The Key Charts Entering Q4

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Goldman charting guru John Noyce has taken some time off, so in his absence, here is his most recent compilation of charts as we enter Q4, with an emphasis on the EURUSD, AUDUSD (very rich here), EURAUD (and associated oscillation sentiment extremes), the 2s10s, bull flatteners, the S&P, The Shanghai Composite, and much more.


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Eh? Couldn't they just post one chart. Everything is correlated anyway. 

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I'll post the playlist once more later today...but for now if you want the fix (in addition to the link to the RadioZero page) check it out in today's Frontrunnnig :)

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I love RadioZero. I even forwarded it to my brother. I play it at work too. Good stuff. Check out Vibrasphere:


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awesome man, i really enjoyed the track/artist, thanks for passing it along

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If that is Goldmans perspective then we all need to do a web search for used parachutes.

That is the most frightening group of graphs I have ever viewed.

it is "parcus nex"

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Maybe these are the charts that Johnny Bravo used to predict the S&P tanking today.  "Smartest Trader on ZH" my ass.


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You remembered that little rant. That means to two things.

You have never tasted Kool aid

You have an IQ greater than your age.

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As to Kool Aid, I never did try it until my super powers were fully developed, and it could no longer harm me.  (In actuality, my mother was the pentultimate Earth-Mom, and sweets of any kind were pretty few and far in between)

The IQ thing may be a bit overblown, as it only guarantees me a slot in the mid forties.

SOOoo, what's up with the homemade fortune cookie fortune?

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noyce has been so wrong...flip flop...flip flop

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Personally, I really appreciate these reports from Goldman.  I have found them to be very insightful, especially as it relates to sentiment in the foreign exchange market.

These are tough, tough times in the 4X market, with whipsaws being the rule, not the exception.  Any other insight I can get from someone who at least has a point of view is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks to ZeroHedge and also to Goldman-Sachs for providing this perspective.


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Just so you know, it takes much patience to wade through the comments in here as the little boys roam wild.

From "Ms. Watanabes" to "Ukrainian escorts" to "bitchez" on a constant basis, it is utterly unflattering to your male aspect and only demonstrates that little boys will only think of their willies when they have nothing substantive to add.

Does no one wonder why there aren't more girls in here?  Just a bunch of guys standing on a street corner, holding their dicks and whistling at the chicks driving by in their convertibles.  Yeah, real desirable, fellas.  Really first class.

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I just have a feeling I would like to share.  I could be totally wrong but there is something about to happen with the Euro and the SP 500 Index.

I think the next few weeks will prove interesting in 4X.  According to my charts, the SPX will top around the 11th of October at about the 1154.30 level.  I have said this before with an earlier time-frame (notably about now...) but exterior forces seem to be delaying the ramp up.  I am not sure if it is the confusion in the bond/sovereign market or simply that the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

Either way, it looks like a near-parabolic, blow-off top is in order for SPX (on fumes, of course...).  That means that the "Risk On" button will be lit all over the globe, bringing the AUDUSD to a top near 0.9666, the EURJPY pair to 111.79, EURCHF to 1.3248 and an astounding move in the GBPUSD to 1.6460.  If my charts are correct even half-way, this could be a very profitable month in 4X.

Or you can trade 180 degrees out-of-phase!  Ha!

Look for some "good news" about the EUR and European banks coming out over the next few days.