Libyan Protesters Hang Two Policemen In Al Baida, As Sermons Urge Locals To Ignore "Imperialist, Zionist" Attempts To Stir Revolution

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Well, Well, the people are finally catching on the scams and charades of government and the Money Masters.

"When governments fear the people, there is Liberty. When the people fear the government, there is Tyranny!"  ...Thomas Jefferson


Pretty much has been the rule throughout history and in any country.

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Coming to a lamp post near you...............

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here piggy... piggy.. piggy.


here piggy...piggy.. piggy.


I have a new neck tie for you, 100% all natural fiber... it may get a lil snug, but we are putting it on you for our safety and yours. we wouldnt want anyone getting hurt (that doesnt work for the system).

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I'm kinda surprised that Kaddafi has more than two non-senile brain cells to think with at this late date.

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kovalchuk is over priced and he fights like a high school girl

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Meanwhile, Sack is getting ready to sip some afternoon margaritas at Tavern on the Green.



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The Tavern is out of business...

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I just heard he had his limo drop him off at PenTop Bar:


"I (won't be) seeing you there, Brian"

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what Dip??  Ben made dips ancient history

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The ruling powers over there watched Hosni and learned a lesson; Kill people or lose everything.

Thousands will now die. Tens of thousands injured.

The powers will lose everything anyway.

Hey Bernanke --- you still 100% sure about all this? Or is this what you had in mind?

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He was 100% sure that his plan of total chaos and destruction would occur and that he could spark WWIII in 15 mins... if you read between the lines.

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1 kind of scum(muslim dictators) is covering the ass with another scum zionists, LOL

Dictators can't be choosers when it comes to the preservation of their power

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Nobody really thought Egypt was over, right?

Wisconsin is our Egypt. Everyman for himself, isn't that right Dr.?

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Egypt - poor, repressed people fight for freedom because they can't afford food.

Wisconsin - overweight teachers making above-average salaries with cushy pension and health benefits fight for increased taxes (on everyone else) to continue the gravy train.

Yeah, it's a one-to-one correlation......

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They are doing it only for children. This clip is documenting it without any doubt:


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I suspect a few PATCO solutions will soon be implemented...

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Hah, and that video validates my "overweight" comment too. Look at the land whales in that clip.

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Any word from the Suez?

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It's either the Jews or the Wisconsin Teachers Union. One or both of these groups is responsible for the disturbances in Libya. Maybe Jewish teachers from Wisconsin? They have infiltrated Libya.

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Well, he said "Zionists".  Many Jews, myself included, don't particularly care for Zionists.

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Oh good.  I am glad there are still some Jooz here.  Anti zionist rants are no fun unless there  are zionists to hear them.  Could you pretend to be a zionist?  Please?

And whatever happened to Satansanus or Satsuna?  He is either a jew devil or a sweet delicious tangerine.  I miss his anti-goyim comments.

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Lamp posts, bitchez!

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The State Dept. must be in full freak out mode.

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Hilary "I wear the pants suits in this family" Clinton is busy getting some beauty sleep. Epic fail.

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Hilary "I wear the pants suits in this family" Clinton is busy getting some beauty sleep.

It ain't working.

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daffy is a sick f*ck and should have been taken out decades ago.

A reformed terrorist doesn't get a pass.

He helped to slaughter thousands and gave the go ahead for many acts of terror.


A good clean burn every couple of 100 years is just what the doctor orders.

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Nothing wrong in Libya that couldn't be solved with a single well-placed 50cal round shot from 800 yards. A good marksman with a fresh barrel could do it easy. 

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Normally I don't like hollow points for long shots, but something about Hamburger Gaddafi brings a smile.  A-1 sauce with that, Cougar?

cougar_w's picture

Nah. Just a little salt and pepper and yer good.

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That old dried up bastard would be pretty stringy by now.

cougar_w's picture

Plenty of tenderizing left in a 50cal round at 800 yards. Besides, cats aren't known to be that particular.

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As is that large geometrical military Headquarter complex in WashDC

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This means more money for them. A call to the New York Fed should fix that.

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All diplomats called back to D.C.:

Hillary Clinton having a former CIA analyst dragged from her press conference on freedom of expression in the ME:

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Holy Cow!

That's not going to make CNN or Faux.

All the more reason to stop watching all TV.



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We are mostly all Americans here... we have the American EGO! we are seekers of freedom for others....

when in reality, we seek money / oil / energy from others... and we really live in a police state.

In Wisconson... the elected officials will be forced to participate at gun point (or by people who carry guns, same fucking thing) to vote or not vote and just be present, legally.

That is a police state action.

now my ego doesnt want to acknowledge that, but it is true.

we should admit we have a problem openly and then try to fix it.

Hanging all the lil piggy's is a GREAT start!

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and for cnbc the story of the day is soup; little or no reporting on people being killed in the mideast, or the outrageous cover-up of the so-called "protesters" in wisc who are like pigs at the public tax trough being asked to back up or $3.75/gal gas or soaring silver

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When I read the headline "Libyan Protesters Hang Two Policemen" you are not really supposed to be happy about a death, but I my 'natural' reaction was to smile :O

I think Duke Nukem put it best 'Eat Shit and Die!"

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Disagree. The policemen may have represented local authority to the people - but they are small cogs in a much bigger machine.

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Maybe so, but sooner or later, the Police are gonna have to choose sides:

1.  Support the will of the majority (including their own relatives more than likely) or,

2.  Support TPTB hiding behind their guns.

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"Suck my boom stick!"  best Duke Nukem line ever!

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Wave 2 of revolutionary wave: (Bahrain, Libya, Yemen, Algeria, Djibouti) more violent, much more at stake for US. Big oil implications. 

Pakistan hanging on by a shred. And that would be a huge volatile event

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I think we will need new mottos come next week-

"Buy the fucking chaos."

"Buy the global revolution."

"Buy the anarchy."

Just make sure you buy food!

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Nah, just rename a current acronym:

BTFD= Burn the Fucker Down.



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We don't need no water.

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Let's not forget, " by the flucking lamp post..."

Caviar Emptor's picture

Or Just: STFR.....Sell The Fucking Riff!