Keep Your Hands Off My FaceBook, George Soros; Filter Bubbles and the New P.C. Search

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I like a good TED talk. Mainly the tech and scientific ones. The social ones tend to get gummed up with statist, interventionist groupthink. [Al Gore is always in the intro--cringe.] I thought this one about online filter bubbles by Eli Pariser would be a tech one.


Eli said he was raised in the sticks of Maine. He thought the internet would bring him and everyone else in the world together. Instead, Facebook and Google are filtering our content based on what they think we want to see. Artificial reinforcement of cognitive bias is the result. Libs get search results with links to Daily Kos and Salon (just kidding, you wish Salon). Repubs can only see Palin supporters in their FaceBook feed. Okay, somewhat creepy and big brotherish.


He had me until he started talking about solutions. He said, be afraid of the cold, heartless algorithmic gatekeepers. You need human gatekeepers with ethics to monitor and direct the algos. Just like the ethical journalists of old media past. He said journalism, imperfect as it is, "got us through the last century". In fact, the mainstream media has been the perennial go-to apologist and enabler of state sanctioned murder and theft. The ethical media helped to nearly wipe us off the planet.
At this point, Eli smells like just another shill for the elite. A quick Google search confirmed my bias, as the #1 result was his paraphrased Wikipedia entry (apparently, Google knows I dig facts). He is the board president of Soros' So at least we know which power center he serves.
Eli closes with an impassioned plea to the audience, with a special shout out to Google founders "Larry and Sergei", who happen to be in the audience. Please make the internet a better place by bringing people together. Please let our ethical human gatekeepers into your PageRank TM formula. [No need to fuss with a simple "on/off filtering" toggle.] Rousing applause. Standing O.
I'd like to thank the Academy.
Sorry, but this smacks of the Fairness Doctrine. I was wondering how they would creep in control over the internet. Overt control (internet kill switch) sets off too many alarm bells (but it's still in the pipe). In the future, Search will be mandated to be socially responsible, community conscious and to celebrate diversity. In the future, Search will be less useful where it counts. Rather than impose content balancing on individual sites, the chilling effect will come top down from the largest portals.

Industrious seekers of information will still be able to self-direct their propaganda flow with some trouble. Meanwhile, the masses will be spoon fed the standard diet of oligarch-directed propaganda. Everything will be back to normal. The Google home page will be the new Walter Cronkite. Here's what to think, world.


It's the standard interventionist MO. Create a false problem. Solve it with more control by the lettered welfare overlords. Maintain the illusion of choice. In this case, the means of control of information itself are at stake.

Somewhere hot, Goebbels smiles.


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Speaking of Soros.  “I Fancied Myself As Some Kind Of God.” “A passage in his book The Alchemy of Finance, published in 1987.

'It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.'

Kind of says it all doesn't it?

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I am aMazed you don't recognize the massive amount of censorship on the net there is right now. Sites are disappearing left and right. Of the top of my head, sites about art, poetry, paleontology . . . if it's not PC, and not popular enough for its disappearance to be noticed and objected to by enough of the elite to be a problem, it's not safe. 

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The cultural columns of disinformation and seperation are being constructed.

You must be sorted into a slot, a tube, an easily defined meme so you can be labeled and identified, marginalized, and then fed selective data and information.

Billions believing they are informed and erudite eagles on the wing as in reality they root about the mud and muck within the barbed wire pen and eat at the trough of corn and ground chub.


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Funny that many useful idiots laughed at the notion of the "internet tubes" without realizing that- from the State's perspective, that is exactly what the internet is.  All information and communication is digitized and conveniently transmitted through a series of "tubes" which facilitate the State's efforts to monitor, gather information, analyze, and respond. 

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Truth sayers need to form their own decentralised networks around the world.

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DoGSoRoS wants an "ethical" filter.  Is that the same "ethical" filter which allowed DoGRoBBeR to pilfer the wealth of Jews being cattle-herded to their extermination.

And, if yes, then could one conclude that DoGPouND used this filter to tank the currency in the UK in the early 90's?

DoGRoBBeR and DoGPouND should have been sent to their own private gas chamber long ago. And yet here we have DoGSoRoS kickin' his feet up on the desk in the Oval Office.

This DoG should be shot dead in his tracks.

P.S.  You DoGASSES like Eric "The DoucheBag" Boehlert and Eli "The Phag" Pariser are...well DoGASSES.  Phuck off anytime now.

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Best new engine I use everyday... - everything about your subject for the past two weeks, more blog and forum based than Google..

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that's a nice memebot, thanks

any others you recommend?

looking for something a bit more long-term...

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Have you reread the Constitution lately? Are you involved in local politics? Are you attempting to understand, in the smallest way, how this mammoth of a government functions? Are you trying to teach the children? Do you try to triangulate information?


Get involved and vote, God damn it.

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You will be assimilated.  You will obey.  Resistance is futile.

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Eli, Larry, Sergei and of course Curious George, we are in good hands..but in the end it comes down to who controls not only the money, but the creation of money.  People need to get informed about how banks 'create' money, not only to lend, but to fund deficits and wars.  Until that is understood, the rest is smoke and mirrors.  He is a good article on how money is created by banks

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Goog is evil as most know and sadly as they embed new features they overtly and covertly influence the thinking of the billions who use their services.  The latest mandatory search feature is Google instant and auto complete that anticipates what you are typing and steers you to whatever direction the algo chooses. 

Instant began as a feature that could be turned off but now it is part of basic goog search  - apart from the manipulation many find instant distracting here is a workaround that disables it


If you use chrome or tool bar I would suggest you don't as they feed the goog databases with the most initiment detail of your online activities (and store those activities forever - ie goog privacy terms are different for those with toolbar). If you have a goog account and the web history feature was not opted out of, you will be quite surprised if you stay signed in whilst surfing, it records all sites visited and if you have had an account for a few years the history goes back that far. If you have goog tool bar then look out cause the granularity is that much more.  Chrome when it was introduced had an embedded keystroke recorder but that was removed, however each install of chrome bears a unique id number. In all the above cases goog privacy allows them to keep the data permanently even if you delete the infor and delete the account.

Add in streetview data that goog has gathered and they know you better than you know yourself and who knows 2 or 20 years from now in the interest of national security that data may be quite useful.

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ha ha .. i like what you did with your avatar. the option to turn of instant with your workaround probably will not last long.

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Soros must be some kind of unholy human squid to have his arms in every little thing that he thinks important to control.  Thank you, oh, condescending Eloi!

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death by censorship!

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Facebook has it's head up your Google.




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There is no political solution
To our troubled evolution
Have no faith in constitution
There is no bloody revolution

Our so-called leaders speak
With words they try to jail you
The subjugate the meek
But it's the rhetoric of failure
We are spirits in the material world Where does the answer lie?
Living from day to day
If it's something we can't buy
There must be another way
words like diamonds shine across the decades their truth still rings like the vibrations of a once struck bell. The Stingmeister nailed it.
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What is this FaceBook you speak of?

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It's not too hard to imagine what the Chinese have in mind when they give thier hearty endorsement to a "New World Media Order" as vaguely articulated in today's WSJ (firewall) -

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behind a paywall, care to share a choice quote?

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There are all sorts of filters that schools, employers, libraries, etc use to filter out "HATE" which means straight talk about pressing issues of the day. You see if you can control the discussion, the dialogue, if you prevent people from exchanging information then you can more easily accomplish your goals.

This is, in effect, what happened to America, the people who owned the mainstream media were the gatekeepers, and those same folks took over the universities which, at one time, were supposedly bastions of free and open debate.

So the American people got Freud's nephew Edward Bernays up the a$$ and the .gov bros finish up the job, Elena Kagan has written that "hate speech" is NOT protected political speech, and hate speech doesn't mean using the "N" word no it is telling the truth about POWERFUL groups.

That is why the Banksters can get away with what they do and why lobbies for a foreign power can plunder the treasury at will and cause your gas prices over the last 40 years to go up.


Dancing with the Hasbeens is also on as is the VOICE.

Will Justin Bieber marry Sonia Sotomayor? ONLY ON TMZ with Harvey Levin.

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Oy! Free speech is hate speech. It allows people to say hurtful things about others that lead to Holocausts. You pathetic goys are immoral to construct boundaries between yourselves and others. Lack of diversity is anti-semitic.

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You see if you can control the discussion, the dialogue, if you prevent people from exchanging information then you can more easily accomplish your goals.

Then there are the ever present trolls who attempt to distract others via character assassination and disinformation tactics.

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Somewhere hot, Goebbels smiles.

I hope you're not implying that Mister Soros was a nazi errand boy. Oh wait, he actually was.


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S.O.S.   ...  - - - ...

Save Open Society

... - - - ...

If you don't know Morse code, then you can't tell the difference betwee Libertarian Paternalism and Libertarianism.

Dave Harrison


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its all just for your protection.......

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I should print out a few Zero Hedge pages and posts for "nostalgia" purposes for the future when it is banned.

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'EB' is shocked to discover that centralized communications that depend on automation, grid electricity and a world- wide 'consumer' base are also platforms for 'filtering' and various forms of content control.

Like many Americans I have electric lights! I also have plugs and sockets! Why can't I have 40 hz AC and 5.8 k-volt mains? Where's my direct current? I demand direct current as a freedom- seeking individual!

Talk about creepy: having the current in the first place is an acceptance of the current- providers' terms.

Want freedom with that Big Mac? Toss the computer into the trash and find some 'friends'. If you don't have any, make some. You might discover a few that aren't FBI informants, 'fellow- travelors'  or whatever.

While you are at it, get rid of the car and the TV. Freedom with conditions, dependencies, infrastructure and warrantees isn't.

Basically, you have no idea what you are talking about.



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Are you saying speech holds the same constitutional place as utilities? 

You might be guilty of your last sentence 

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"control" of the information has been "the plan" so to speak since the invention of the telephone.  FDR signed off on the wire-tapping during WWII--have we had a banking system ever since?  I have enjoyed Kathleen Hay's "pom-pomming" actually.  (seriously!)  what else do you do vis a vis "the nexus"? that and the theory that "Greece could never happen here."

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Because Google still let's you search(and find) terms like '911 Truth' 'Holocaust denial' 'Global Warming hoax' and 'Austrian Economics' we need to change this before our house of cards falls down


In the future any1 typing the above terms etc. would get a police visit the next day(yes they know where you live) to search(without a warrant) his house and belongings

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The government has to take over the internet in order to protect us from ourselves and terrorists

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So how do we tell which group we fall into (ourselves or terrorists) ?  Oh yeah, what with the big push to ferret out the "lone wolf" threat, we are no longer ourselves, we are all the latter.


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It's already working on this, see "Government gathering info On People Using Facebook"



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I knew the internet would not remain open and free for too long. The quick dissemination of information makes it that much harder for teh elites to control the flow, forcing them to lie and obfuscate tehir way around.

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Would you like your search results with Bernays sauce?

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The national security meme will be trotted out at some point for the final coup de gras.  Oh; it's coming; it's definitely coming.

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"Rather than impose content balancing on individual sites, the chilling effect will come top down from the largest portals."

It's already like that.  You think you get unbiased news from msn, yahoo or one of the other biggies -- just because it's the internet?  How naive, nay retarded.  They are owned by the same mega corps that own television.  It's all just mass media.

You always had to work and dig for real information.  No change -- nothing to see here.