LCH/Repoclear Lowers Margin Requirement On Irish Bonds From 45% to 30%

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Nice cat and mouse game we have here. All it took was 2 weeks of larger margin reqs.

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Just goes to show, so many levers in the hands of those who want to perpetuate the status quo. And then they shovel their money around based on prior-knowledge. I think the bond blow-up will not be a sovereign one for long, but will go global and then take equities down and pm's up.


Still a few moves left.



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We'll start red at the openings of the market and close green +1% thx. to this BS game and Benny B's comments on 60 minutes.


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Too bad The Bernank wasnt asked about his fraudulent JP Morgue silver shorting ring.

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This is just intelligent rulemaking.

You RAISE margins on risky things like silver, and LOWER them on riskfree stuff like Irish bonds.  It makes perfect sense to me.