Keynesianism For Kretins (sic): The New York Fed Launches Propaganda Comic Book

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The Central bankers of the world continue to demonstrate just how they perceive the general population: as bunch of retarded morons, easily distracted, and fascinated by pictures, colors and gimmicks (almost makes us wonder why Amazon didn't go to the Fed to subsidize the losses it is incurring on the Kindle, instead of cutting its price by 30% to $189 - surely the Fed wants the entire middle class to wallow in its debt slavery, and spend every waking hour blissfully reading Whispernet downloaded soft-porn, instead of ruminating on the collapse of the American civilization). Whereas a month ago, the ECB issued a cartoon on price stability, as we disclosed in Keynes For Kindergarteners, today our own New York Fed confirms yet again that in the contest of stooping the lowest, it has no equal. The FRBNY has published a comic book, full of the misadventures of the infamous Darth Inflation. With such zingers as "By discouraging saving, inflation can harm the US economy. That's because the economy needs a supply of savings to provide the funds for people and business to borrow so that they can invest in the things that help the US economy grow" it is now clear that the entire FRBNY Board is comprised of lunatics, as apparently these people have not heard of ZIRP, QE, 0% interest on money markets and savings accounts, and must have Apple gizmos. Also, as Jon Hilsenrath will hopefully inform his audience with an at least 24 hour advance notice, the Fed is likely currently contemplating using its legislative branch (i.e., Congress) to pass laws allowing negative interest rates, and making hoarding of money and gold a felony.

You can read the most pathetic atempt ever on the side of the Fed to pander to the general population, which incidentally according to broad recent polling, believes not only should the Fed be immediately audited, but also  dismantled, recycled for scrap, and the remains used to plug the BP hole in the GoM.



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Krytons, bitchez

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Forget the NY Feds PR problem for a moment ... Washington now has an even bigger problem if you ask me...

I challenge anyone to find a flaw in this plan to 'democratically' overthrow the U.S. government. Seriously it will work!

Na na na na naaa... I'm smarter than you guys! You guys are so stupid! Blah blah blah blah blah blah...

Listen 2,000 hit's already and my boat is still floating... come on... sink me Bitchez!

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Really, ZH should get in on the game too: Gold Bitches! The Farce of Fiat Currency

Who can draw?

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The subliminal "buy inflation indexed bonds" message in the beginning was clever...

Considering the size of ZH's audience, whipping up a clever response to the govt's ridiculous comic would be a no-brainer, maybe something with a "Salad Fingers" theme where Ben Shalom stars as Salad Fingers ( ).



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This comic book already exists.  The Schiffs wrote it, it came out 6 weeks ago.

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They should have Krusty the Klown narrate these things. He could give it some pep.

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It ranks right up there with Krusty's other high quality products.

Yes, I did actually read the comic.  I am now actually dumber than I was before.

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Hi kids, it's Krusty, and I don't feel like paying interest anymore.

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too, some much needed credibility

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I hope the bride-to-be on page 7 is also springing for finishing gender-reassignment surgery before prices go up on that too.  Otherwise, "she's" never going to use that dress.

Citizen of an IKEA World's picture

Don't be so cynical.  In a gobsmackingly-idiotic comic book, even a cross-dressing stevedore can find love.

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speaking of women, i'm with the earlier one who wants to buy jewelry but the lummox with her seems taken in by the tips bonds (adjusted to the same cpi that didn't go up last year, to the chagrin and disbelief of social security recipients).  she also was more convincingly a woman.  timmy must be so proud.

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Okay, so I know this is an easy joke, but this clip is funny:

Moe = Bernanke 

Curly = Geithner 

Larry = ?




Fred Hayek's picture

Larry = Summers

Seriously.  Comb the hair up and have him whine, "Hey!  Why don't you pick on someone your own size!"

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TD, these are not lunatics at all.

They put Keynesianism right where it a comic book.

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I almost made it to the fourth page before vomiting.

Lets Hang Parliament's picture

At 24 pages it may be the most brilliant exposition on the economy (it isnt...) but Joe Public's attention span is all of err.. one page so "own goal" you federal wankers

jeff montanye's picture

yes, i too was wondering the audience.  wonkish fourth graders?  legacy admits to harvard business school?

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I mean really comic type text and pictures, how insulting to ones intellect as i prefer cartoon animation myself as it's easier to understand.

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Hey, that's the best they could do on the subject. And even this was quite a stretch for them.

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This will be the educational material that will be used in the camps after the GOM evacuation.

Rainman's picture

That oil rig on page 3 is kinda' creepy, huh ??

Yes, I got to page 3. 

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They've inflated us into oblivion since the beginning of the fed's existence and now they want to educate the public about "inflation". Are you kidding me?

Mactheknife's picture

Beat me to it. I am actually very surprised that the Fed is able to demonstrate any understanding of the term at all.

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and their timing is superb:  the onset of a deflationary depression.  the greatest inflation threat at this time of course is neither "cost push" or "demand pull" but "fed flush" as the future wealth of the nation is exchanged for toxic crap on the fed's balance sheet.

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Balls to you bernizzle!!


SHeeesh, this is econ 101 all over again.

Joe Shmoe's picture

They should do a Goth version.

mikla's picture


We'll all be going Goth shortly.

Gully Foyle's picture

Joe Shmoe

Goth is so yesterday. Now Steampunk, ahh, there's the ticket.

Probably do a Twilight special addition making it totally cringeworthy.

Joe Shmoe's picture

That'll do.  And make it an ipad app, with embedded porno.

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But are we not a nation of idiots?  look at who we elect and allow them to do to our constitutional rights?  And when the Fuk did Americans read? - buying I pads and Kindles so that they can JO to net porn in bed....

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Making it illegal to save money by instituting a negative interest rate! Time to buy that safe I always wanted!!!

velobabe's picture

i l o v e my new safe.

i keep my weed in it too†

just to let america know, i had to give a 10 day notice to order my money (cash, Benjamin's), so i could withdraw it.

and don't any of you men tell me i am lying, either. cause it is the damn truth.

our money is not physically in the bank, people.

IE's picture

I've taken just shy of $10K in hundreds out of the bank 3 times in the last 9 months... how much are you withdrawing?

DosZap's picture


That's not a real smart move.........(you likely are aware of why).

Unless it's something you have been doing at the same Bank, for a period of years.........

And, no your/our fiat  $$$ hasn't been there for a LONG time, that's why it's called frac reserve banking............

New_Meat's picture

IE--did you get those hologram thingies?  Have they changed over time?

Bob Kraft's enterprises are hurting, but his original paper company must be doing really well.

- Ned

DosZap's picture


Nope, got the same notice from my Bank, 2 weeks ago..........

Get ready for rationing your own dollars out to you........

This is extremely negative to those who fear deval, and or/changes.

New_Meat's picture

We here in MA fear deval and Deval. 

So this is M3 falling in action.  Roth's "Depression Diary" goes through bank runs in Youngstown, OH (swanky place before the fall) and the effects of the bank runs.

Can you post the message?  If we all see the same thing, then we'd know what Sheila is up to beyond her public "statements".


- Ned

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Funny comic. They were borderline to tell that inflation is theft on the poor.

Maybe comic issue number 2, the return of the archdem on inflation.

LoneStarHog's picture

"With the supply of oranges down..."



Explain gold/silver, CFTC!

Oh wait, you mean there are NO PAPER ORANGES?????

buzzsaw99's picture

They even drew dullard looks on the faces of the sheeple. Perfect!

Muir's picture

And now for your viewing pleasure.
The Mistress of the Macabre. The
Epitome of Evil. The most sinister
woman to dance on the face of the
earth. Lowly dogs, get on your
knees, bow your heads and worship
at the feet

DosZap's picture


Yes, she was worth living thru the flic...........

Careless Whisper's picture

what a disgrace.

gotta love the pic on page 11 showing $100 deposited in a bank and that allows the bank to loan $90 and the banks keeps $10 in reserve. in reality the bank makes a $900 loan with that $100 deposit. the additional $800 being created out of thin air from the federal reserve bank.

liars. liars. liars.


Assetman's picture

I like the preceding pic (forgot what page) where the poor banker is in dispair becuase he is getting hurt by 8% inflation, while his issued loan is only at 5%.

Yet we don't see current conditions where savings rates are at 0%, and loans (or in this case, Treasuries) are being issued at 4%.  Because banks would be counting their money with evil grins on their faces while shaking hands with Ben Shalom.  And savers would be the ones in dispair.

They're not just liars, the FNBNY are banking's favorite money launderers.

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PDF? Scribd crashes on 64bit machines.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

Scribd OK on my 64bit.  Windows 7.  It's the shit, because one can select a different operating system for each application. 

Me love this long time (Vietnamese girl saying this is my Windows 7).