Krieger On Peak Government

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If you see something, say something.

Help bring the confused & dazed sheeple, who can't reconcile what they're reading, hearing and being told with what they're seeing with their eyes around them.

These are trying times for sheeple.

Bring them to the side of light, goodness, morality & Ludwig von Mises.

If you see them, say something:

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Good stuff Mike.  As always, greatly appreciated.  Your views are clear and to the point.  You're absolutely right.  Benocide is a total psychopath who is using all available "tools" (weapons) to inifluence the "world economy" (of mass) and in so doing, "destroying the dollar" (destruction).

He and slimy tim need to be put in jail.  Period.


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+1  -capped.  Good read today.  Definately some interesting perspective to consider.  Thanks.

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nah; he's just a believer in a fishbowl.

He's spent his life studying things that aren't true.  The pseudoscience of economics is only relevant during an aggregate growth phase.  We're not in one anymore.

As far as  They're a net exporter so they are supposed to what, go MORE mercantilist?  Yeah, that will work out real well.

EVERYONE cannot devalue at the same time; there is no net effect.  Other than fucked up paperholders

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Which will be the least ugly fiat in all of fiatski land and why, at the end of the day?

I don't expect anyone to know or be able to produce a precise answer to what is a deceptively complex question that is made more so by the uncertainty of future events and reactions to those events, but rough arithmetic tells me that the USD has a shot at outperforming the euro or yen over the intermediate term.

I'm not emotionally vested in the USD and I detest the very system that allegedly sets its value on world markets (as with any major currency), but if the world's in for a turbulent flight for the next few years, I've yet to see any convincing argument set to paper that the euro or yen will outperform the USD over that time frame (I'd love to read a well-reasoned opinion supported by some concrete data).

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...I don't know; I hate the people at work so I'm telling them to buy facebook shares as soon as they can

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LOL. That's rich! Might want to suggest Pandora & Winnebago as a rock solid long term investment stock.

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Excellent Picture, TIS!

Combines the sheeple alegory WITH the famous deer in the headlights image....

The image is so relevant, that my cynical self is giggling almost uncontrollably. 


Oh, and MK's analysis seems spot-on. Bernanke has demonstrated over and over again that his greatest goal in life is to be an illusionist rather than a scientist.

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Combines the sheeple alegory WITH the famous deer in the headlights image....

The image is so relevant, that my cynical self is giggling almost uncontrollably.

I also like it because it shows the sheep clearly tagged (on their ears).

I am very much not a tin foil type prognosticator, but the tagging is symbolic of the fact the fact that the governmental-corporate alliance is very much able to decimate whatever we held out as our clear notion of 'privacy' and any rights thereto.

Modern vehicles with black boxes that track our driving pattern and (soon) location, GPS devices that can literally track us in real time and record our past movements (and be accessed remotely), smart phones that can do the same as well as be tapped and downloaded - absent any warrant or even reasonable cause - producing immediate and very private data on demand, and PCs that can watch us (with cable boxes that do the same coming soon - ostensibly to track our channel surfing AND snacking patterns).

U.S. highways and vehicles will be incorporating RFID technology within a few short years that will be able to remotely monitor any particular vehicle, its speed, location, and other data regarding it (RFID chipping is already being used on high value pharmaceuticals and other transported high value goods).

It's all good, however. They tell us we have a Constitution, and I once heard it reflected that we were born and endowed with particular and fundamental inalienable rights (i.e. can't be stripped away by government), though there aren't many in positions of power who seem to recall this lately.

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There is no Constitution as you understand it.. It looks like it is in English for all to read but it is not. According to our Supreme Court it is actually in a language only they understand. The amazing thing about it is that over time it always says exactly what the government wants it to say. It's quite amazing how well it lines up so that you can produce infinite social programs, income redistribution, restriction of all sorts of speech, particularly in business, seize private property to give to other private entities, infinite taxes, everything! It's a wonderful document that allows government to do whatever it pleases as long as it's determined to be "good" for us.

I am so glad we have this document. In fact, it is very similar to having no document at all come to think of it.

Anyway, when every intersection has redlight and speed cameras, your car is tracked, your phone is tracked, your internet usage is recorded and you yourself are stamped with identity code...all of life will be perfected. No bad things will happen to us and we will do exactly as we are told, controlled in the wisest ways possible and live the most productive lives possible as determined by some wise central council. I can hardly wait.

As for me...I'd rather live in the Middle Ages during the plague.

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Can I come just after the plague? :)

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Cost of oil (going higher) over the long term will actually force the system to lose most of this crap anyway and limit the power of the government in the process. 



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+++   ...though, watch what you wish for, Dark Ages coming [check], Plague coming [???].

The Constitution is dead, long live the Constitution.

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...and the 'rant of the day' award goes to .........

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You missed two.

Removal of incandescent bulbs so a heat signature can be tracked at a distance and body locations can be pinpointed easily.

RFID tags in clothing, and I assume damn near everything else, so you can be tracked easier.

People have caught on to location by phone whether it is on or off. How many have you seen microwaving their clothing to destroy the chips? Or wear only hand woven articles?

But the flaw with technology is it can be turned on you. One of the Moscow Rules "Technology will always let you down" is there for a reason. Wait until those damn faceless etrrorists start hacking drones.



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Can I microwave my passport? It has an RFID chip in it now - and it's advertised as having one. 

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I probably missed several, but you get the point. The worst new thing I heard was that Obama favored an idea in Congress to put a chip in every car that monitors the miles you drive. You will get a tax based on those miles. Besides being an infinitely stupid idea (A Mini Cooper that drives more miles will get taxed more than a Hummer that stays in town???) it is really a big step toward ultimate control. That same chip can tell if you ever went over the speed limit at which point you could pay retroactive fines and it is really just a single step from having all of us just wear a GPS chip ourselves.

What really bothers me is that this doesn't bother all.

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Wait until those damn faceless etrrorists start hacking drones.

"The terrorists" are too retarded for that.

Hovever, I do have some contact with former colleagues that, like myself, have experience with enginering and defense systems and are currently suffering, like self!, in various boring, dead-end, adminstrative jobs. When we get a few beers we actually think that there might be a business to be made in producing drones that will quietly fly 10 kg of payload to a GPS "address", available at an affordable price and no strings attached. The technology is all COTS these days, it just needs integration.  

The non-prescription medical business could probably use such a machine - and why the hell should Obama be the only person who can send a robot to sort somebody's shit out? Someone will do it anyway, so why not we?

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This + bitcoin + tor + google = TPTB's worst nightmare

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bitcoin + tor + google = dependence on the internet still being freely available


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Was just thinking about that.  See long post below for possible solutions which we need ASAP.  We also need Google insiders who will be prepared to at least partially restart it elsewhere when the shutdown order comes.

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A simple right click, and the deer becomes your screen saver!

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HAH! so i was one of the only morons who actually took the time to go into the city and look for the empire state rebellion rally, which consisted of two photographers with some old video equipment and about eight nerdy types testing on their iphones.  My visions of solidarity shriveled up like Weiner's weiner after he saw those pictures...

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Fascinating.  Speaking of the government,  the Senate just voted 73 to 27 to end government incentives for ethanol--a negative for many related ag names including fertilizer stocks (POT, MOS, CF, AGU), seed names (MON, SYT) and farm equipment names (CNH , DE, AGCO). However, bullish for livestock producers including (SAFM, TSN, SFD, HRL).


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About fucking time!

Not sure that the fertilzer companies will be much affected.

It'll help me a bit, but that's not why I'm against ethanol (been so since before I had any interest in feed prices).

Subsidies are price-hiders.

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War produces plenty of fertilizer.

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Most before the war than after; what comes out of the north end of a south bound bull.   Milestones

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+1 for staying in character

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lolololololololol  :-)

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Now let's vote to end those farm subsidies and we will be making real progress. It seems to me that this would be a good thing to do during a time of record high crop prices.

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How vital is sex? How essential is government?

Can we talk of peak sex? Can we talk of peak government?

They are not tangible commodities. But as immaterial in their hold on us as the notion of life and after-life.

Go short on those if you dare!

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we can totally have peak sex...just look at birth rates in western europe (yes but they still do it for leisure I hear you cry) yes but for how much longer...if something becomes without use evolution has a way of dispencing with it. As our lives become even more anxiety ridden, I'm willing to wager that people will be enjoying less good sex. So yes, I'll short sex in north america and western europe...

...better head for latin america I think and those signoritas!

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actually there's not that much sex going on down here either.  sigh.

Lots of boozing and dancing till 5 am, but after that, its straight to sleep...

i chalk it up to the influence of the church.


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keep moving...fortunately the world is round...not flat!...We all know where we'll end up. As long as its not Wisteria Lane! Yikes...

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Your definition of government must then necessarily include any cooperative interaction between individuals. DRO's are government. Contracts are government.

What we see today is the evolution from centralized mainframe style government to a more distributed network approach. An evolution I suspect will see the white house decommissioned as a tourist destination in my lifetime.

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Utterly false--private cooperation is the absolute opposite of government, which operates by coercion.

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Government is a long, dark scam. Arguments to the contrary are rooted in emotional attachement.

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Who is in charge of this decentralizing evolution? Where are they meeting? 

Clampit's picture

Funny you should ask; the meetings are being held right now in this very forum.

("If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be 'meetings." — Dave Barry)

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John Connor et. al. Crystal Peak

The purpose of our organization is to promote a new social system for our members. Although this may sound suspiciously like "government" there are some important differences.
The similarities are:

  • We take and hold land and natural resources.
  • We promote national defense.
  • We promote a system of law and courts.
  • We promote a political system of dedicated to the protection of the individual against the depredation of the majority, politicians, or private sector criminals.
  • We promote a free-market economic system with strong protection for private property.
  • We promote the general development, security, and welfare of the people.

What? You’re seeking liberation from the silver-tongued devils that already pretend to promote these ideas? Well, please read more carefully. Please pay attention to the differences.

  • The biggest difference is that our system is competitive, non-coercive, and non-exclusive. Our members can opt in or out at any time and they can be members of other political organizations as well. Children are not automatically members against their will and may or may not opt in when they are ready.
  • Another important difference is that we "promote" we do not "provide." We serve as cheerleader and operator of the Bully Pulpit in order to lead people and markets in doing for themselves instead of trying to make these good things happen.
  • The land we take is not necessarily contiguous and will in fact likely overlap the territory of existing political organizations.

The ideals enumerated above are good. The problem lies in their interpretation and the sincerity of the alleged promoters. We offer a new approach and give you the choice to decide.

How to Join

When I stated earlier that members are free to opt in or out at their discretion, I spoke the truth. However, there is also a steep membership fee. You are buying the benefits we provide and agreeing to accept our rules. That is a high price and we do not expect you to easily agree. In fact, as long as you have a "job" and "own" a home and care about your credit score or filing tax forms, we doubt you’ll abandon them in order to join us. And abandon them you must because what we demand of our members is not something that can be balanced with home, job, and school. Weekend warriors can watch the revolution on TV; our warriors our making it happen.

Our offer appeals to those of you who have lost it all. Such as those of you who the system has abused, defrauded, and discarded, or those of you who have no chance of succeeding in that system. Instead of rolling over and dying, why not stand and fight? Perhaps you’ll meet your maker either way, but our way offers at least a chance and is much more fun.

The Fee

You entry fee is that you enroll in our Liberation Army. We use the term "Army" with some hesitation. "Army" denotes military and sounds like violent insurrection. As we have explained in other places, violent insurrection pits our weakness against the great strength of the Enemy. The Enemy is laying an ambush for us by goading us into that doomed strategy and we must deftly dance around the ambush. We will meet the Enemy at a time and place of our choosing not his.

However, as a new member your life and work will be organized with a military paradigm. You will receive and obey your orders and you will be subject to our discipline.  We will engage in manuvers of peaceful civil-disobedience against the Enemy. You will spend all of your time studying, practicing, drilling, and preparing for the fight. You will likely spend much of your time in the Enemy's POW camps. This is the price of membership.

The Benefit

The benefit is that we will rebuild you as a new man.  We will teach you how to read and how to defend yourself.  We will systematically educate you and develop you towards your full potential.  You will learn the values of self-reliance and cooperative behavior.  Finally, we will resettle you on one of our bases, far from the front line.  There you will begin your transition to a new life as a civilian.  You will be a respected war vet and a man who carries the esteem of knowing that he has played an important role in building a great thing.  You will live out the rest of your life according to the best that your ability, discipline, integrity, and fortune conspire to provide.  Please compare these benefits to your present prospects.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

John Connor- Crystal Peak

Now accepting bitcoins for liberation: 1GrqxTjQb7SsPBkdxnPRNmJqseKK8TZaoF

Cathartes Aura's picture

The benefit is that we will rebuild you as a new man.

ahhh, yes, another "all men are created equal" club, with a military flavour.

party on dudes.


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+1 BTC for a good manifesto, for putting up the first BitCoin tin cup I have seen on ZH, and for giving me an excuse to respam my Bitcoin-powered Project Mayhem manifesto.  It's kinda similar to yours, but with more anarchy... lets start over with a bare minimum of laws and courts.  Make the elites' pet weasel-word artists rebuild their toys from scratch, and contest every expansion like a hill in 'nam.


Now is the time to get to know your neighbors well, buy local, hoard stuff.  Make your lists, check them twice, find out who's naughty and nice.  No heroics till after the hyperinflation and the bloody crackdown.  That shitstorm will awaken more of the sheeple and peel off some of the cops and bureaucratic drones, because it will be clear that their pensions are already gone.  Also, wait until a large number of protestors are slaughtered or a large number of people end up in FEMA camps.  Need to get more cops and military on our side, so I suspect that he who fires the first shot will lose the revolution.  Let them fire the first shot. 

I don't know anything about real fighting so here are some "softer" strategies which could work:  Get them to waste time or turn on each other where possible.  Leave empty bags around.  If you know someone who works for the Beast, plant some reefer on his property where it will eventually be kinda visible from a road.  This will encourage narcs and civil forfeiture.  Crank-call a rent-a-cop at an elite university and tell him he must have really enjoyed busting up your frat party last week because his dick is so small.  Tell him you know this because his sister is a Craigslist call girl and she compared your huge dinosaur dick to his little pecker.  Tell him he will have to work all year busting parties to match the booze money you took out of Daddy's trust fund for just that one party. 

Encourage them to alienate large numbers of sheeple.  Chinese dissidents (or maybe CIA?) were spreading rumors that the Jasmine Revolution was coming to China and people could express their solidarity by meeting in small groups in shopping areas on a Sunday and just walking around.  The Chinese security bureaucracy has many tentacles and they all compete with each other for how many innocents they can cycle through their interrogation rooms, so they all went and gave the goon squad treatment to a bunch of innocent sheeple.

Go to a donut shop with a friend and talk about this silver bug who was talking about a monster box at the bottom of one of the outhouse pits in the national park but you don't know which outhouse.  Know your local pigmen and dream up devious ways to exploit their paranoia and greed.  Conversely, try not to fall for it when the elites use this tactic on us.  They would very much love for this to turn into a race war or a mutual narc-fest.

Tie the bureaucracy in knots by swamping it, turning it against itself, or forcing it into absurd positions.  If you work for them, even indirectly, quit your job but keep showing up for "work".  Insist on doing things by the book.  Have lots of irrelevant meetings with lots of buzzwords and academic nonsense.  If anyone questions you about this, tell them they lack cooperative spirit/patriotism/respect for diversity/ watever.  If you get snickers and scowls from trustworthy people, take them aside later, tell them what your are doing and keep them as contacts for when the shit really hits the fan.  Go on the dole and max out your CCs and encourage your family to do likewise- but plow the money into PMs and supplies instead of mortgages and consumer crap.

Stay mobile and stay away from cities.  Get a pickup truck with supplies, and keep up with your rural contacts and survival skills.  You and a few buddies could last quite a while on BLM land if you need to. 

Get some silver and BitCoins while you still can.  BitCoins have the kleptocracy protection of PMs, and they are highly divisible and a lot easier to stuff through an ethernet cable.  The number of coins is mathematically capped at 21 million.  Figure in population increase and loss of coins due to shattered hard drives, etc. and this will be a deflationary currency.  Good for saving, certainly much better than bonds.  I wouldn't be shocked to see a $21 trillion Bitcoin market emerge if the kleptocracy gets really bad.  That means an exchange rate of $1m per Bitcoin (currently $9 per BitCoin).  So even though BitCoin is up 3000x since the first recorded PayPal trades in April 2010, it could easily run up by another multiple of 3000.

There were many blocks of 10,000 that traded back in the good 'ol days.  I have only a small fraction of that because I bought in last month, but there are probably hordes of crypto-anarchist geeks out there who will ultimately be worth billions of clownbux.  The ones closest to the nerve center will be the richest and they will also hate the system the most.

Now, imagine what will happen after the inevitable hyperinflation, food riots and brutal crackdown.  The government will have lost all legitimacy in the eyes of the people, and everyone will be looking around to see who throws the first Molotov.  Enter BitCoin.  It's just a matter of time until someone posts a YouTube video of a flaming cop car while holding a poster of their BitCoin address.  Only shutting down the internet will stop the distributed anarchist horde from donating.  Word will spread.  Crimminals will target the powerful instead of the middle class.  Eventually the going rate might be .01 BTC per flaming cop car, .1 BTC per flaming cop, 1 BTC per flaming federal building, 100 BTC for a Rothschild dosed with scopolamine and mindfucked into spilling all his dark secrets before he is eaten alive by maggots.  Even this would only be a drop in the horde's ocean of buying power.  I think we are going to have a lot of cypherpunks living in Dubai penthouses surrounded by hookers but wanking to the increasingly creative homebrew snuff porn they finance.  Their combined mayhem fund might even exceed the Rothschilds' mayhem fund.  Even without this level of funding, you can still use your BitCoins to buy liquid LSD from Silk Road, and have it shipped anywhere in the US.  Stalk politicians and dose their car door handles.  Go visit banks and federal buildings with a little bottle of breath spray, blessing keyboards or "employees only" doorknobs or whatever Eris tells you to.

Project Mayhem is coming.  This is the will of Eris, who always knows the one action which will turn any situation into a total clusterfuck.  She is one of our most important allies, and with her help, the whole world will be in flames within two years.

Tsukato's picture

This is great shit. Where can I sign up? Only bad thing is, I'm in China. How can I help?

New World Chaos's picture

This will be an internet-powered revolution for all people of the world.  Anything you learn and share on the internet helps us all.  Anything you do to help yourself (hoarding, buying silver/bitcoins, learning kung fu) helps us all.  Anything you do to help or awaken your neighbors helps us all.  If you know some Chinese who are good at making cheap shit quickly and want to help us Americans specifically, here is an idea for you: 

Mass-produce a long range radio (phased array?) that can create an internet connection with any other such radios within range.  Data should be encoded over a wide band which should be easily hackable to a huge band, even outside the ham radio bands.  This would make jamming more difficult.  Maybe you could even disguise the data as lightning strikes.  Trouble is, I rather doubt this system would be cheap, and I doubt your authorities would approve.

Another option is to make infrared nodes.  High bandwith, low power, impossible to jam.  Problem is it's line of sight only, has to be aimed at its neighbors, probably requires weather hardening and some telescope optics, and is vulnerable to clouds.  Would put these around cities with repeater nodes up in the hills, powered by batteries and Chinese solars (ask Leo).

Thanks and good luck.