LCH Hikes Irish Bond Margins From 55% To 65%

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Lloyds and RBS = Default



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Guillotine head-cuts are likely outcomes.

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More hilarity below. Click on the link to see a graphic illustration of bankster's dirty hierarchy of needs:

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Leprechaun Contagion Bitchez

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The Devils Metal is up $1.20 today @ $37.83 and rising nicely.

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The prices of Irish bonds have declined so much that 65% margin is less than you had to post a few weeks ago when the bonds were 10 points higher :)  At some point, particularly on the longer dated bonds, they should be more worried about the shorts losing money than the longs.  The 10 year is trading at 66.

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This is a really bad production - it needs some work......


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The new world reserve currency will be a 500g pack of noodles.

It's concentrated hydrocarbon.


It can both be burnt and eaten.

It's durable up to 5 years without rot when stored dryly and in the dark and away from voracious bugs or rats.


Long noodles, bitches.


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franken-prepper:  long on noodles it is!

glad to see you're feeling a bit better; yer anti-american rants have been a bit hard to take;  especially since they are valid! 

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Weak holders getting out before next leg down

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anyone interested in the spreading of the #spanishrevolution to greece ??

Here comes the #greecerevolution

just watch live what happens on the Syntagmasquare....

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

Wow  - its all Greek to me  , is that the Greek Parliamentary building ?

Silverstar's picture

Yes it is their Parliament...


want to buy ?? Get it cheap *listen the ironic*

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

Its a portal to the future, right ?

When does this shit get real as I have my facial appointment tomorrow


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baklava puts...


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if you're buying/selling irish bonds/(derivatives?) on margin, we'll need extra green stamps in the account, mark-to-market, as usual, of course.  18.1818&tc % momoney. tomorrow. 

@silverstar: anyone interested in the spreading of the #spanishrevolution to greece ??

each nation has its own way of saying:  huh? 

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between the lovely visit of Her Royal Highness , Queen Elizabeth and President Barac Oama, I thought we had now shown the IMF,ECB,EU,and EMSF that we had friends in high places! Who can we play host to next? that worked a treat.

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

Oh I love surprises Irishlink.

We are such a special people, don't you think ?


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