Just Another Manic Monday - What Recession?

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off topic but I am contemplating  buying a small dip. I have a few people coming over tonight and I  need something to go with the potato crisps.

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Not a big fan of ObaMao, but preferred him over Hillary. It's the first time I supported a black man beating a white woman since Dennis Rodham dated Madonna.

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"Wheee, we're recovering already! "

*pfffffcoughcoughcough* oh dammit, my drink *searches for paper towel*

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I thought the portfolio was ALREADY bought up and sitting at Maiden Lane. Why can they get double the revenue on each property? That's why they are vacant, because FNMA can't believe they would be able to get away with selling the properties again.

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Heh Heh, I posted the Tull lyricks on a thread a little while ago.

"(Bernanke's) stole the handle, and the train it won't stop going, no way to slow down".


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"If they don't start with a systematic distribution of these properties to investors who have cash today and will buy them at the right price, they're going to end up selling the entire portfolio to Goldman Sachs (GS) or BlackRock (BLK) at a tenth of what they can get for them today."  and let the tax payer foot the bill...again!

There, fixed it for you.

All part of the plan!

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Sounds very much bullish to me. Awaiting the dip...

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It's all in the playbook, nothing will shock you or make sense soon . . . . . if it doesn't already.