Kansas, Dallas Feds Request 25 bps Discount Rate Hike, As 10 Other Feds Prefer Status Quo

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According to the just released minutes from the April 4 and 25 discount rate meetings, two Feds: the Dallas and Kansas City Feds, continued to request an increase in the discount rate by 25 bps from the current 0.75 bps. As a reminder the discount rate was first (and last) hiked back in February 2010, when the Fed, wrongly tried to telegraph the all clear on the economy, which was then hoped to have entered a virtuous cycle, only for everyone to realize it had only entered the conclusive phase of QE1. Since then it has held constant at 0.75 bps, even as it continues to be purely a formality, with just a few million dollars borrowed at the discount window by various banks who wish to avoid the Discount Window stigmata. Therefore, instead of actually determining interest on existing last ditch overnight liquidity requirements, any move in the Discount Rate would instead simply put more confusion on the path the Fed has set off on with regard to tightening/loosening. In other words, despite all the posturing by ever more Fed presidents, just two Feds are willing to put even one metaphoric cent where their mouth is.

More from Stone McCarthy:

At both the April meetings, "No sentiment was expressed in favor of considering the primary credit rate, and the existing rate was maintained."

In the Board of Governor deliberations on April 25, it was noted that, "most directors recommended that the current accommodative stance of monetary policy be maintained." However, those who wanted the 25 basis point increase continue to press the point that it would "move toward normalization of the primary credit rate in light of current and anticipated economic conditions."