The Latest In The Second Part Of The DSK Saga: Strauss-Kahn To Be Released Without Bail

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DSK who has just left New York court, has been advised he will be released on his own recognizance, however the prosecution is not dropping its case, as expected, he will not regain his passport, he will regain his cash bond back, and will appear in court again on July 18. Perhaps the best approach at this point is to get the maid's story on all the latest developments that have emerged instead of having an infinity+1 conspiracy versions of what may have happened.

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This is a fascinating insight into the "WS conspiracy" against DSK, proposed by a university professor in Columbia U.

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So to be a maid, someone has to be a real upstanding citizen?  DSK has a track record of being a tool.  Now he can add "butt-rapist" to his resume.

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Socha Faal has been spreading disinfo that DSK is some big liberty lover and that's why they are out to get him. He wouldn't have gotten as far as he did if he were. Here's a truer portrait of him:

"Stating that “crisis is an opportunity,” Strauss-Kahn said that globalists should exploit the financial chaos plaguing the world in order to push for “a new global currency issued by a global central bank”."

"The IMF chief is basically arguing for an expanded model of a system that is habitually used to swallow up and turn entire countries into debt slaves to the IMF."

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You know that the brainwashing was successful when you manage to convince the sheep that the rapist is not guilty. Back in the good old days this old asshole and everyone like him would have been strung up on the nearest lamp post and justice would have been swift. Not today though, today the sheep are content with bullshit explanations about some conspiracy about <insert your favorite bullshit about the IMF, the girl not having an impeccable repuatation, or whatever misdirection polls suggest would work here> while the rapist walks free. These must truly be the end of days.

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As predicted, he's going to get off completely or get off easy.

The Plutocrats and Illuminati Thugs take care of their own.  City Hall politics at its finest.  First thing DSK is going to do when he gets released is order up the finest escort available.

Unfortunately, he picked the absolute worst weekend to get released, since 90% of the high-end escort population has already been spoken for by all the PigMen partying at The Hamptons.

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He will have her wearing a maid's outfit, no doubt.

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haha I knew he was innocent and I am on the record.

This bitch was a fraud like most of them, she is a phony fucking whoor. If I was DSK, i would sew and garner every nikel in wages this cunt ever makes.

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"haha I knew he was innocent and I am on the record."

Innocent? I musta missed that part of the proceedings.

"This bitch was a fraud like most of them, she is a phony fucking whoor. If I was DSK, i would sew and garner every nikel in wages this cunt ever makes."

So, its your position a "whoor" can't be sexually assaulted or raped?...that is interesting.

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Guilty, well of course.  Let's follow his probable train of thought.

"Let's see, I'm going to run for President of France and most likely win.  Must always look good for the media.   I can afford a $3000 a nite room in New York.  I'm feeling horny.  I know New York has the finest hookers in the world, anything I want for a mere $1000 for the nite.  Hmmm,  I think I'll save some money and attack the maid."

Yep, that was probably pretty close to the way it happened.



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You don't understand that what gets these types of guys hot is not sex with a beautiful woman but fantasies of power and abuse. Raping a terrified woman is far more satisfying for guys like DSK then consensual sex with the hottest $2000 hooker in NYC. DSK was reputedly on the "don't contact me" list of some of the most in demand call girls in NYC for abusiveness. Whether this was a frame-up from the start or just an "opportunity" for Geithner, BB, and Sarko is still an open question. In any event, DSK will remain a total scumbag.

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DSK was raped, not the accuser.

Don't let your chivalrous emotions get the best of you, you could be the next victim.

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Yeah, like Sarkozy by Carla Bruni.

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"DSK was raped, not the accuser."

LOL! were in the room, Client Number Nine?

"Don't let your chivalrous emotions get the best of you, you could be the next victim."

Guilty as charged on chivalry but I won't be claiming victimhood status anytime soon.

Charges being dropped or reduced (if dropped or reduced) do not equate to innocence. That can only come by trial, which is the last thing he wants.

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The Prosecution has not questioned the attack yet, they are questioning the victim's background; they have her as having a boyfriend who deals drugs or something, which has nothing to do with the case, so it should be Vance who should be shown the door.  More than likely, Vance is throwing the case under the bus because he does not want to throw the book at his daddy's little helper.

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a person such as DSK has cards to play; he played them

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He's avoiding criminal charges but he's not "getting off."  The elites set him up so they could ax him from the IMF.  I think DSK wanted to remove the reserve status of the USD too quickly for them.

From the get-go, the entire story was ridiculous. 

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While LaGarde smiles, DSK ponders a run at the French Presidency, or is it too early for that...?

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Sarko reportedly last seen flying a bomber to Tripoli.

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Yes, premature elections are always messy.

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who is this woman... is the question now being asked. Who is the victim...

He has up to mid july to sign up for the Socialist run-up internal elections in October 11.

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And of course he will run.  And the French will love him and vote him in.  After this bogus attack in the US, which he will fend off, then he will be a French hero as they don't much like Americans, or the American police state.

falak pema's picture

Not so may be right and the boomerang may swing...but his image as unscrupulous womaniser is now publicly established. Can he really become french President with that mill stone round his neck? I wonder...but you never know and it all depends how black is the case of "manipulation" that emerges from this girl's future confessions.

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Do you seriously believe he attacked that maid? 

falak pema's picture

No. But he did have sex with her according to forensics as purported by the DA/NYPD.

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I find it a little odd that the 'prosecution raises doubts' rather than the 'defence raises doubts.'

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Apart from "connections" as LH points to above, this is how its supposed to be done...the prosecution is compelled to share what they discover with the court and the defense.

The physical evidence (if any) has not changed, only the veracity of the victim has changed.

Two money launderers going at it in court...that should be fun...LOL!

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Maybe because they know their case is full of holes and want to drop the charges before they make fools out of themselves.

Maybe because the case was BS from the beginning and DSK was set up be removed from the IMF and protect Sarkozy. Now that the objective is met, the PTB don't give a fuck about the case anymore. If they push too hard, DSK might start spilling the dirt on powerful people.


One of the most powerful men in the world, known for hiring high priced hookers, decides to rape a hotel maid that looks like a fucking wildebeest. He runs from the hotel to the airport to escape the scene of the crime. Then he calls the hotel to tell them he is at the airport trying to flee the country. Yet the fucking media and sheeple buy it

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Has lunch in restaurant with his daughter, after checking out and before going to airport; and rings the hotel lobby about a forgotten cell phone he would like to recover,thus informing all on his destination : JFK. That doesn't sound like he was in a hurry after having "raped". Maybe after having "consumed"... but that changes the nature of the rapport.

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wild that the IMF election got pushed up early.....

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Isn't that because DSK resigned?

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This guy may be an asshole and he might even be guilty. But wasn't it obvious from the very beginning that the media and the politicians were on a mission to hang this guy from the start. He was prosecuted and found guilty in the press and in public statements by various political powers.

As soon as his IMF replacement is in place the case magically disappears. Why was this suddenly news late last night. Clearly the maid's statements were suspect weeks ago. Are we to believe that this 'shocking development" only became newsworthy in the last 24 hours? 

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DSK was blocking up the Greece bailout.  The PigMen and politicians needed to get rid of him to save the market.

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Just ask yourself....who profits?  

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So, can we assume D S-K was not playing along with the bankster cabal.... so, "he's got to go".  Sarkozy certainly didn't mind, as he picked up some nice collateral benefit.

I do recall D S-K in the documentary "Inside Job"  (should be on every ZHers must see list IMO) came across as quite critical of the TBTF banks.

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Yes, we are. What will be newsworthy in the next 24 hours?

Oh cog, this insane world...

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Which media?  Tarpley said if DSK wanted to have sex, he did not need to rape, because he has money, which is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard considering rape is not about sex, but power.  The French media presumed innocence, since everyone should want to have sex with a short, overweight, psychotic Frenchman.  The US media did give him hell, but that is to be expected because what else is there in the news except judgement and gossip.

This is sure to further the, dare I say, cognitive dissonance of the status quo, since no one knows who to believe anymore:  fascist financiers, or working class chambermaids.

Ghordius's picture

I agree on him.

Nevertheless, consider that any potential sex-offence is immediately prosecuted with maximum force, and that all courts believe that foreigners will flee unpunished. So the system worked as designed.

That the media love sleazy-sex-scandals! French media was much more balanced on the matter, though.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Foreign nationals as powerful as DSK (was) are regualry handled with kid gloves for alleged offense even worse than this. And I'm not talking about those with diplomatic immunity. It was clear from the start that DSK not only wasn't going to receive special treatment or deference, but he was going to be hammered.

When you see the media act as one with everyone using the same words and phrases right from the start, called talking points in political circles, it is obvious there is an agenda being carried out. Or are we assuming the US still has a free and independent press?

He needed to be removed to push through the Greek bailout. So he was. Mission accomplished.

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OK, this is food for thought. At that time I was more stupefied about how different his media treatment was in Europe vs. in the US, so I did not notice any immediate use of the same talking points. We just had the Julian Assange case which made it a possible cultural shift now that the law in most countries is harder on potential sex offenders

The old deal was an American at the World Bank and an European at the IMF. Your implication was that he was upsetting someone in the US? Most of my French friends think he was set up by Sarkozy. I wonder.

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Goes to show you even people in very high places (like DSK) still have to play ball with their masters.

Globalists pushing their agenda hard now.

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It's frightening how well they can puppeteer the law enforcement. Democracy my ass. The DAs and judges are all owned.

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CD do you include ZH et al as "the media", I do find it puzzling that just as magically ZH suggests a moratorium on what ZH refers to has conspiracy theories  LOL  (it appears that the real TD being in the Hamtons left the keys to blog with some intern)

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

ZH can be at times very inconsistent in it's positions. Often I am very frustrated by the fact that ZH is very good at shooting itself in the foot. It really would be helpful if there were some editorial comments from Tyler above and beyond the steady stream of articles. But Tyler chooses not to do so. I exercise no control over that just as Tyler exercises no control over what articles and essays I post.

In this case it is what it maddening as that may be.

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I have the impression that ZH tries to shoot every post like a punch: hard & factual. If sometimes a fist is smashed in the wall, well, if it hurts too much then perhaps you should not have joined...

And before you think I'm trying to be nice to Tyler: I do not agree on some of the few positions he takes and I'm not sure if it's not a whole gang of people

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

When you've been around here for only four weeks rather than my two years you might not have a clear understanding of ZH's history and metamorphosis. That adds context to my comments that you might be missing.

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A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.


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Tyler ain't got time to bleed

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Did he empty his desk at the IMF already?