Kyodo Reports Radiation At Fukushima Jumps To Twice Maximum Seen So Far

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As the public is concerned about a possible deterioration at Dai'ichi Reactor 2, which according to TEPCO is now in a worse condition than either Reactor One or Three, Kyodo reports that radiation twice the maximum seen so far detected at nuke plant Monday. We are currently looking for a real time μsievert update or online Geiger counter tracking at Fukushima, which would probably be the most useful service to a population that has been lied to repeatedly (it's all contained until someone actually checks) by the government over the past 48 hours. Additionally, AP reports that the 7th fleet has shifted positions to avoid possible fallout: "As a precaution, the U.S. said the carrier and other 7th Fleet ships involved in relief efforts had shifted to another area."

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Worry lines forming...

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The Tokyo geiger counter has just jumped from 11.20 CPM at first, to 12.30 CPM which is where it has been most of the morning until just a little while ago above 13.08!!!




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That's at or below normal background (here in AZ it's about 0.15 uSv/hr, or roughly 20 CPM.)

10X this would be more along the lines of evidence something is happening (in Tokyo.)

We already know the readings near the plant were reported to be (at least) 1000 uSv -- about 133,000 CPM. Readings like that would get my heart beating, but would still be 1/1000th the level where there would be immediately noticable (but not immediately life-threatening) biological effects.



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CNBC's Kudlow on Japan Quake - """ Be Grateful Human Toll Much Worse than Economic Toll."


IF HE DID THEN YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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He sees that as a "green shoot" -- Kudlow is so wrong on everything, all the time.  Listening to him is about as helpful as taking advice from a pile of dogshit.

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I remember his lame ass show used to come on during lunch (regular nbc) when I was in high school early-mid nineties.  He was as much an asshat idiot then as he is now.  But whoever pays his checks never noticed, and so on he goes spewing nonsense endlessly. A perfect fit for CNBS.


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that little island has BIG problems

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no it is not just a little island.


it is FUK-U-ISLAND. SHIMA mean island in japanese, and you know what FUK-U mean.. hehe



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What are the odds you get NUKED TWICE in 60 YEARS!!??!!





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Enlighten me.  What other event happened within the last 60 years? <smirks>

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And...people miss the point and junk me.  That's why I so love ZH.

1945 = 66 years ago.  Duh.

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We know they're going to survive it even in the worst case scenario...  because there'll be reports of them popping up out of caves for the next hundred years thinking they're still at war with the allies...

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face saving, bitchez :(

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It's just 'mild' radiation...nothing to worry about.  It's just the same of 1,000 biggie.

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Yep nothing to worry about here. Move along folks. This stuff will never come here. Sure it won't.

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Less radiaton probably than Americans will get on a daily basis passing through the myriad body scanners installed in every nook and cranny of the public space.

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Or a few trips through the TSA scanners.

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Geiger counter in Tokio, posted already by another member in a previous thread. 6-20 is 'normal' background radiation. measurement started some hrs ago at ca 11.

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probly just a coupla refugeez from up north, heading for the airport...

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Just so you know, most rad monitors require a regular atmosphere for startup otherwise the scan can be corrupted. (i.e. if you start up the geiger counter in a highly radioactive area, it could actually read that as normal with only increasing radiation reading as above normal)

Just a thought. I used to be in a military branch that carried rad monitors for our safety. We were trained to do the startup and function tests prior to arriving on scene so as the rad monitors would not be miscalculated.

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Now 13.04. We could see 20+ by closing bell, this should rally the markets and be considered a GREEN SHOOT to the good Mr. O'Neil! BEnron is so happy the spotlight is off of him!

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Next up:





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Bullish for dentures and wigs. Man up, Belgie.

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Just watched NHK weather and although they mentioned the wind direction, they did not emphasize the importance of this.

At the moment the wind direction is positive - pushing any fallout into the Pacific.

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Citizens of Hawaii might not agree with your rosey perception of the wind direction.

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Is a long way - similar to the width of the Atlantic I think.

Anything that pushes this stuff away from Japanese conurbations is positive in my view.

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D o'K:  years ago, there was a huge fire in asia.  as i recall, it was in siberian forests or something like that.  i could see the haze and taste and smell the smoke from the mendocino coast, dude... 

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Embrace the radiation slewie and become as one with the universe.

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Maybe some radioactive spiders in the area can be found. I've always wanted to have powers like Spiderman!

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That's where Godzilla came from too. Or was it Gorgo?

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I knew it was only a matter of time before my Avatar became relevant.

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  Time to copyright that somebitch;)

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Time, distance and shielding are the only protection.  Those iodine pills are short term, radiation will still penetrate your skin.  Just a little fyi there

God Help Them 

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There is no known antidote for radiation poisoning, nor is there any effective "treatment" for it. Once you got it, you got it and it will slowly destroy your body. It is the silent killer. God help them?  Yes, but also I am afraid it will come to parts of the United States. It is the gift that keeps on giving and never goes away. I have always been totally against nuclear power. The positives imho, have always been outweighed by the negatives, not to mention the problems they have with the nuclear waste byproducts, byproducts that are highly radioactive and have long half lives and are very dangerous to store and deal with.

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Yes I'm aware of the dangers of radiation.  My point was they are passing these pills out like they are the panacea and it's bullshit.  These people are screwed and they are lying to them.  Yes, when I say God help them, I'm actually praying for their safety.  I'm more concerned with HAARP blowing up the new madrid fault line than to be worried about the friggin jetstream blowing that stuff this way.  FYI HAARP and New Mardrid FL are no joke and should be looked into.

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aftershocks are a major concern - anything 7.0 or greater could produce another Tsunami. Chances are very good of having an aftershock of 1 magnitude less than the inital quake of 9.0 My math says that means an 8.0 is  a very real possibility.


If it occurs south of the original quake, Tokyo could have even more serious problems to deal with.

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last night a front came thru here.  thunder started;  pretty neat stuff.  then, the thunder continued and continued.  they were seeding the clouds.  again.  who knows what "they" are using?  some sort of colloidal aluminum?

just too lazy to look it up.  sry.

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yes sir, i am well aware of the haarp program. When they start playing God with their toys, they will get burned and get us burned in the process. I have said it many times and i will say it again, most people have no idea of the kinds of people they are dealing with here. they have no souls. I am not worried about the fallout from this event since it appears it will not venture my way. We have already got a dose of the DU dust that came from Iraq having traveled the world and now a few years ago finally making its way to the big star. Depleted uranium is also the gift that keeps on giving. In its solid state is sort of ok to be around, but once you fire it and it ignites, look out and needless to say we have dumped tons of this stuff on iraq and in serbia and we have also used a island off of Puerto Rico as a gun range for firing this stuff, so that area is totally contaminated. Perhaps you have seen this on the news in the last few years as PR activist have been trying to get the navy from doing this by occupying the island and preventing their using it? No?

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No souls is correct, looks like they set the ball in motion so I guess we will find out how this plays out. Best we can do is prepare and give jewels to those that can see them. The rest will have to live with their sarcastic mindset as they watch it all play out through their living room window. No haven't heard of the depleted uranium news. Thanks

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This bunch will not give up so quietly. For 3000 years they have waited. This generation taste it. They want it. They want it now. They are close. But the pebble in the shoe is the white western european man. They must remove it and destroy it.  To kill a cancer one must cut it out and destroy it before it does the same to you. I am afraid, the cattle will never do this. They are gone following some cow with a bell on it's neck, as it walks off of a cliff somewhere in our collective memories.....

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and then the aliens invade LA...

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do you see any esoteric meanings in that movie?

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I was being sarcastic.:)  I haven't seen it.  Can't be serious all of the time, my padded room doesn't allow for that.

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I have a good friend that lives on Vieques (the other end) and she says it's so beautiful there that she doesn't care about the risk. Cheap real estate! She keeps asking me to come visit. I don't think so.

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yes sir, i am well aware of the haarp program.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I'll bet you aren't ... of the facts that is ...

For instance, do you what do they use for a power source (AC power supply)?

What portion (angle) of the sky can the planar phased-array antenna be steered or directed?

Anything substantive like that?

Of just the SciFi stuff hucksters make a buck off?