LaVorgna Was Most Bullish On Today's Economic Data, As Usual

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If permabullishness is contaguious, Joe LaVorgna may well be typhoid Mary, with the distinction that the LaVorg exhibits all the symptoms and then some.

At what point does one just give up?

Source: Bloomberg Brief

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The Axe's picture can the gap be so pronounced!!!!

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Joe Mc DoucheBag from Douche Bank!

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Joey Bag o Doughnuts sounds a lot like Momofader. Coincidence?

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Must....pump DOW.....must....maintain DOW 12,000.....stawks.....must pump.....stawks.....

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Housing is shit, but the markets don't care-- they (criminal financial syndicate) look to the smallest changes on their expectations to justify printing the market higher and so the ponzi continues.

There is a point where it will all end badly for them.

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Print market higher so when they come begging for QE 3 there will be no justification for it?

Something wicked this way last quarter to milk for a few good men...

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I see absolutely no pressing need for the QE3 the market junkies are pleading for, DOW 12,100! Only a few hundred off all-time highs so what are the Wall St crackheads going thru extreme withdrawal symptoms for? All is WELL in Stawkland, bitchez.

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Interesting comment on Bloomberg this morning.  Mentioned the upcoming FOMC meeting and said that traders are expecting QE2 to be extended as a result.  Not sure where that came from, but I am sure they will just railroad thru QE3 when they feel like it and tell everyone to suck it.

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NEW YORK (Reuters) - Stocks extended their gains and the Nasdaq rose 1 percent on Tuesday as May existing home sales came in stronger than expected.

Sales fell by 3.8 percent in May, a narrower drop than had been expected..... Now we have a ralley because homes sales only declined 3.8%, which we all know means 6% if the truth be told. The only thing they have left is better then expected and bailouts.. Pretty fricken sad if you ask me.


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the decline was expected to be 5.0% from 5.05 to 4.80.   But it is only -3.8% because they revised down last months to 5.00.   So the decline is 5.00 to 4.81   only -3.8 instead of the -5% expected.  A new way to get people to ignore prior month revisions.

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The figures were bullish today, right...?


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Yep! Everyone flipped their monitors upside down, and saw it was quite bullish indeed!

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what else are you suppose to say just prior to taking the entire nation of Germany down?  "I was shorting you all along?"  I say "it's my job and i'm working for your bank to boot" is far better.

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I would love hear LaVorgna's analysis of this little tidbit.

Do any ZH'ers have any insight?

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i guess i'll have use my brand new jet boat!

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I guess when you paying margin, flat is like down.  And down, is just can't happen.

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Existing home sales should rise. Joe is right,

let's wait and see.

Markets smoking, yeah Baby, screw shorts!

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I vote for an increase of 6.66%

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The private view of his bosses in Frankfurt is that the US economy and the housing market is a total basket case, but for political reasons, they are publicly optimistic.  Having a doofus like LaVorgna publish such wildly bullish forecasts, may be a way of showing their concealed cynicism...

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i would say what i want to do to joe here but last time i did i got a lot of junks...