Large Bank Earnings: Good (WFC), Bad (C, JPM), and Very Ugly (BAC)

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or people getting tired of big banks????


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Then there's the FUGLY...that would be the group in Washington DC that continues to enable this nonsense.

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You call WFC the Good.  What a fucking joke.

These bastards bought my bank. Safety Deposit Box Rent Doubled. 

None of these banks report All their garbage on their books. It's all a LIE.

It took me over a week to collect a $5,000 dollar check from another bank. A Week. WFC is Trash. 

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Uhhh... then you don't love your bank?

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Wells Fargo was taken over by the cattle rustling homestead burning MBA outlaws a long time ago.

Support your local Sheriff; change banks.


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You describe exactly why they had good earnings.

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News Flash:  85 Mil. penalty issued by FED for making liar loans and pushing garbage contracts.  Nice.

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And that's another reason they had good earnings. LOL

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Are you trying to cast a shadow over the shadow banking system?? Naughty Boy!

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uh mark to market might be good right?  that would be a good stress test

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I wonder if anything they reported is true except the name of the bank?