Larry Meyer's Solution To Surging Oil Prices: "The Fed Should Cut Rates"

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For those who need a good laugh this Saturday evening, we turn our attention to the man who singlehandely made frontrunning the Fed a (somehow legal) artform: Macroeconomic Advisors' Larry Meyer. This so-called pundit, who recently was caught in a debate with David Einhorn (if one may call the complete and utter mauling of someone for his absolute lack of comprehension of anything finance related, a debate), exposing him for the hollow chatterbox he is, and who only receives consultancy fees due to his close relationship with the Fed, which allows him to leak privileged Fed information to the likes of Bill Gross, Larry Fink and others who deem his services relevant, was on CNBC telling the heptabox panel that an oil shock is disinflationary, and that the way to deal with surging oil prices is to CUT interest rates. That's right: cut rates, which at last check were at 0-0.25% (6 minutes into the clip below). While we feel embarrassed for anyone who shares the same perspective as Meyer, who confirms that monetary groupthink is the deadliest form of contagion possible, what stuns us is how anyone could possibly pay to get this person's input on anything aside from what the Fed will do at any point in the future (an arrangement which should be made illegal as of yesterday). Which in itself begs the question: are the Feds finally bugging Macroeconomic Advisors' phone conversations with their clients? After all Gerson Lehrman et al are getting crushed as no hedge fund wants to get their inside information from the "expert networks" any more. Why should Larry Meyer's firm fare any different? Please somebody at the SEC or the DA office: explain that one to us...


h/t Jim Bianco