Latest Insider Selling To Buying Ratio: 18x

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Corporate insider appear to have moderate their relentless dumping of stock. After selling around have a billion in stock each week, corporate executives and officers, sold only $185 million worth of S&P 500 stock in the week ended last Friday per Bloomberg. The biggest selling was in the stock of HJ Heinz ($39 million), Pall ($20 million), and First Solar, Cisco and Priceline in 3rd, 4th and 5th positions (not all that surprisingly). As for buying, it continues to be lethagic and is rescued each week by the 10b-5 buying in Titanium Metals stock which accounted for 70% of last week's 10 million in purchases (one of the 8 transactions that comprised insider buying). Look for tomorrow's ICI number to see if domestic outflows have extended to a 4th consecutive week now that retail has once again lost its appetite for top ticking the market.

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I'd love to see the insider buy/sell ratio for the should be a beauty.

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"Selling exhaustion."

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I was thinking something along the line of "out of shares to sell".

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IH&S target of 77.93. Wolfe Wave target of 78.12. Go Bucky!

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But it doesn't matter.  For every insider that knows the real situation of the company there are thousands of robots willing to buy buy buy with freshly printed Benollars that otherwise would earn 0%.

Give me a printer fast enough and I will move the market. (Bernanchides circa 2011)

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Looks like the big boys have just about finished unloading on the suckers. All set for the "pause" between QE2 and 3

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Do they even HAVE anything left to sell? Whatever, this is all ridiculous theres really not even any point in watching anymore.

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Bears could be in huge trouble if they don't turn this thing down ASAP.

Right now, lot of Nasdaq names like QCOM, FFIV are blasting off.

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Please ROBO,,,its end of the quarter, buy me a new Mercedes, up the shit up, on heavy shorted names..please No Volume...its a mark-up-feast.....and FFIV chart is broken, seliing that name into this charge....also short AEM its broken too..just like NKE....

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Didn't you tell us BBY was showing strength the other day?

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WOW, canz I getz a jobes az youzins profreader b4 publiksing?  


Sorry, had to do it.  LOL


Really though, I have a 3.934 GPA in my Criminal Justice degree program.  I need a better job too. 

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this doesn't make sense...who is buying the libyan broccoli? It should be on that screen!

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I really thought these stats would mean something, except selling to buying has been this imbalanced for the past 6+ months and all the market has done is gone up.

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Selling is the new buying.  BULLISH!!!

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Now I KNOW we are about to have a trend change in financial markets.... you've changed avatars Lennon! :) (As usual, you are right on the money with that image. lol)

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I keep having an image of Bernankkke being called to Congress after the global financial system melts down.  Lots of hustling and buslting, pushing and shoving, as Bernankkke gets bumped around like a pinball, clutching his briefcase close to his chest.  SS holding paparazzi back.  Reggie on Bloomberg everyday, smiling dryly.  Bruce finally gets a minute on Ratagan (Dylan I am still waiting for Bruce to be back on, you tease!).  People even tune in from work, instead of watching Danzig with the Starz reruns. 

I am just sitting here watching platinum go round and round.  I really love to watch it roll!  No longer riding on the Keynesian merry go round.  I just had to let it go!

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I can't say that I blame the insiders... if I were one I'd have sold out of the market by now too... long before now...

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ZeroHedge.. The world's leader in all things finance.

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I'll give you 4lbs of broccoli for your monkey. Deal?

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I can't even look at the stock market numbers without laughing hysterically anymore

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Where does CNBC get all these clowns from saying the market is a bargain.

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Did somebody NOT go to english class?   I had to read the first two lines again, to get the gist.

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Those insiders know nothing.

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Obviously, they all sold at support!

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‎"do not try to play the markets, its impossible, only try to realize the truth"

"what truth?"

"there is no market

"there is no market?"

"then you will see its not the market that bends, but only the Bernanke"

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This is ZeroHedge, I demand superior editing. 

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Excellent . So much for confidence by companies.

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Even with all the insider selling, share prices didn't seem to reflect it. Thanks Fed, for propping up the prices for these people.

And where have these insiders put their cash? Maybe PMs? Who can tell? We have massive buying there and those prices hardly move either.

These markets are about as f-ed up as I've ever seen them.

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I think these stats are a bit distorted.  There's a lot more going on than just selling. 

The Heinz entry is just one person making a sale.  Nelson Peltz has been selling half of his stocks in Heinz.  That $38 million is only a small portion of the $100 million he's sold so far in the past few months of Heinz, and only about 10-15% of all his stocks.  I see his capital group was attempting to buy the Family Dollar company with no success.  Perhaps he's cashing out to change the bid or get a larger share on the purchase/investment.

It's been merger mania with all the Corporate cash buildup.  Directors and CEOs are probably trying to get into the mergers and buyouts as well with their own cach buildups.

I'm sure there are still some on that list simply moving their investments away from stocks too, but the ratio shown is not the correct perception of a sell off from wall street.