The Keyword Of Today's Imminent ECB Rate Decision Conference: "Strong Vigilance"

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Fucking retarded that the markets are reduced to this.

Wont be surprised if he doesnt say the magic words tho, the majority are the wrong way.

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" the irony, stated simply, is that by fighting inflation for the healthy countries, the ECB is making the unhealthy ones even worse."

...which makes the healthy ones even worse also, as it increases the probability that peripheral countries will soon start defaulting and trigger a financial system collapse across the Eurozone that will make Lehmans look like a mere warmup for the main event.

Catch 22?

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his key words should be :  I give up, this is a mess.

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The tension...... what is going to happen? Up? Down? Flat? What a scam.

Just like all those earnings calls, we've exceed the consensus call of 22.34 cents by .01 bicoins. Right. When the macro picture is so obviously bad, why aren't people making larger corrections? 

i've piloted an aircraft carrier, big ships can handle a lot of embedded wild swings (bold actions) and still be fine.