Letter To Senator Charles Schumer - Ban Goldman's SIGMA X Dark Pool

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Uhh, it is banned.

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Why? The horse was 21. I think it's legal in SC if the horse is at least 21.

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Only in Goldman's world can you add liquidity by taking money out.

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Ha! Thats a good way to put it

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Namaste, you righteous bastards.  "Every generation needs a new revolution," said Thomas Jefferson.  Thanks for your part in leading ours. 

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well done.

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This is the most relevant & important website in the financial universe.

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I second that. No comparison between ZH and CR. Can't think of another site that gives this sort of "insider" information. I just hope ZH remains free.

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i third that and if i might add that ZH is in the financial blogosphere what Gutenberg's press machine was in .... well the sphere of books, and i have no doubt whatsoever that there is a Pulitzer prize stashed somewhere in the following years for this blog and its creators ...

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How cool would that be if a Pulitzer was given to someone who remained anonymous.


If they took it to their grave...  Talk about creating a freakin' legend.

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The character Tyler Durden will eventually bring down the credit markets. love it.


Wonder if Chuck Palahniuk reads zero hedge?


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use your imagination, there is always someone to pick up the prize without breaking the true identity of TD

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here here. I couldn't agree more. Senator Schumer, I assume you will be preparing a subpoena for the good folks here at ZeroHedge so they can share further their learned insights into the workings of HFT.

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More Street Smart SIGMA X goodness:


How long til they take these offline do you think?

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already happened.

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WOW.  Google cache of the same URL below.  It actually was there.  It took 2 minutes for them to take it down... and it's been up for months at that URL.


More also at http://gset.gs.com/gset/education/thought.asp

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holy **** it's now deleted off docs.google.com   (click download on the cached page and see what happens)


Tyler you better have some backup copies of this little monster

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Still up at the thought link posted above.  Check the third page.  Very weird.

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select the print (7pages) hyperlink...it will open as a pdf and just cancel the print

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NO coincidence--there is alot of history getting rewritten, and facts suppressed.  I have noticed it a few times on wikipedia, but i just thought my memory was off, until i read the deepcapture.com essay on how the whole naked short selling scandal that they helped to expose, is being blocked from report on wikipedia.

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ummm... how about ...already

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Hey Cow, the bear beat you to it.  Just sayin' :)

Also, to GS, THAT WASN'T A CHALLENGE.  But, I'm still impressed.

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Jesus, TD you are the best. That said are you stocked up on kevlar longjohns?

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everything on their site self-destructs after a short period of time - e.g. you need to reload the search terms - and then save the PDF

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Looks like you're right.  However, it doesn't make any sense at all to be doing this.  Security through obscurity?  Force internal sites to use dynamic code to recreate the links every few minutes?  When it's already publically available and cached?

Whatever.  Someone got a nice bonus for the implementation I'm sure.

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Yeah... someone NOT the IT person who made it...

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Killer as always


As an aside, saw on Bloomie ol' Obama said we is at the beginning of the end.  Think a Churchill quote, (paraphrased of course because my memory is shot) might be more appropriate:

This isn't the end, or even the beginning of the end.  It is perhaps the end of the beginning. . .


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why just Sigma X?  ban ALL dark pools

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Further, no more invisible orders via ECNs which allows participants to step in front of what others see as the best bit/offer.  I also have to ask if multiple ecns/marketcenters are really a good idea.  One centralized marketcenter - with no competition, would make a flatter, more fair marketplace.  The more avenues for execution the harder to regulate and the higher the chance of inequality.  Now, I say that knowing that means someone has to run it fairly...which is an issue....

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There is also a problem with having more than one ecn or execution avenue: it is not a first come first serve market. Years ago this was not as much of an issue, but now with so many ECNs and dark pools, investors bidding stock at a level first are often not the first filled as they may be unlucky and sitting on a different ecn than a sellor elects to take. The market should reward the first participant at the best price the first fill.

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Great post. Reading between the lines here, I suspect that Schumer may not be as benevolent as you think. In fact by pointing out some bad apples he may be finding a way that protects his key backers. I will leave it at that.

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Apocalypse Now- My sentiments exactly. This is a test. Testing, testing 1,2,3...

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I doubt that Schumer is benevolent--and I'm sure he's taken quite a bit of money from the FIRE industries. However, Schumer needs to at least play up doing something about this, lest the plebs (some of them well armed) become very, very unhappy with blatant giveaways. He can make noise and possibly get bigger bribes from GS or whoever gets in the crosshairs. But at least he can't say he didn't know, because Tyler is pointing it out to him in technicolor detail.
P.S. I just got my Zero Intelligence shirt, can't wait to parade around town!

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Tyler and friends you have to love it. You have the smartest people in the room walking around town with shirts on that say "Zero Intelligence."  Like they're all like little Hugh Axtons.

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My exact thought..., or could be they are so dumb that they stepped in the crap before looking and now opened up further inspection of GS and others.... One can only hope on the latter.

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Perhaps it might be simpler to note that even the sharpest minds couldn't possibly be thinking about anything in 30 msec..they only feel comfortable trading 123 million shares in a day for its own account when there is zero risk..and they thus have exactly no need to hedge..duh! they are zero hedgers! VAR can be astromonical because the divisor is close to zero..packet drop errors only.

Too simple for the unRegulators?..too Big to be Challenged..the Joseph Jett effect at Kidder Peabody - 1994

What is the sound of a whistle-blower in a vacuum?


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Yeah don't forget Baikal and Turquoise  ;)

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As good as I have read from you especially, as a novice at best, I understood it.



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Dennis Kneale,

If your station ACTUALLY did research instead of waiting for reuters and the AP to put stories out you can parrot...you may actually get a viewing audience.  The CNBC 'Money Honeys' are spectacular but basicly lip syncing a story put out by Reuters or the AP is NOT analysis.  Dennis, you are old enough to remember Milli Vanilli...try to learn from their mistakes!

-Silence Dogood

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Kick ass letter, Tyler - these guys are picking a fight with the masters in obfuscation - plus they have half of Congress at their beck and call. Schumer and his crew will need all the help they can get to make a case that is 'politically too inconvenient' to pass up. Not sure if this ever goes anywhere - whenever we think the heat is on those cats don't seem to break a sweat.

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There is ample history in Washington of seemingly friendly persons who, in fact end up end up acting as as an agent provocateur.  I hope that Senator Schumer is in fact looking to assist in reclaiming the prospect of free markets from those that now hold them hostage.  However, of all the folks in the US Senate that could address this issue Schumer is one I would have lingering questions about.  Tread cautiously.

Great letter!

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I will never forget (or forgive) Chuck Schumer for his disgusting strutting in support of the federal assassins during the Waco Hearings. Go watch Waco: Rules of Engagement if you want to see what I mean. I watched every day of those hearings back when they happened, and there were moments where that man made my blood boil. A disgusting power-tripper he is. He's also been said for years to be in the pocket of banks. Use him as a vehicle of convenience, but remember: Your Mileage May Vary.

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This area is way off by bailiwick. But, it is manifesting, that you will have to hand-hold and walk every step for not just readers like me, but for the regulators and most everybody else.

Your patience will be tested, because you sir, I emphasize again, will have much hand-holding to do and connect every single dot.

Thanks for your hard work.

Honest Abe

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"it appears the original link to the paper was taken down within 10 minutes of this post."

priceless, hm, someone does pay attention :) . if only they knew what ZH does or does not know :) , keep them guessing!