The Liberation Essays, No. 1

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In response to the bankers and governments’ global rape,
pillaging and plundering of people’s assets and freedoms, we are starting a series
of essays that we call “The Liberation Essays” in an attempt to educate the
masses about the true nature of the global financial system.  We will continue to write our essays until we
feel we have achieved our goal of education and eventually liberation from the
racketeering firms that call themselves Wall Street and Central Banks.

In honor, courage and liberty,

Solon, Lindbergh, and Don Killimunati

Essay No. 1: All Fraudulent Roads Lead Back to the World’s
Central Banks

In 1984, US President Ronald ordered the Grace Commission,
headed by Chairman J. Peter Grace, to investigate waste and inefficiency in the
US Federal government, including waste in the US federal income tax system.
Their findings, though forgotten by the great majority of the world today, have
also been ignored by our world’s leaders as well. In their deliberate dismissal
of these crucial findings, our leaders have ushered in the global financial
crisis and the countdown to our eventual meltdown into chaos.

I come to you today in the hopes of providing the spark of
justice that may open our eyes to the unlawfulness, lies and immorality that our
leaders have force-fed to us as the truth for our entire lives. They have
necklaced us with an unjust, immoral monetary system and sold this lie to us as
an acceptable system a hundred thousand times. All of us, whether we live in
Greece, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Iceland,
Zimbabwe, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Portugal,
or the United States, have been necklaced with this lie, and it is killing the
future for every one of us.

There is no one that has a greater respect for patriotism
than I, but today, our political and banking leaders have brainwashed us into
believing that our patriotism is terrorism, and that their sociopathic behavior
and terrorism is patriotism. In the same manner that the tyrannical King George
labeled America’s forefathers as insurgents more than two centuries ago and
rallied disdain against our most courageous patriots, we must take heed not to
fall victim to the same ploys of our leaders today.  If terrorists shall be those that fight
against injustice and immorality and evil be the norm, then call me a
terrorist! Follow not our leaders, for they are wolves in sheep’s clothing –
charismatic and powerful wolves - but wolves nevertheless. Instead, seek what
you know to be the truth in your heart of hearts.  In every country, there are hardly more than
a handful of men and women that occupy our governments that can be trusted.
These men may make our laws, unjust as they may be, but they are not our God
and they certainly are not our masters.

Today, our political leaders propose new legislation under
the guise of reforms designed to protect us. 
Let us not be fooled as the purpose of this new legislation is not to
protect us but to strip away of our freedoms. Know that vipers and thieves know
no such thing as penance or guilt for the injustice they commit. Know that
every act of contrition they display to curry our favor has at its core, hidden
agendas and ulterior motives designed to pacify and subdue us. May our struggle
against them remain intact and our spirits united. May we never bow down before
them though they continue their immoral schemes to buy our collective
silence.  May we never dishonor and
betray our movement to restore liberty for thirty pieces of silver. If we shall
only serve one another as brothers and sisters and awaken each other from our
deep intellectual slumber, we will recognize that surely among us walk kings
and queens. If we shall awaken, then surely we shall again break free from the
tyrannical deceit and the humiliating subjugation of bankers and rise up to
once again become the commanders of our own fate.

I declare that there is not one among us that can call
himself or herself a patriot if he or she fails to take action against the
injustices being levied against us by bankers and governments. I look towards
Greece and I tell you, the Greeks should be applauded for taking a stand
against injustice. Better to die on our feet as women and men than to live out
our lives on our knees!

Today, our political and banking leaders have imposed
monetary injustices upon us all that are far worse than the those led to
revolution and a rebirth of a Republic in 1776. Today, we remain silent
because, for decades, bankers have spent billions to misinform us, and billions
more to create a monetary system that cleverly hides their theft and lies from
us. Today banks create nothing of utility or of benefit to society.  They have no more use to us than swamp
leeches that suck our blood and drain our vitality.  It is time for us to wake up, cease listening
to the propaganda of our leaders that work for the financial elites, and
realize that the difficulties we will face for the next decade have been
created by private banking families, large commercial banks and Wall Street firms
that act in collusion with the world’s Central Banks. Today, we must say

Yes, the CFTC, the SEC, Moodys, Fitch, and Standard &
Poors are all complicit in creating our financial crisis due to their failure,
in past years and present day, to regulate financial markets in a manner that
protects citizens against the greed of bankers. Yes, agents of Citigroup,
Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan and their incessant lobbying to destroy Glass
Steagall regulations and their subsequent creation of a notional OTC derivatives
market in excess of $600 trillion all served as trigger men to lay the
foundation for the construction of financial markets with the structural
integrity of a house of cards.  But as
massive a failure as our regulatory system has been, and as predatory as the
practices engaged in by our financial companies have been, every one of these
fraudulent roads paved by these institutions was enabled by an unsound monetary
system created and implemented by Central Banks.

I implore every citizen of this world to take great care to
consider the following facts. 

In 1984, a US Presidential commissioned panel, the Grace
Commission, discovered that 100% of income taxes levied by the IRS upon all US
citizens, are “absorbed solely by interest on the Federal debt and by Federal
Government contributions to transfer payments. In other words, all individual
income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services which
taxpayers expect from their Government.”

100% of all income taxes levied upon US citizens are either

(1) shuttled directly into the private coffers of the
private owners of the US Federal Reserve central bank, as this is the portion
of income taxes appropriated toward “interest on the Federal debt”; or

(2) absorbed by government subsidies (bailouts for bankers),
corporate welfare, etc, that produce zero output beneficial to society.

There is no difference between the immoral act of US federal
income tax and an annual home invasion by an armed criminal that steals an
amount equivalent to the income taxes levied upon American citizens.  In other countries, the levying of income
taxes may not be as unjust as it is in America due to differing appropriations
that have some benefit towards citizens, but a large portion of all income
taxes in all countries are the equivalent of theft executed by thieving
bankers. Even if we shall live in a country in which we receive some benefits
from the income taxes we pay, we must ask ourselves, Would we not be much
better off paying zero income taxes and paying for these benefits out of
pocket? We must ask ourselves, If banks take such significant percentages of
our earned income every year, why do we not receive a transparent accounting
every year as to EXACTLY how are taxed monies are spent?  Why must we provide a line by line accounting
of our income to governments yet accept their refusal to provide us with a line
by line accounting of how they spend our income taxes?

We do not receive such accounting, because if we did, then
bankers would have to admit that they team up with governments to rob us every
year of our hard earned monies and that we receive ZERO benefit for the large
portion of income taxes we pay every year! If we would not allow strangers to
enter our homes to take tens of thousands of dollars, Euros or yen every year
without giving us reason, then we must ask ourselves why so willingly hand our
money over to bankers every year in the form of income taxes? Shall we suffer
such injustices in silence and not question the very immorality of a monetary
system that should perpetuate theft under the disguise of a tax, a tax that
would be unnecessary if our Central Banks printed sound money?  And if you are learning about the injustice
of the income tax for the first time today, then you must spread this TRUTH to
everyone you know. This is the only chance we have to fight the criminal
banking element that will increase their thefts, their robberies and their
rates of imprisonment levied against us as the very financial crisis they
created worsens.

Because world governments have assumed massive debts that
are impossible to repay, we will undoubtedly witness one of the greatest
expansions of government taxation upon the people worldwide. The same
governments around the world that will prosecute and jail us for not paying our
debts will refuse to pay down theirs. 
They will resort to taxing us at higher rates to pay down the debts they
refuse to pay themselves. Not only will our income taxes rise, but our
banker-directed governments will invent brand new taxes such as carbon taxes,
value added taxes and other fraudulent schemes to further rob and enslave us.
We will further be slapped unceremoniously with increased rates on existing
taxes such as property taxes, gasoline taxes, and cigarette taxes and the costs
of our energy will rise tremendously. The purpose of these new taxes will be
none other than to bankrupt us in order to save THEIR fraudulent monetary
system. Is this righteous? Is this freedom? Today, we must say ENOUGH!

I have heard those that falsely claim that the problem is
not unsound money. This is but a juvenile attempt to divert our focus and our
attention from the root of the problem. They put forth the argument that it
matters not what is used as money today, but only who controls our money.  Yet this argument rings false. A sound
monetary system provides a basis for the people, NOT our private bankers and
NOT our government, to control the very value of the money in our monetary
system. This is why sound money is of such utter importance. Sound money means
money will not be created as debt as it is today.

When US President Nixon
closed the window to the gold standard in 1971 for the entire world, he did so
at the urging of bankers and Keynesian economists that had failed in their
attempt to cheat the world out of the maintenance of a true gold standard and sound money.
France exposed the dishonesty of bankers under the Bretton Woods system, and as
a consequence, the bankers began losing their gold reserves. Under a sound
monetary system, the PEOPLE, not the bankers maintain control over our money’s
value. Under an unsound monetary system, the BANKERS, not the people, maintain
control over our money’s value. This is why a sound monetary system is more
important than who controls the money. Under a sound monetary system, even
vipers and thieves cannot control the value of the money! Today, Central Banks
devalue all the world’s major currencies at such a great rate that all the
professional counterfeiters in the world combined could not begin to compete
with the rate at which Central Banks destroy monetary value. Today, we must say

In 1984, the US Grace Commission further concluded:

“Mr. President, you have been so correct in resisting
attempts to balance the budget by increasing taxes. The tax load on the average
American family is already at counterproductive levels with the underground
economy having now grown to an estimated $500 billion per year, costing about
$100 billion in lost Federal tax revenues per year.  The size of the
underground economy is understandable when one considers that median family
income taxes have increased from $9 in 1948 to $2,218 in 1983, or by 246 times.
This is runaway taxation at its worst.” 

“Importantly, any meaningful increases in taxes from
personal income would have to come from lower and middle income families, as 90
percent of all personal taxable income is generated below the taxable income
level of $35,000.  Further, there isn't much more that can be extracted
from high income brackets. If the Government took 100 percent of all taxable
income beyond the $75,000 tax bracket not already taxed, it would get only $17
billion, and this confiscation, which would destroy productive enterprise,
would only be sufficient to run the Government for seven days.”

When theft from our citizens is legalized, when the majority
of us are apt to shut our eyes to this theft, and when our morally bankrupt
leaders of the world aid the continuation of this theft year after year, should
we be surprised when resources become scarce, our cost of living rises every
year, and aggression and dissension among us grows stronger every day? Should
we be shocked when public anger causes our leaders to shift the blame to
others, specifically to foreigners and immigrants, as did the Nazis when difficult
economic times descended upon Germany? 
The time to act, the time for courage, is now. We shall no longer listen
to the empty promises of politicians that publicly champion reform during the
day while continuing to collude with bankers under the cover of night. We shall
no longer stand idly by in the face of new legislation that consolidates the
power of bankers while politicians cleverly consummate its passage under the
guise of reform.

To expect our politicians to lead the restoration of our
freedoms will result in our self-destruction. 
I assure you that our leaders today serve the money masters and
self-anointed financial tyrants that bestowed upon them their power and that
multiplied their wealth. Trust not our politicians for they will lead us down a
road that will end in betrayal and the extinguishment of the fertile flame of
hope. Is it not foolish to expect the restoration of our freedoms to be born
from the very men that have worked so hard to deny us our liberties? Take good
note of those politicians that speak out today against the crimes of banks and
Wall Street as many among them are the very same men and women that voted to
transfer the burden of the financial industry’s greed and wanton destruction to
your family and our children through financial bailout bills. They are nothing
but wolves in sheep’s clothing and no better than vipers and thieves! They
speak out today not to save our freedoms and not to save our Republics, but
only to save their political careers. 

This is neither a time to curb one’s tongue nor to cower in
fear of our leaders. Great courage will be necessary to save every great
Republic, whether at home or abroad. We have cowered for ninety-seven years,
and I say cower no more!  The lines have
already been drawn in the financial war that will ensue between the elite and
the rest of our nation.  Every one among
you must answer the question of whether you will relegate yourself to a
position of slavery under the bankers or whether you will fight to restore
liberty and a life of freedom.  I have
heard all the excuses before. Let the rich sort out our problems for they
created them! Let our government lead the way! Let us be patient and wait until
the time is more fertile for revolt! I assure you that the rich will not rescue
you, that bankers have seized control over all governments, and that waiting
will only seal our fate and destroy our opportunity for liberation. Today, we
must WAKE UP and we must say ENOUGH!

We will never have more power than we have today. With each
passing day, the financial oligarchs busily write laws behind closed doors that
they will sell to us as reform, regulation and redemption, but in reality, will
shackle, pacify, and subjugate us until all hope will be lost.  Shall we fight for the freedoms the founding
men and women of our Republics promised us or shall we slink away like scolded
dogs with our tails between our legs? 
Shall we fight for our freedoms while we still can or shall we open the
doors for tyranny by accepting the unjust applications of just laws and
rationalize such injustices as acceptable because of our own unwillingness to
face our own demons and prejudices? Today, we must say ENOUGH!

There will be those among us that are comfortable with our
designated role among the financial elites and who will choose not to speak out
when we observe freedoms being curtailed for others because we are not directly
affected to the same degree as many of our brothers and sisters. But if we
shall refuse to speak out against the injustices being inflicted upon our
brothers and sisters today, who shall speak out for us when they decide to come
for us tomorrow? We must follow the lead of revolutionaries that preceded us
that formed a united front across all social and economic classes to defeat
their oppressors.

The oppressive new immigration laws we have witnessed in
Arizona, the United States, and the oppressive new austerity laws we have
witnessed in Greece and Portugal are but the first of the new Intolerable Acts that bankers
and their shill governments will levy upon us. 
We should be careful not to mistake righteous law with the unrighteous
manner in which it is applied and its unrighteous enactment that is designed to
divert our attention away from the true robbers and barons. Let us not enact
legislation out of fear and divisiveness as our politicians have done to divert
blame away from themselves. What has happened in Arizona with American
politicians blaming Mexicans for their problems is no different than the Greeks
blaming Germany or the Chinese blaming Americans for their financial woes. Who
has created the economic woes in all of these countries that politicians blame
immigrants and nationals for? Immigrants? Nationals? Or Bankers &

If we shall allow their initial attempts to divide us
succeed, will such meager thinking on our end not feed the confidence of our
oppressors to enact new injustices upon us 
until not a single one among us will not remain unaffected by their
tyranny? If we stand by and do nothing now, what will we do when the bankers come
for our silver and gold?  Today, we must
stand in solidarity with our unjustly persecuted brothers and sisters, even if
they are of a different color, religion, or political party, or forever risk
losing our chance to restore freedom. If we can not muster up resolve now, we
will find ourselves awakened in the middle of the night by Secret Police, our
freedoms forever gone, asking ourselves how we ever could have let ourselves
become prisoners in our own countries. I say no more excuses! Today, we must say

We shall fight, for even though bankers have conditioned and
softened us to believe we are weak through misinformation and propaganda, our
faith and strength will provide us with unbreakable resolve. We shall fight,
and when we do, those that have been too fearful to speak out against the
injustices they witness will eventually forge the way forward and become
leaders for the weaker among us. We shall fight, and when we do, our
legislators will know that they can no longer mandate legislation that
continues to tell us that wrong is right and that right is wrong. We shall
fight, and when we do, we will remind our brothers and sisters that we shall
fight to restore our Republics, as Plato warned us that all democracies
eventually degenerate into tyrannies. We shall fight, and when we do, we shall
awaken our brothers and sisters that falsely believe they are free even though
our freedoms today are nothing but an illusion.

In 1984, the US Grace Commission stated, “If fundamental
changes are not made in Federal spending, as compared with the fiscal 1983
deficit of $195 billion, a deficit of over ten times that amount, $2 trillion,
is projected for the year 2000, only 17 years from now. In that year, the
Federal debt would be $13.0 trillion ($160,000 per current taxpayer) and the
interest alone on the debt would be $1.5 trillion per year ($18,500 per year
per current taxpayer).”
Little more than a decade later, inclusive of
off-balance sheet, unfunded government liabilities, our deficit now stands at
greater than $75 trillion, far worse than even the worst nightmares of the
Grace Commission. With future generations buried under a heap of debt before
they are born, we must ask ourselves if we are willing to let our future
generations be burdened by massive debt. I ask of you, IS THIS FREEDOM? Shall
we continue to delude ourselves with false notions of economic recovery sold to
us by men that we know have not an ounce of integrity in their bones? And who
is being burdened with the false recovery that comes on the backs of trillions
of dollars of aid in Asia, the EU and the Republic of America? It is us, our
children, our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren. The multi-generational
burden of these bailouts is staggering. Today, we must say ENOUGH!

Alterius non sit qui suus esse potest,



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Donutwarrior's picture

"The oppressive new immigration laws we have witnessed in Arizona, the United States, and the oppressive new austerity laws we have witnessed in Greece and Portugal are but the first of the new Intolerable Acts that bankers and their shill governments will levy upon us."

You had me, albeit disjointedly presented, until you hit the oppressive Greek "austerity" and Arizona Immigration laws as "intolerable acts".  Greek politicians SPENT their sovereignty by refusing to face any form of reality and lying through their teeth all the way.  This is like running up your credit cards and then lashing out at the "austerity" plan the debt settlement plan requires you to follow.  Its always someone elses fault, I was never responsible for my actions.  I guess your theory is that lies and unaccountability by the government are fine, if its for a good cause.  I say lying by ALL parties leads to consequences, wherever they may come from.  Its time to hold EVERYONE accountable, including lying politicians and failed government policies along with corrupt bankers and financiers.


As for the Arizona law, apparently many people in this country find it convenient to NOT read the bill so that their ignorance of its particulars doesn't get in the way of their false assertions.  This law codifies in Arizona law, existing Federal law, on the books for years (since 1940, I think).  Those of you who think this is oppressive should consider that the real oppression is in the SLAVE trade that illegal immigration actually is.  Drop houses dot my community, with hundreds of people packed into 1,800 square foot homes, held hostage to trafficers in slaves, with ransom demands back across the border.  And once in America, we then have a permanent underclass, with limited recourse due to their status.....SLAVE TRADE.  Phoenix is second to Bogata Columbia for kidnapping, worldwide, not to mention the drug gangs running Nogales, San Luis and Agua Prieta.  This is the result of lack of reasonable enforcement of law, CAUSED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, NOT ARIZONA.  Please spare me your misplaced concerns for the poor people who must produce a drivers licence when stopped by the police.  They've always asked me for my license, equal justice seems pretty ALL AMERICAN to me.


Crab Cake's picture

Today, we must WAKE UP and we must say ENOUGH!

There is really only one way to do that, and win.  Work strike/Tax Strike.  I assure you that if 10-25% of people just don't show up one day to earn income tax, we'll have them by the balls, and the charade will be over.  So lets take an unpaid vacation already, and have them hand our Republic back to us nicely on bended knee.

Species8472's picture

Blha, blha, blha,..... get to the point??!!??!!

Gully Foyle's picture


Understand how the system works and capitalize on it.

B9K9's picture

I'm starting to like your comments. I share a similar sanguine viewpoint. Does the mortician have to advocate for more dangerous roads? No, he merely needs to wait & bide his time - his customer base is assured, regardless of timing.

Likewise our fair Republic; all governments fail, it's simply a matter of time. So the only real issues are when & why. Actually, why is unimportant in & of itself, however, it does help one identify when.

The reason(s) why the US federal government will fail within this generation is because it has staked its entire existence on a failed socio-economic system based on the post-WWII model. That is, constant, consistent growth in which to finance debt incurred in order to fund both the welfare/warfare states.

IOW, a ponzi scheme. Since all ponzi schemes must ultimately fail (ie exponentially compounding principal+interest, declining marginal returns, etc), any system of governance based on such a model will also fail as well. Since this is the case, why, like the mortician, must citizens advocate and/or agitate to speed the process?

I would suggest one's time would be much better spent on dealing with the known after effects, rather than waste any time expediting the eventual end point. This sucker is coming down, and with it, the ability to engage in terror operations currently conducted in its name.

downrodeo's picture

True words, all of them. However, the danger is that we'll all be forced to accept the world governement (as envisioned by tptb) as the new model to replace the current one. Call me a crazy idiot if you will, I hope that I am. If not, I'll see you in the fema camps.

lynnybee's picture

well, at least the author has a better understanding of what is happening to the U.S. citizen than most people & the author gets an "A" for effort.     Maybe the next article in the series will be a little more succinct.    I did enjoy the article & will read the rest in the series.   

Gully Foyle's picture


Most people don't care how the machine works as long as they slide on through. You tell some poor crackhead he is being oppressed by the man, he will nod and still offer to blow you for the next rock.

I'm also starting to think those who understand just want to bitch. I rarely see plans and strategies a single person can incorporate in their daily lives. Everything is hypothetical and revolves around some kind of group pressuring for change. For example, people here bitch about CNBC. Stop watching it. They lost one viewer. You become more informed and can share better reasoned arguments because you took the time to fill the void resulting from taking that first step.

Nickle and dime them.

AnAnonymous's picture

The Internet is a fantastic place to vent frustration. Best place to corral people so they can be studied.


The observation that people do not understand is fallacious. People understand. Then it is about benefiting from the status quo(these are commonly here sheeple, lemmings etc), having been tossed out of the bowl and therefore disagreeing with the status as it is no longer profitable(most of this site audience) and a very little minority who want change for a whole spectrum of causes unlinked to personal situation.

Miramanee's picture

Crap. I thought this was ZH, not some bullshit, hyper-insane and paranoid Alex Jonesian Prison Planet detritus. C'mon Tyler...this kind of prattle is beneath this site.

Slewburger's picture

I didn't see my favorites, outsourcing manufacturing and influx of cheap labor has masked the real cost of our foreign policy and welfare state.

Florida Joe's picture


“The Central Bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution.  I am an enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but coin.  If the American people allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation the banks and corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property, until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”

Thomas Jefferson.


GoldSilverDoc's picture

Ignore the brainwashed, restoreliberty.  Ignore the small-minded.  Ignore the sheeple.  Ignore the fools and idiots who are afraid of their own shadows.  Ignore the chickenshits of the world. 

Keep going.

The detractors will be the first to cave, to give in, to plead for their miserable lives as slaves rather than to fight as free men. 

Keep going.


bbbilly1326's picture

"Ignore the brainwashed, restoreliberty.  Ignore the small-minded.  Ignore the sheeple.  Ignore the fools and idiots who are afraid of their own shadows.  Ignore the chickenshits of the world. "


Uh, but isn't this his audience ?  The "Masses"


BTW, another suggestion, if you're trying to "educate the masses", maybe you should come up with another name for us, People, Citizens, Proud American Patriots........otherwise, we're not likely your "educational" message......

Gully Foyle's picture


Tell you what, when that SWAT team kicks down your door and your chest lights up like a Christmas tree, you gonna take the bullet or you gonna go all Rambo on them? I think you will admit defeat in light of insurmountable odds.

Of course if your plan is to live in the woods scavenge food and roam like a nomad pulling guerilla raids, you know all Red Dawn like, then you may hold out a few more weeks. But they don't have Latte's in the wilderness, and scrounged grub doesn't taste like steak.

I blame all this macho shit on Bruce Willis. Yuppies with guns. They all sudenly think they are invulnerable and super soldiers. That first bullet will change your mind.

downrodeo's picture

You're right about the swat teams. That's why we have to fight with our minds, not with guns. The goons of tptb do outmatch us with fire power, but they are weak minded. This is a generalization, of course, but that is one reason why they choose to join the relative safe haven of the brotherhood of jackboots and billy-clubs. It's like any other gang, they agree to forfeit some degree self-determination, or perhaps some personal ethics, in exchange for the safety of the group. However, the thing to realize is that they're more like us than they are like their masters (at least economically speaking). That is what we have to get them to realize.



Apply Force's picture

You seem to fight willingly for your own oppression.  Odd.

Cistercian's picture

 There is an ample supply of sycophants.

JackTheOffer's picture

You mentioned the Nazis.  Under internet law, you lose.

nowhereman's picture

Precisely the first person to use a reference to the Nazis always loses.  In fact, as soon as I saw it, the hair stood up on the back of my neck, and the post lost all meaning.

Cistercian's picture

 How odd you self censor in that way.I have some old German friends who said to me years ago that they were afraid of the way America was going.They had seen it before, and were horrified to see it happening again.

 Use of the term is valid especially when you are discussing history.Of course, you can ignore the lessons of history.Most people actually do ignore it, they are the fools that say "it can't happen here".They are wrong, of course.

  Let's extrapolate a bit here.The Arizona law reflects real challenges we face, but it also exposes some anger.Maybe we should capitalize on that anger and send all of the illegals to work camps.They are ruining our standard of living,right?(note the people who hire them get off scot free here).How dare they ruin our country!They must be punished!

 Can you discern where this leads?

 It leads only in one direction.And those that mention the third reich in conjunction with that just might have a clue.


macfly's picture

This has merit for sure, but boy do you need an editor, you could say three times as much with quarter the words.

Rebel's picture

The problem is not just with elected officials. The primary (in my mind) problem is with entrenched bureaucrats, and even with noble elected officials the real power resides in these entrenched positions. If, for example, the elected officials decide to cut National Education Association budget, the immediate response is that X thousands of teachers will be laid off . . . not that administrators and overhead will be cut. When cuts are mandated, the bureaucrats immediately threaten to cut the most critical functions, not the incredible waste. So, any attempt by noble politicians to cut budgets results in threats of teacher layoffs, policeman layoffs, soldier pay cuts, cuts in ammo and body armor for soldiers, and so forth. Politicians are unwilling to play chicken, and do not have the technical/detailed knowledge to really call bluff of these people.

We need a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget, and any non-balanced budget would need to be approved by the STATE legislatures of 2/3 of the states.

Gully Foyle's picture


"noble politicians", really?

You are right about everything else. The power structure is an entrenched web which by now is impossible to defeat.

You may wish to tracking the episode of The Wire where Tommy Carcetti talks about those big silver bowls of shit politicians are forced to eat

DeltaDawn's picture

I heartily agreed with everything except when you called the Arizona law oppressive.  Unrestricted immigration is a death sentence as well.  Unless every border is 100% free (which I don't think should occur) ours should not be.

JackTheOffer's picture


First the writer says,

"When theft from our citizens is legalized, when the majority of us are apt to shut our eyes to this theft, and when our morally bankrupt leaders of the world aid the continuation of this theft year after year, should we be surprised when resources become scarce, our cost of living rises every year, and aggression and dissension among us grows stronger every day?"

But then he condones legalized theft! -- when illegal immigrants move in and take away resources that are the rightful property of the legal citizenry.

Basically, the writer needs to pull his head out of his ass, and decide whether he wants to be Thomas Jefferson, or Nancy Pelosi.




AnAnonymous's picture

Then the man is a true US  patriot, faithful to one of the US core values.

Border crossing is part of the US psyche.

How do you want the 19th nineteen century prosperity to happen without border crossing?

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The finger ultimately points directly back at your self.

"Liberty" essays?  Very funny.

Liberty: that which a slave receives upon shore after months aship.  He is not free and must return to the ship after "shore leave" is over.

Freedom, now that is quite different, and comes with soooo much personal responsibility that most do not care for it and the majority do not write of it ever.

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Agreed.  I do not want for Liberty, but for Freedom.

Some are more willing than others to accept freedom, and for those uncomfortable with Freedom I wish for Liberty as best that it can be.

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Ah ah funny. People making mountains over coincidences.

Not much difference between freedom and liberty.

Both means the degree of allowance granted to a clan member by other clan members.

Free, friend, liberty, liebe, love.

Void of any real value.

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Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

Thomas Jefferson



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OK, can we boil this down so it fits on a bumper sticker?


I have a theory.  During the 1980's, the Mafia noticed that people were making more money in the "legitimate" world than they were.  Most of the dons didn't want their kids in the family business anyway.  So the Mafia infiltrated the banks and had an influence on their operations.  That's the way it seems. 

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What an amount of drivel.

False universality: a large part of the world was ensnared through a banking pattern but this was at the benefit of the US. The current issue is that the pattern yield no longer enough to support the increasing pressure in demand.

Hire the most proficient cracker, capture the most resilient, still you dont evade that the yield will be capped.

Get over it, expansionism is not as easy as it was yesterday. Good ole days are over.


Best part: the republic vs democracy schime.

You are posting on a website where public governance is regularly bashed, with many wishing a restoration of private governance.

What are you talking about republic since it is what the majority of people here want to terminate?

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First, ChickenShit (oh, sorry, "AnAnonymous")....

1) Before you begin writing, take a course in writing.  You write like a third-grader.  As such, your construction detracts from your argument.

2) Learn to spell.

3) Take your Haldol, before you begin to write, so that your thoughts are not so disjointed (advice from a physician).




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Nice ethics. As a health professional, you base your diagnosis on a poorly scratched together comment?

Lets me guess: you are the type of health professional people look for when they wish to put away their old auntie because she's just lost her mind and  her wealth will  be better managed by mentally sane people.

Evidence the world morality will never find its bottom.

Just keep doing what your type of health professional do the best: think of your investment instead of healing your patients.

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When those who slumber wake up to this nightmare scenario which is upon us with full weight, they will want to blame anyone with more "goods" than themselves. Shops will be looted, the rich will be targeted.  They will not realize this terror plot has been carried out by a handful of people, albeit with the aid of many frontmen such as our polititians, mortgage brokers, etc.

We must convey to them that those who have managed to squirrel away some resources (precious metals) or manufacturing equipment or inventory will be very necessary for us to rebuild.  The Chinese will seize plants/equipment when we forfeit or hyperinflate.  



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'Tis a Mighty and Just Cause.

What are to be the implements we employ to break, even strain against the shackles?

Ghandi and MLK had seemingly weak options...


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Water the tree of liberty...

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c.1600, "state in which supreme power rests in the people," from Fr. république, from L. respublica (abl. republica), lit. res publica "public interest, the state," from res "affair, matter, thing" + publica, fem. of publicus "public" (see public).


The people have spoken, and this is what they want.