Latest Insider Tally: 8 Buys, 111 Sells; Ratio Of Insider Selling To Buying: 69.3x

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The good news: this week's insider sales to buys were half of last week's 147x. The bad news: this week's insider selling to buying came at 69.3x. As a reminder, a baseline bearish indication occurs whenever the insider selling surpasses 30x. That it has surpassed that threshold for virtually every week in the past two years seems to continue to be lost on investors. There were 8 insider purchases of S&P 500 stocks for $3.4 million, the bulk of which was in Marshall & Ilsley stock for $1.7 million, while the sales were focused on Heinz, Iron Mountain, Agilent, Broadcom and NetApp, where insiders dumped a total of $86 million.

Source: Bloomberg

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Congress is abandoning ship!  They are cashing out and moving to Israel.

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Why Israel?  Much nicer in Thailand.  Cover themselves in hookers, blow and double fisting until the heart gives out.


...just made myself I want to die covered in hookers, blow and double fisting...sigh...

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But isn't this at least partially because compensation is largely option based? In Canada, if you exercise options you run heavy tax risks unless you sell immediately.

That isn't to say that the image isn't grim--but you can't compare this to the market, say, twenty years ago.

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Having said that, the options-based method of compensation is a means by which management loots the company at the expense of the "small" shareholders.

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Correct...especially in the case of high PE stocks. is a study in the opinion you express here.  They have been systematically "looting" the "value" of those shares for years.

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Follow the money...those who held the longest and sold last are the crooks.

My only other thought is this could be the end of the Bush tax cuts driving the selling?

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"Eensider buying? We don't need no steenking eensider buying!"

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Whatever happened to Robotrader, seems to be missing in action?

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Not sure, but he might be really busy just now bailing out of Netflix on the $14 per share high to low know, since the P/E reached the moon exactly at the same point in time that some of their contracts [Starz] just increased ten fold.

Just a theory, mind you.

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Hey 0Hedge, Al Little has released their completed report on SCEI:

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"Ren further claimed in his shareholder letter that the Tongchuan plant produces and ships most of its CWSF at night to save electricity."

Okay, I get it.

In mainland China they turn off lights to see at night.

Interesting what sheer panic does to thought processes.