Kathimerini Reports Of An Imminent Greek Cabinet Reshuffle, Finance Minister Likely To Be Ousted

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Draghi had lots of comments as ECB representative today.  I thought it was interesting that it wasn't Trichet and that he seemed less hard line about restructuring than previous comments.

Noonan from Ireland took the time to speak today, mostly to say Ireland wasn't the same as Greece.


A few other leaders/finance ministers have taken the time to speak.

Feels like we are setting up for a proper restructuring and defence of Ireland.

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Who wants to volunteer for the position of Greek Finance Minister?

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I'm sure they will send a GERMAN...!!!

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Would a German Finance minister guarantee them a bailout?

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He would guarantee them status of a Land (like they did with East Gemany)...The country is used to this exercise...

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I would totally Friend Pap if I didn't DE-activate my account already.

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Reshuffling the "cabinet" won't solve Greece's problems.

Charlie Bravo

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"My Big, Fat Greek Default"

Starring: Greek Finance Minister, Giorgos Papaconstantinou's

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Giorgos will be well taken care of in exchange for being the first in a series of sacrificial lambs for the Big Man, PapaC.

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Maybe Leo the K. will take the job?

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O/T, sorry to interrupt. Check out this Fukushima core melt activity. It looks like it may be hitting the water table now.

Live cam capture from this morning/last night. At about 2:10, 2:15 min.


Back to the financial melt down.


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My bad.

Seems it was loaded up on YouTube today.

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Deckchairs on the Titanic.

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And Greece hires foreigners to remove the debris from their escape tunnels...too damn funny.

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Once the heat from the seat gets too hot, you must change the ass sitting in it. Doesn't mean this sick dog has any chance of getting well though.

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Okay...now I've heard one straight from over the FUBAR rainbow.  A criminal syndicate Wall Street supporter is arguing that letting more Chinese travelers into the US is the ticket.  His suggestion is, and I quote, "The Chinese want to come to the US and help us create jobs."

The Kingdom of Irrelevance, aka The BlowHorn [CNBC], has now hit the grasping wildly at straws phase of generating an optimistic forward looking, upwardly revised economic theory.

This as they poll their ever diminishing viewers on, "Just what would make you more optimistic on the economy?"  <Cdad raises hand and answers "fewer bankers.">

Sometimes, I think the crocodile algo has me by the leg and has dragged me into an alternative universe.  And I'm pulling for that alternative universe because bankers have destroyed this one.  

Any day now, the pink slips will start arriving in the financial services industry...because I cannot see a single reason for the entire sector to exist...at present.  Holding my breath...


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He obviously didn't say teh right thing at the Bilderberg meeting in Switzerland last weekend

see list of attendees


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"wide appeal = "wide stance"

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dupe sorry , how can 37 x 12 not be 444


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 dupe sorry , how can 37 x 12 not be 444


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A reshuffling is all it is-- no change whatsoever and the cards will still be stacked against the taxpayer/peasantry.

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Send them George Soros... he could just buy Greece and save the EU the hassle of watching it collapse in slow motion.

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Haha is GAP from another planet or pretending to be so?

The people are calling for his head on a platter, he's fiddling with his cabinet lol.