilty for participating in the fraud...for extra fees of course. I found so many examples I realized the major accounting firms are simply a part of corporate fraud.

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Yeah, put up or shut up, wikileaks.  We're not interested in the "Look at Julian Assange!" show.

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I heard he raped the same two girls that Julian (did?)

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It wouldn't shock anyone with half a corpus callosum if Assange is working for the government(s).

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I don't care who he works for, as long as what he puts out is the truth.  That's a priceless commodity these days.

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effing Bingo! We have a winner, folks.

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Nah, it's the Federal Reserve he has info on in my opinion.....

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He should have just released the list anonymously.  

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That's common sense, but apparently Assange seems to prefer press conferences and organized drama to his original mission.

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You want a list? I can get you a list, believe me. There are ways, Dude.


There already may be made-up lists circulating on P2P networks. Why should anyone care?

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I agree with you on that.  If they want to change the world, then send the stuff out to about a thousand blogs via hushmail and skip the tee vee cameras, the lawyers and bullshot. 

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"If they want to change the world, then send the stuff out to about a thousand blogs via hushmail and skip the tee vee cameras, the lawyers and bullshot."


Or just "pull a Jared"....

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He should have just released the list anonymously. 


But wouldnt people scream that releasing such a data without a source or something is unprofessional, libel or stuff?

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Now if he handed over a million account numbers hijacked from random wage slaves he would be slapped on the wrist and told never to do that again.

There are two justice systems in this world. None for the elites and (no) justice for all...for all the rest.

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I remember those laptops that where sold by the Bank of England which contained EVERY social security number, details and bank accounts.

2 weeks later, no more noise.

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What laptops?

See, it works. At least for those in control.

You on the other hand have some over due car taxes to be paid. You are invited to appear at the tax collectors office at 3 PM tomorrow or you will be "involuntarily induced" to attend. Don't forget your cash. We don't take checks from deadbeats such as yourself.

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And it's not easy for the elite always having to stay apart from us morlocks.  It takes great effort at times. 

We should have a benefit concert for them.  We'll call it "Apart-Aid".

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I have a confession to make. I used to laugh at the NWO And Bilderburger conspiracy types, but I now think they were onto something. Everyday brings more evidence that a banking oligarchy ruled the world. Ww must break it, or die trying.

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Yes, Yes, I like that idea, we must set up some kind of Global Regulatory System or we are finished.

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Hats off to both of you, equally brilliant! +1 +1

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Only $1909.36 on Amazon for the definitive book...  and you thought there was no sign of inflation yet.


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I thought you were joking.......Ouch!!

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I'd be satisfied getting rid of the central bankers. Regulate your neighborhood. Competing currencies, precious metals and the like (though I'm mostly not a PM guy).

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i am an AM girl, morning--------> get it?

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For the ladies I'm 24/7. But if you want a BM in the AM, take Metamucil in the PM.

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In europe, metric, that's about average.

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Cursive,   Copy/Paste these into a word doc and read them at your leisure over a brandy.   After completing them see what you think. 

Dates, Places, Documents, names....


The only thing new in the world is the history you don’t know.

Harry Truman

 Your history lesson of tonight.



The Silver Stealers: Part 1 - 6









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Welcome to the club nutbag. Gaining sanity is not as easy as you think. Prepare for a life of hell!   :)

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Yes the "die trying" part is what slows most of us down. None of us have any tranny balls.....baaaa. baaa. Sound of sheeple) but we may yet have our tunisian moment.