Kyodo Reports Radiation Eight Times Normal Near Fukushima Nuclear Plant, 1,000 Times Normal In Control Room

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Per Reuters, which cites Kyodo news agency, the radiation levels near the main gate at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant are already 8 times normal. This probably supersedes a prior report by Kyodo according to which radiation could already have been released at the plant. That's pretty much a given the rather dramatic surge in ambient gamma waves. And Reuters has just released this unpleasant development: "Radiation levels in Fukushima Daiichi plant central control unit is 1,000 times normal, Kyodo says."

From Kyodo:

The amount of radiation reached around 1,000 times the normal level Saturday in the control room of the No. 1 reactor of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said.

The discovery suggests radioactive steam could spread around the facility operated by Tokyo Electric Power Co.

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Might worry about this if it was the Russians or Chinese, but I'm pretty sure the Japanese have a handle on this.

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A "surge in gamma," huh?

So the price of energy in Japan just got a whole lot more sensitive to a fluctuation in the underlying?

Sounds about right....

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If that plant goes down, the cost of energy goes up.

*stealth devaluation*

It's orchestrated.


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Never fear, the world's energy needs can be satiated with upshirt boobie shots perpetually.

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Upshirt booby shots is all I need.


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What's the net result with regards to Japan's energy supply/demand, if the plant is temporarily or even permanently taken down?

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[ed. to the Idea Hampster] N-16 is the new function that Underlies Black-Scholes and resolves all Gauss distribution issues vs. underlying statistics distributions.  It is extremely energetic and fleeting.  Why, half of it vanishes in about 5 minutes.  Takes real detective work by the best of supercomputer arrays to find the correlation f(t, t').

- Ned

{I really meant B-S}

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They probably thought they had a handle on it.

After all, the US Sec of State said that our Air Force already delivered some pretty important coolant to Fuk u Shima.

However, it turns out she was full of shit.

US military DID NOT provide any coolant... Earlier, Hillary Clinton said Air Force 'assets' had been used to do so...

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The World had better start getting an even bigger handle on this...


Slightly on topic...

Earth's magnetic field was violently 'rocked' by the sun yesterday... making earth's magnetosphere 'ring' like a bell.

This event was followed immediately by the Japanese earthquake.


From NASA on the 10th just before the quake... check the images of the solar smoking gun out!!!

And here's a nice little scientific research summary explaining the connection between earthquakes and the sun's triggering mechanism.


Coincidence? Think again. Better start getting used to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and global cooling for the next 20-30 years... it's baked into the cake.

Commodities Bitchez...

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I think it is because we are so far above the galactic plane--where no planet has gone before. - Ned

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Animals yesterday were so strange...the dogs wouldn't leave my side and all acted totally wife joked there's going to be an earthquake or something (about 5pm yesterday in Portland, Or - bout 4 hours ahead of the quake).  Surreal that the animals noticed and were really bothered by something yesterday.


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Ned, can you confirm?

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BTW - just spoke to my wife and she sez the dogs are acting very unusual again now.  Hate to press my luck but dogs are whining and won't leave her side...unusual behavior.  Anybody experience anything similiar...or are my dogs just freaks?


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Perhaps San Francisco will fall into the sea tonight. LA is 40 years overdue for the big one.

The sad part is the US doesn't have the money to deal with another major disaster. This national security risk was caused by the Federal Reserve Corporation giving away the nations rainy day fund to the international banking cartel and wall Street.  So sad.

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We're overdue in Seattle too. I rode out the big one in the epicenter Sylmar, CA in 71 as a kid. Jumped out of the top bunk bed to my dad right as it collapsed. Lots of aftershocks. Much more frightening as the orginal cause you never knew how big it would get.

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Maybe they have to go pee?

j/k, I put a lot of stock in these stories of animals scoping out natural disasters. Don't think I've ever heard an explanation of how they pull it off, but there seems to be enough evidence to suggest there is something to it.

Stay close to home, is my recommendation.

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Great links! I can't believe someone junked you on that.

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Thanks ZerOhead - good stuff

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Same with Bernanke on inflation, they're all full of crap.

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A little radiation never harmed anyone. Actually, small doses are good for health, just like inflation. 

I expose myself every morning to irradiated steel. A Ph.D doctor once told me nuclear radiation is good for the skin. 

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Lol, bravo Hamy.

And nice avatar too.

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Twitter: Fukushima nuclear reactor now has 10,000% radiation detected in the control room.


Japan just expanded the evacuation range from 3 KM to 9 KM

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If it's on twitter it must be true...

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Japan Tsunami – Live Streaming:

NHK Japan Live: NHK Japan Live
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VG TV Live (Norway): VG TV Live (Norway)

Japan Tsunami – Live Streaming USA West Coast:

Fox5 Live (San Diego): Fox5 Live (San Diego)
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Kiro TV Live (seattle): Kiro TV Live
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Twitter – Real Time Updates:

Twitter #earthquake: Twitter #earthquake
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Twitter #tsunami: Twitter #tsunami

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SWR, I love your brain and your heart. You are in denial on this. 

SWRichmond's picture

I want facts, and don't have them.  Given what I know about nuke plants, and about anti-nuke propaganda, I will try to form an opinion based on what I believe to be happening, and I will completely discount crap foisted on the public by anti nuclear "experts" who are authoritatively predicting outcomes based on the same non-information that I have.

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That's the info I needed, thank you very much.  My wife got me that movie for Christmas one year, she knows I love it!  All I have to do now is wait for the twins to sing.

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The commenters on that thread are insane. I feel an urge to hurt them.

EscapeKey's picture

Is this your first time on BI? Has your BI virginity just been broken?

I warn you - Weaselthal's establishment propaganda makes you want to turn green and smash things.

MsCreant's picture

Kind of you to help me through that cherry busting event!!! Many times the first time is the worst because you don't know WTF is going on.


Spalding_Smailes's picture

Fukushima nuclear plant 2 is also struggling to cool down the reactor - emergency declaired

Both reactors now in "freefall"

[link to]

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Where does it say "10,000"?  I followed the link and it's "1,000".  Lots of difference.

NOTW777's picture

GS will have a bullish explanation shortly

Cdad's picture

Yep, long lead [aprons] futures! 

velobabe's picture

Cdiddy, you sure have been vocal today. you must be really really frustrated with little miss euro, and that cute little e. burnett. now you are going after maria b† you like the girls, me thinks!

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As is typical with immediate news after a disaster, it can take a while before good and reliable information comes in.  It is probably NOT worth making investing decisions based upon such early info.

Those of you who speculate and trade however, GAME ON!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

For those here on ZH who were alive and of critical thinking age during Three Miles Island, what I just watched on CNN live broadcasting the Japanese NHK World with translation voice over via the Internet is very similar to 1979. Some expert, a professor complete with color diagrams, is reassuring everyone all is well.  

I am not saying it's the same thing. I'm saying that the tone sounds like the same thing, complete with experts telling the people all is well while things steadily are getting worse. How worse we don't know. But at 6 AM EST this morning we were being told that all reactors were shut down with no problems. All day long more and more problems were admitted to. Same type of official denial and bargaining.

New_Meat's picture

CD: some facts, and not (necessarily) to challenge your points.

a) Reactor shutdown=all control rods inserted (up in a BWR, unnatural since against gravity, but that's the GE design)=factual statement.  At 6 AM Eastern that was the situation.

b) It is "Three Mile Island"--was that some kind of "slip"?  Or don't you know what you are talking about? 

See which has links to e.g. Kemmeny, Rogovin, other reports.

The industry has learned, changed, implemented so many improvements since (whiff of canard, but not yet) then.  Including in notification of actual factual situation during 'events' and relatively well graded international standards for same.

Thought experiment: wtf happens to Japan if all of the BWRz have to shut down for "safety considerations"

what if the reason for the shutdown is for real?

- Ned

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Concerning b) you must be new meat since you can't recognize a typo. New meat is notoriously uneducated because it is new.

If you had actually read my post instead of simply rushing to respond you would see that I was referring only to the media and official public disclosures and announcements. I took pains to say that I was not saying it was just like Three Mile Island. 

BTW Tyler just posted another article on this subject.

Atomizer's picture

not to sound cruel, perhaps jimmy carter can

volunteer for japan nuclear plant walkthroughs.

/sarcasm off

StychoKiller's picture

Oooh!  The Amazing Colossal (ex-)President! :>D

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Cavuto just reported 1000 times normal.

Ruffcut's picture

Who said that asshat knows anything either?

Is he there? Fux news is always late to the party, unless it is the repuke party, Bitchezz.

ColonelCooper's picture

As opposed to you, who offers nothing.  During shitstorms like this, FOX is no better or worse than any other MSM outlet which is where we are getting 98% of our info. from on this.  So unless you are standing IN Japan with a fucking camcorder, how about you go fuck yourself.

MsCreant's picture

I'd add a Geiger counter too.

EscapeKey's picture

What is the "normal" count, and what is considered safe for humans?

If the increase is from 1 to 8, with a level safe for humans at say 25, it's not really a big deal. But it could be with slightly different values.