Leader Of Largest Italian Labor Union To Propose General Strike In June

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Just Reuters headlines for now, but rather self-explanatory. Time for the IMF to raise PIIGS GDP forecasts again: after all the less people work, the greater the GDP, according to recent GAAP-endorsed changes to the GDP definition.

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"The Coming Insurrection"

Its going to be a long, hot summer.

Kataphraktos's picture

Will there be cannolis?

What? No fucking ziti?

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Well, when they're finished beating the shit out of each other, it'll probably be a cheap vacation. 

Ragnarok's picture

I always wanted to see Florence and Sienna.

Apostate's picture

Yeah. I need a new pair of shoes and a fine briefcase. Best to wait until after the calamity. 

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I was thinking real estate. That corinthean leather turned out to be a scam.

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I want to see Whole Foods drop the price of Parmigiano Reggiano.

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Va bene amico!!!  Favaloso!!! 

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definitely green shoots....this is a jobless, workless recovery... 

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Tutto a posto! Crema di Bernanke

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> the less people work, the greater the GDP, according to recent GAAP-endorsed changes to the GDP definition

What is TD referring to?


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Referring to the fact that the political-banking complex believes that double-entry book keeping was invented by Satan. 

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No problem... France has about 3 general strikes per year and it no even make scratches in the french economy...

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hedge funds and disney

which funds play in DIS stock?


apparently insider info was being offered for sale to hedgies

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Do they mean a day in June, or the whole month?


Catullus's picture

Fuck. Really. I get there on June 1 for honeymoon.

goldfreak's picture

well, you can still get laid though


shopero!  tutti cuanti!!

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 Apparently these strikes are a prerequisite to a bailout.

At least that's how the Greeks did it.

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Hell, I'd go on strike too...

It's got to be frustrating to look across the pond and see the big, fat Americans living well beyond their means by doing nothing more than continuously printing money in one manner or another.

I can only hope that this soon turns into protests on the streets of Rome, with thousands of Italians chanting in unison "Print more money, print more money...!!!"

I mean, if they dumped the Euro, and just starting printing a seemingly infinite supply of their own currency, then every citizen of Italy could clearly have a Ferrari...right???

Duke of Doubt's picture

So when did Italy claim June for the riot of the month club?  Wasn't Spain suppost to get June?  Or was it July?  I am soooo confused.  Is Portugal August?

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EVERYBODY is rioting in June.

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Well they need to get this strike in before everyone heads out to Ibiza for the next couple of months...

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