Key Events And Catalysts In The Week Ahead

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Donkey Kong must be tired by now...

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My key events next week:

  1. Politicians will talk saying such things as "blah blah, blah".
  2. The people will be screaming such things as "we need help".
  3. The meat puppets on TV will tell us they saw it coming.
  4. The Fed will insist they have it all under control.
Pretty much what happened last week and the week before, the week before.....

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 Now rewind those comments and you have the week ahead.... NPR style.

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...but that inflation remains too high to combat the weakness with additional monetary easing

What inflation?  Thought there was no inflation.

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Gold down 2.11?  That makes sense - not.

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It's had a march from 1490 to 1540 and a little profit taking is taking place.

Same with silver.

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Have you ever seen a country go bankrupt before? As they say in the business "prior gains are no guarantee of future returns." History only takes us so far...

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  Good post DaV... " never count your chickens before they hatch" comes to mind... +1

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Futures opened down somewhat.

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Key events: NASA Space Shuttle and Larry King and Oprah announce retirements again ! NASA wonders why they just didn't leave the space shuttles parked in Earth orbit and return  with Cosmonauts ! They are bigger than the Space Station....those Boxcars to Nowhere ! They could use them for storing frozen pizzas  and chicken nuggets for future rendevouz in space ! Monedas 2011 Comedy Jihad World Tour

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Cramer replaces Joe Kernan and Becky Quick. You lose mkt share in access to Buffett, you are OUT!

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Excellent summary. You're crushing Seeking Alpha.

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Why does anyone listen to Ben B, who said:

"We don’t have a precise read on why this slower pace of growth is persisting."