Labor Force Participation Rate Drops To Fresh 25 Year Low: 64.1%

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This chart needs no commentary. At 64.1%, the Labor Force Paritipcation rate just dropped to a fresh 25 year low: the civilian labor force declined by 272K from 153,693 to 153,421. And tangentially, the employment to population ratio also slumped to a multi decade low of 58.2%.


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The WH gang will release raising the debt ceiling comprimise over the weekend to push equities higher.  Never thought the WH were gambling junkies.  Just need a few more dollars to keep playing...crack open those pension accounts so we can continue the next hand.

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'Keep pushing equities higher, someway, somehow'....good I hope they do the higher they prop this crap the faster and further the worthless bubble falls and the more my PM's will go up. Great.

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PM's don't go up, fiat dollars come down, eventually come crashing down.

Dollars = Assignats

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Anyone who currently has a job (an actual job, not a desk job at a WS firm) could have told them the job market it shit.     They either want years of experience for 1/2 the pay or will pay minimum wage to flip burgers and mop floors.

Wonder what the numbers would look like if the government wasn't sanitizing them?

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My girlfriend would agree. She got laid off from her salaried job for 6 months and then called back for a lesser HOURLY job at 2/3 the pay. Now they expect her to do the same kind of work for the next 2 weeks that she was doing before she got laid off. Needless to say, she is not a happy camper right now and is taking that shit out on me.

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Man you got to show her the pimp hand, thats all.

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Indeed. It's her fault for being born a woman.


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OK, Ben's got a problem:

He needs a strong(er) $dollar to be able to get away with more QE... trouble is, the $dollar basket is at lows and getting lower on todays NFP figures...

... looks to me like Ben can't print with the $dollar so weak already.

Looks to me like we now DEFINATELY need an 'event' to cause the $dollar to become stronger (Europe collapse, false flag attack is now NEEDED).

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Jews set off false flags. Now junk away, monkeys.
-edit- But Funky's post got no junks, although it said the same thing. Wow you junkers are real smart.

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You're not supposed to say these kinds of things. You can't say blacks commit crimes or asians are smart or mexicans work hard either even if they are the truth. You sir, are being sent to the political correctness rehash rehabilitation camp.

I've been saying for years that in the future when historians look back on America that they will overwhelmingly agree that political correctness and the inability to do what was needed due to that will be regarded as the SOLE reason for our demise as a country and as a people.

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I feel SHOCKED, where'd all the labor force go? Oh right, I forgot we sold off all our jobs to China. Shockedness deleted.

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Don't feel shocked SD-1, just look at all the manufacturing equipment for sale on Ebay.  A dime on the dollah for it, and we're not going to make it in the US until wages are comparible to the third worlds.  Sad, but true.

Mayhem Bitchez.

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Behold the disastrous effects of globalization upon the middle class in America.  The elites have effectively exported America's wealth and left a chasm in the middle class.

44.7 million Americans on SNAP/Food Stamps in April of 2011.

What a FUBAR economy we have.

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It is not that stocks are "cheap"; it is because it will take many more FRN's to buy a share of AAPL when the DX craters to 55. Sell U.S. dollars = buy anything else including stocks.

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Yep, but all those who have been stockpiling PM's are now their own central bank. Forget stocks, theyre fake.

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Change you can bal'ee in bitches. Obama gone pay mah mo'gage!

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Obama he gwan buy mah gas yo!

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Don't worry black markets are doing fine.  In fact I had a neighbor ask if he could pay me for some water from a well near one property line (all tax free of course).  I said sure.  Fuck the central planners, many folks getting by just fine.  The moral hazard was unleashed long ago.  Without prosecuting the fraud, at all levels, more and more people will simply unplug from the centrally planned system.  Time to take this paper and buy more physical.


hedge accordingly.

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The IPhone, XBox, plasma big screen, and 3 meal per day from fast food USA will just 'unplug' and become Jeremiah Johnson?

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People do whatever it takes to survive.  Always have and always will.  Perhaps you should consider being productive instead of just blogging.  Just saying, I see a lot of people keen to identify the problems, but few willing to provide a solution or (gasp) work towards a solution.

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Why work?  Big Brother will feed you, clothe you, shelter you, and make sure you have little walkin' around money.

Why work?

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Now....take the 272,000 reduction in the work force and add to the Birth-Death adjustment of 131,000 then subtract 18,000 jobs they state were created and you get the real job loss number: -385,000.

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No doubt, US is a hollowed out shell. Hopefully people saw the writing on the wall and have gotten out of paper long ago and bought PM's to become their own central banks.

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I wonder how they compute Monedas in their statistics ? Category: Chronic unemployed and unemployable with bad attitude and work habits ? Monedas 2011 Good morning my little Hoarder Prinzez ! Countdown on Space Shuttle and New Deal full speed ahead !

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Even with these massive tweaks in the numbers they could only just barely eek out a positive 18k.

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Serial junker back, maybe its Robo due to his many calls of 'Equities are not pricing in QE3, equities are pricing in a massive consumer and jobs fueled recovery'

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There is one seriously cognitively dissonanced person out there. Poor fella. It must be terrible walking around all day junking everything in sight in order to feel better about your own denial.

Make no mistake about it, remaining in denial takes a lot of hard work.

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Labor costs BAD!

Corporate profits GOOD!


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Who could possibly have forseen?

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Employment-Population ratio has bounced twice before over the last two years at 58.2. If June 2011 58.2 is breached to the downside, it will be the lowest in nearly 30 years (July 1982).

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Cut off unemployment after 99 weeks, and allow idiots to move to north dakota where unemployment is 3%.