Libyan Forces Use Tear-Gas To Disperse Anti-Gaddafi Protest In Tripoli, Gun Fire Heard

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and in unrelated news


The director of the London School of Economics has resigned over the university's links to the family of Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi



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and in unrelated news:

China Increases Military Spending by 12.7 Percent

Cioran had a clever thought once. He said: "Hitler and Stalin will look like pupils compared to the dictators of the 21st century."

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Forget about the Chinese army. Corruption is everywhere inside the Chinese army. A couple of Chinese generals are actually full-time pop singers. lol

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So they'll try to kill you with pop music. Get the Bieber guy and send him to China.

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"So they'll try to kill you with pop music."

Yep, been done before:

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Well if ever existed a country in dire need of US-style democracy, it's Libya.  Besides, what's the worst that can happen?  If the US kills a few more brown people all it has to do is have its top military commander apologize.  All good.

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"US-style democracy". Do you mean fascism, marxism, an oligarchy, Kleptocracy, thugocracy. A little specificity please.

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+ FaMaOliKleth it's all of the above.

Meanwhile in other news...

It emerged last night that British authorities had intercepted a ship carrying £100 million worth of Libyan currency and escorted it into Harwich, Essex.

The ship had tried to dock in Tripoli over the weekend but decided it was unsafe and proceeded to Britain, tracked by UK authorities. The seized currency is now subject to UN action. The operation came days after Britain prevented the export of £850million in Libyan bank notes, which were printed in the north of England, to Tripoli.


So it goes, the drama.


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Oh but it's not [fascism, marxism, etc.] when the US does it!

All of the above!

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The countries to watch are Yemen,Iraq,and Bahrain. It is ironic that there is protest in Iraq meanwhile our government are not saying nothing as 17 iraqis were killed last week. President Saleh of Yemen shoots protestors while Odumbo is mum. This is the beginning of the end of America's role in the middle east. The crakcs are showing,and if Bahrain falls and Saudi Arabia intervenes then this will open a can of worms. Yemen is falling,the shiites in Bahrain are pissed of at the sunni royal family,and the Iraqis want to get rid of the central government. March is going to be an interesting month.

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We are missing Pakistan here.They are now in cricket fever but as soon as that subsides,they will wake up in gunpowder stack.

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Interesting indeed that we heard nothing about protests in Iraq.  Since the first day of Egyptian protests, I've been expecting the long-suffering Iraqi's to pick up the ball.  What a perfect opportunity for them! 

Iraq oil production: 2.7M bpd

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Gaddafi didn't realize that he was supposed to make slaves out of Libyans prior to giving them rights; that's where he really screwed up.  America, doing things right!

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The rebels are showing their love for Gaddafi.

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"Air Attacks in Libya (EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE)"

Reuters reports. BBC reports. CNN reports. Zerohedge reports.

Is there a George Bush among one of the Tylers?

"See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda."


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MSM Spin:

Its not tear gas, the Libyans are crying tears of joy that Gadhafi is helping to keep peace in his country. They just love him soooo much. Just like us Americans love big ben and his applesauce quartet soooo much.

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Could be worse; Libyan soldiers could be throwing mustard gas at them.

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I just blew coffee out my nose

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3 Dutch marines captured in Libya, lynx helicopter seized.

Who said old school european colonizing behaviour sucks? Really, and what about directly going back to cold war insanity and going some DEFCON levels down?

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Don't know if anyone else has mentioned this already, but Gaddafi should be running out of the cash he needs to pay his supporters and buy loyalty from his detractors. Libya does not print its own currency - it's outsourced to a small firm in NE England, and a ship carrying the money has been seized. Along with the £900million worth seized last week, Gadaffi is missing about £1 billion + worth of notes. He must be running out of currency in circulation by now, unless the mercs from Chad have started to accept his Amex black.

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