Last Week's Insiders Transactions: 18 Buys For $30 Million, 131 Sells For Over $889 Million

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Courtesy of Finviz, the ratio of insider buying to selling transactions is 18 to 131. Total transaction value: Buys: $29.7 million; Sells: $889 million. This compares with last week's buys for $60.1 million and sells for $1.15 billion. $3 Billion in insider sales in three weeks. 


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Mo-Mo Monkeys are gunning Citigroup:

Stand back....blouse will be unbuttoned in no time....

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Citi on its way to 5 bucks based on the chart above.

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i'm on my way to 10 inches, based on the pictures above

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TD You are a genius, but the market don´t understands you. Why is going up? Explain me

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no volume=no market understand

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Don't fight the tape. However, be wary, very wary. Don't go on vacation to Bangkok and forget to take your laptop.

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i think that'll just about do it for NG. but i got the capthca wrong so ...

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reaching October 2007 levels...

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Is there any way to find out what the insider buying / selling ratio was back in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 average, for a comparison?

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Yeah... finviz had S. Wynn cashing out > $100MM in chips.  I bet she'd unbutton for him...

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She did and he bought it and has to sell his holding to give 50% to his soon to be ex-very rich wife, who will use some of it to buy her Boy Toy a couple of MIG's to keep him amused.

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sweet.  russian green shoot.

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In US, they call it green shoots
In China, they call it bamboo shoots

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ng2amarinefunk (not verified) Sqworl Aug 21, 2009 6:49 AM

i think you close, very close to ....something, whats the inside joke here?

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paydirt (not verified) Aug 20, 2009 1:42 PM
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If insider selling is so rampant, than how the Fck you explain the markets going higher on no volume?? I am assuming these insiders are selling in the market, no? correct me if I am wrong, though I have been wrong since March

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the big boyz/banksters are doing the run-ups, the insiders get to sell at high prices, when it drops and losses occur it will be laid on the taxpayers....Again

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What is the normal ratio? Remember that company founders never have to buy their stock, they create it from scratch. $200 million of this week's total comes from Bill Gates' normal ongoing sales, and $100M for Steve Wynn's divorce. Neither of these guys had to buy their shares, so its not really a reasonable part of the balance. Im sure the smae applies to many people on the list.

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Indeed. When are option grants, vesting, and exercise counted in this ratio? seems like grants and/or vesting should be averaged out over the quarter or year ..

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ng2amarinefunk (not verified) Aug 21, 2009 6:55 AM

yes, there is a 'reason' a very very reasonable reason for every ONE of these insider sales, but of course, however, THIS TIME the simple law of aggregations DOES APPLY, behind the each individual reasonable sell, is a pattern, indeed, over THREE weeks, well thank you thank you for the heads-up on the head shake and bake and fake cover-stories, too real to be coincidence, not at your 6 sigma level of signifier of something?  If the usually 'dumb money' insiders are selling, then a story is unfolding, FAST


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Saying you want to exclude stock just because they didn't pay for it in the beginning is stupid.

Hey I'll give you this nice piece of jewelry for free. You can sell it whenever. Do you want to sell it now when the price is 1000 or sell later for 500? Tough choice.

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I second Anons question above, "What is the normal ratio?"

All my research points to the fact that while high sell/buy ratios can warn of topiness, since insiders use their options and stock as currency, it is not a reliable top indicator. Far more reliable historically are extremely low sell/buy ratios which show insiders using real money to buy their stock (back) which have often been followed by rallies.... 

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ng2amarinefunk (not verified) mblackman Aug 21, 2009 7:00 AM

mblackman from BlackStone, i presume? i love rationalizations, story telling 'meanings' used at times to hide the obvious....are you just picking a fight over theory, or are you interested in Real Time Trading, and so-called investing, i cannot believe that YOU are 'in' the market, nor are 'temporarily into cash' you aren't even player, i think - just don't have the attitude nor the seeing eye of trader/investor - 'academic' of the 'how many angels on a pin' ilk perhaps??

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All that lobby money spent on creating "targeted" stimulus now bears fruit and it's time to cash in.

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ng2amarinefunk (not verified) Aug 21, 2009 7:02 AM

yes, well, go on...speak your mind, you stop just when it gets interesting, another 'teaser' here?