Leading Indicators of Revolt in the Middle East and Northern Africa: Corruption, Unemployment and Percentage of Household Money Spent on Food

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The article does not go deep enough.

Instead of focusing on the countries area where revolts are happening, it would be better to get an all encompassing view to understand why it is not happening elsewhere.

Nigeria does not look in a better shape than any other country still, there is little going on there.

And they are not alone...

So why nothing?

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Good read, just one note:

The number for Morocco showing Household spending on food being 63% of total consumption seems out of whack.
I've been there several times and have friends there, and from my point of voiew that can't be right - and I can't see how comparable countries like Algeria or Tunisia spend so much less in comparison.

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It would be interesting to see the deterioration of

these countries' currencies over the last year against the big three:

Dollar, Euro, and Yen.

I suspect that unrest would correlate very closely.


What would it take to bring riots to a Freedom square

near you?  $7 $9 bread?


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Such a scheme would nullify the rising tide of current popular revolt. I don't think anybody in the West has the gall, the balls, to do it right now. But if the impending economic tsunami unfurls its inexorable rage, then all options become open as anarchy will replace pseudo, nascent democracy. But a deflationary reaction of assets destruction could send the inflationary spiral back to square one. Oil could be at $30. As for food and water... 

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It wouldn't surprise me if the Powers that be come up with a ME union with our allies and occupied countries holding majority control.

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It's amusing to see the West rank its ex-surrogate Mid-east regimes on a hastily concocted scale of corruption. Whereas, for the time being, no villainous Banksta has been jailed, the ancient partners to these very nefarious bands of smelly front-men in their oil/bullion stealing schemes, those  very whistle blowers permit themselves to judge sanctimoniously these still running oligarchic regimes which are falling like bowling alley ducks in the face of Internet induced popular change. For those internally silenced sources to now deride those who rowed like galley slaves for western corporates, all the while stringing their own fortunes like eager squirrels, has a taste of the obscene. Now as the rats flee the sinking middle-east ship, all pre-fabricated by the american imperium, the stupendous decision of history deploying like an unbelievable nightmare (dream for others), obliges those in power in the West  to run to safety, swearing on every holy book known and even those unknown, that they never supported these very corrupt vermin, as they sink so ominously into beckoning oblivion.

Its a strange ballet, one that Julian Assange must be watching with a sense of hardly hidden satisfaction. The fallen angel has destroyed yesterday's gods. With a vengeance to take your breath away.

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Just out of curiosity, where does Iran fit on the household food list, either I missed it or it's not included.   I understand why they are not counted in the arab lists, but the food list they are absent?

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something is wrong when the worlds richest man is from a 3rd world country and america's banker is communist china.



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Well, according to western central banksters, high food prices are simply a sign of increasing demand in developing markets for a high-quality diet. It's all China's fault, you see.

And if they don't like food inflation, why, they have the monetary and fiscal policy tools available to control it.  

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And if they don't like food inflation, why, they have the monetary and fiscal policy tools available to control it.  


Too bad they did not receive the memo. Instead of fleeing their countries, all these dictators could have unpegged from the USD and remained in power, would have been so much easier...

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WTF? Hong Kong ranks high up on the %-spent on food consumption list?

Very surprising indeed. Can that be right???

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Ladies and gentlemen,

Oil, gold and silver have value but, but, but...

Water and Food are the necesseties of life.

Watch the Arab countries turmoil continue...then note the process begin of  citizens starving for water and food.

After one month, begin counting how many Arab citizens have passed on to their heaven.

This is the plan of the NWO.

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25.8% is moderate.  These are not ranked in consumption order...read the actual data.

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Ah. Right. Thx.

Skimmed too quickly...

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I hope people understand that they stripped all of the national guard armories in this country of heavy weapons a long time ago. I wonder why.

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  When you have the IMF, World Bank, USAID, EU, U.S. all working together with corporations to exploit these countries what do you expect. The corporations take the natural resources (minerals, oil, agriculture, ect..) while exploiting the labor force then sell those resources to the highest bidder leaving that country with a shortage. On top of that the money made from the exploitation is taken out of that country (except for the bribes paid to the regime) and very little reinvested.

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As usual an excellent read; I appreciate your time and effort on all the topics you continue to disect.

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Yes but George Washington missed the No.1 indicator of revolt and corruption: GOVERNMENT

Yes George the number one cause of war, poverty, wealth destruction, corruption, slow progress, food problems and revolt (because of its authoritarism) is that most ignorant and corrupt monopoly power structure and institution for societies parasites, Government.

Isn't that so George 'progressive' Washington?

The problem is Govt, the solution is to end Govt

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just for comparisons sake, where do we fit on these charts, in both phallical and real numbers?

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Wow, this constitution thingy works great.