July Market Volume Starts Off With An Inverse Bang

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We were too lazy to Shift-F7 that and change it to "whimper." The chart says it all. At this rate Wall Street firms will have to cut 120% of their headcount and replace everybody with the same Made in Taiwan Chinabots that are now responsible for ramping up the /ES courtesy of its 1.0000000 correlation with the EURUSD, which as is now well known, is solely purchased by the Beijing politburo.

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Whatever.  Can't read it due to crappy resolution when magnified.

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This is my favorite locale on the net, but its painful for me now to read the best financial porn on the internet @ ZH. I want to know what's going on w/ Portugal & Los Alamos. Ill be back ya'll.  I got my hopes up on Greece last week. Dont even say a word about DSK.

   Ill never stop supporting this website and the beat goes on.

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Snow storm?  Hamptons sand storm!

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Looks like Robo was pissing in the East Hampton pond over the weekend.

Robo, if I've told you once I've told you a thousand times, use the Porta-Potty for crying out loud. We're running out of towns that will accept you.


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Before I became an avid reader of ZeroHedge, I had no idea that reading financial news could be so entertaining. Thanks, guys!

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We're still in the early innings. Wait until you see what's coming up during the 7th inning stretch.

Banzai7 is rumoured to be arranging for the visual entertainment.

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Despite a run of unfavorable test results, Harbinger Capital Partners' wireless venture was able to raise hundreds of millions more as it struggles to demonstrate its system can work without disrupting global positioning systems.


The Federal Communications Commission has required that LightSquared cover 260 million people by 2016, targets the company has pledged to easily beat.




High speed spying for ALL! Americans!! coming to a hand held device in your pocket very soon!

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Of all the scum sucking parasites on Wall St ,the sales trading fraternity are the worst of the lot. If you bred the most unethical lawyer with the most unethical realtor , you still wouldnt surpass the greed and scumminess of a sales-trader.

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So what the hell happened after the close - straight back to the days high ?

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slow rot mkts.

The Nyse is now a museum.

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Is that a GNAB? A loud gnab?

So volume is slowly but surely disappearing from the market in the US. Is it just an HFT driven phenomena? 

It's what happens in a market that is tending to all price, no value.



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we don't need no steenking volume!

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Guys, you do realize that Germany controls the NYSE at this point?  They are maintaining your illusions until...

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Something changed when Mark Haines passed away, he was sort of a symbol of the Mkts if you will and i'm no fan of cnbs.

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I almost fainted when I heard the news.

Oh, and the REITs continued their yank-and-crank higher today.  At about 10:00 they found their slot and were relentlessly and shamelessly bid upward.  But, hell, at this point why not just go for it?  I'd actually like to see 4 digit valuations before they are done with it, just for shits and giggles.

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speaking of inverse bangs, what is with all of the filipinacupid.com ads???

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The cookies on your browser say that you're lonely and looking for weemen... :>D

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tyler, how is the leverage situation with stocks?

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Probably a little lower in June. Scroll down and look at the 5 year chart.

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thanks, so we are still off from 2007 highs. i thought, could be wrong, that tyler had mentioned we were back to those levels again??

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Obviously market participants no longer want to be fucked by machines. Now the machines play with themselves :)

Skynet is reality on Wallstreet.

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 Do you think it's too soon for me to hit on Casey Anthony?

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Dude you're Greek, the woman doesn't matter. Do what you want. 

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There is no volume on the tape because Joe Six is still wasting his money on sports wagering and lotto tickets.

Just watch what happens when we break out over 14,000 again, Joe will be taking his money to the NYSE, dreaming of daytrading and quitting his real job, just like 1998 and 1999 when Fleck was lamenting on the vast fortunes being made by "dart throwers"....

Oh, by the way, I'm sure thousands of hedge funds who were caught on the wrong side of the market by being short are going to try to re-suscitate their egos by having their "handlers" arrange a dinner date with Casey Anthony.

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This is why you need to be back in the Contributor's section of this site...Some of us miss Money McBags and want to read more from Robot.

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Reduced voltage to the co-located HFT computer's,caused by unanticipated spike in power usage of the building's cooling system.In conclusion it's officially global warming's fault

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To think that it all comes down to the "Beijing politburo" is probably the scariest (and most bearish BTW) proposition I have heard in a long time.

(And I think you're right on that.)


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Where is volume going to come from? Better be shorts; US on the brink of default, EU (a tiny part and coming soon others) on the brink of default and China...

Hope the algo's are in place because the "better" part of the world is smelling like corpses that have been taken out of the freezer last and beginning of this week