Latest Alleged Chinese Fraud: PUDA Coal (NYSE: PUDA) - $2.66 Price Target, 70% Downside, By Alfred Little

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Notorious contrarian Alfred Little, who recently made a splash in the alleged Chinese fraud basket, by issuing a scathing report against Deer Consumer Products (Nasdaq: DEER) which has since cut the price of the stock in half, yet gotten the author in hot trouble with the company which decided to sue both him and Seeking Alpha which hosted the report (even as shareholders of DEER should be thanking him for issuing the report when the stock was still at $11) is out with his latest report, taking on the next in a seemingly endless sequence of potential frauds (check the Nasdaq halt list and find the most recurring word): Puda Coal, Inc (NYSE: PUDA). Cutting to the chase: "Considering the 2009 and 2010 audited financials can no longer be relied upon, and  more importantly the complete lack of internal control that allowed Chairman Zhao to first steal the company, then sell half the company (pocketing the proceeds) and then pledge the other half of the company to a Chinese PE fund while piling on $530.3 million of 14.5% debt, I strongly believe $2.66 is the most this stock is worth today." Those buying puts are cautioned that the stock may halt and never reopen. Place your bets appropriately.

Puda Coal Final Report