The Lights Have Officially Gone Out In the US

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Here’s a
news story that summates the US economy’s problems rather well:


The last major GE factory making ordinary
incandescent light bulbs in the United States is closing this month,
marking a small, sad exit for a product and
company that can trace their roots to
Thomas Alva Edison's innovations in the 1870s




Here we have
a product, invented by one of America’s Greatest inventors (if not THE
greatest), of which the US was the premiere manufacturer, now being
manufactured ENTIRELY overseas:


How could
this have happened?


What made the plant here vulnerable is, in
part, a 2007 energy conservation measure passed by Congress that set standards
essentially banning ordinary incandescents by 2014.
The law will force millions of American households to switch to more
efficient bulbs.


resulting savings in energy and greenhouse-gas emissions are expected to be
immense. But the move also had
unintended consequences


Rather than setting off a boom in the U.S.
manufacture of replacement lights, the leading replacement lights are compact
fluorescents, or CFLs, which are made almost entirely overseas, mostly in


This story,
more than anything else I’ve seen in recent weeks, summates beautifully the current
political/ economic situation for the US today.


which is comprised of individuals who know nothing about engineering,
chemistry, manufacturing, or any other technical know-how, pass a law based on
political agenda without even bother to consider the impact on the US economy.


As if that
weren’t ignorant enough, Congress then proclaims that the new clean energy
policies will CREATE jobs, once again
proving they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about when it comes to real
economic conditions in the US.


The end result?


An industry
that has flourished in the US for over a century, founded by an American
genius, has now been entirely outsourced overseas. That’s just one more nail in
the coffin for the American manufacturing base. And one more wave of American
workers finding themselves at the unemployment line (the last existing plant in
Winchester, VA is laying off 200 people this month).


understand, I am not against Clean Energy at all. What I AM against is stupid
policies losing Americans jobs just to fatten profit margins at the large


The real
winner of this whole set-up is of course the multi-national company, in this
case GE, which, by the way, owes its very existence to tax payer bailout money
from 2008. GE will very likely see a slight bump in profits by cutting down on
the operational costs of its light-bulb manufacturing wing (labor is cheaper in


This hammers
home one of the founding theses of my socio-political newsletter The
Phoenix World Views Digest
, that the US is comprised of two groups of
people:  individual citizens and
the large multi-nationals. These two operate under a completely different set
of rules. And the system is entirely rigged to benefit the latter (the
multi-nationals) at the expense of the former (individuals).


Until this
changes, the US will remain as it has been for the last 30 years: an oligarchy
masquerading as a democracy.


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george22's picture

This is silly. GE, or any other company, *should* cut workers if it increases profits. This is what capitalism is all about. Why would you want a company to run itself like a Soviet state-owned enterprise, employing however many workers the government tells them to?

Ideally, the human capital cut will be put to better use somewhere else in the economy, in some manner where it can be utilized efficiently and profitably.

However, with automation increasingly becoming the norm, it seems to me that there will always be a certain amount of unemployment in advanced economies.
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bullchit's picture

What's all this shit about LED's being expensive? You're being set-up. Here in Asia LED;s are in everything......for pennies.  4 years ago I bought a rechargable 6 bulb LED torch, for the equivalent of $5. Throws a beam 50 metres. Used daily. Made in China. 

You're being set up for "expensive" LED. Don't fall for it.


moneymutt's picture

Does author understand difference between anecdote and general trends in whole data set?

And please, like libertarians give a flying F about American labor.... its so sweet that the author is suddenly so concerned. Most righties would be bouncing in joy to see all of Detroit shut down and have only domestic car manufacturing done  either overseas or by low paid workers in the south, by foreign companies that pay little to no taxes domestically because states offered no taxes to get their plants, by foreign companies that have their engineers, execs and managers, marketers, designers in a foreign corporate HQ.

I suppose all the other industries that went to China, like say textiles or consumer goods manufacturing, did so because US enforced technology advancements. Tax code and Congress decrees can create perverse distortions to economy, no doubt but sometimes it can be helpful to overall goals of society and sometimes counter-productive to common wealth, its question of good policy. Detroit fought fuel efficiency standard like mad in late 90s and early 2000s, and then the high price of gas and their fuel-efficient foreign competition nearly destroyed them permanently. Their foreign competition was fuel efficient because of policies of their domestic governments, like high taxes on gas.

One anecdote does not make a strong case about a trend, especially one can easily think of reverse anecdotes from recent headlines

People are so caught up in their ideological ruts, so emotional about their political "team",  few want to openly, rigorously think widely about policy, about the whole picture, about all the options, about what is demonstrably working and not working in other countries with systems like or nor like those one is ideologically wedded to. If we are to succeed as a country we most honestly look at the results of various policies, politics, and economic systems in different countries.

One of the more successful economies in world in terms of what it delivers to most of its people, its common wealth appears to be Germany. They are an export machine despite a high value of Euro in recent past. Their workers are paid well, have lots of vacation, work short work weeks, retire well. The have a good education system but its not all about that, as many high school educated guys serve on the company boards, have prominent roles. They have lots of regulations and state meddling. They have lots of social safety nets and fairly high taxes. But their middle class and general economy is way better off than us, their companies are very competitive in global economy. Why don't we honestly figure out how they do so well, comparative to us and try to emulate? Instead, we have academic arguments about stuff with out every considering the gold mine of data and evidence provided to us by other countries use of varying policies.

And mourning the loss of the incandescent bulb manufacturing is like mourning the loss of the manufacturer of adding machines or horse drawn plows. How anachronistic is a light bulb that is almost identical to ones made 130 years ago while technology in other fields are quantum leaps ahead of what was produced just decades ago. I have talked to far too many scientist and patent people to be able to dismiss the idea that for many, many years, big corps like GE suppressed new technologies that would have permanently disrupted their business model of light bulbs that needed frequent replacement and were a huge waste of energy. How else could such technology be so stuck for so many years? And now, they finally get taken out by Congress, so be it.

The real thing that should make the author sad is why is ALL new technology, the wave of future even if Congress had not accelerated it, why is that ALL manufactured in China?...all US manufacturing going to China is not remotely primarily due to overly "green" policies of Congress...there are many other reasons, and many of them maybe Congress' fault, for the loss of our manufacturing base in US.... those are things we should be thinking about....but keep distracted about "the green regulations ruining everything" thesis you got going there and such regulation "being the one and only policy that did in US workers and manufacturing base" if it makes you feel good and reinforces your biases, don't think about Germany and all their regulations,t axes, and promotion of clean energy, don't think about how China actually took our manufacturing no, its all about those regulations taking out a century old technology, nothing else.

Frank Owen's picture

Moneymutt - great comment. Thanks.

moneymutt's picture

thanks, I feel all alone sometimes...

Frank Owen's picture

You're not alone. Never have been, and hopefully never will be.
"Self-interest, or rather self-love, or egoism, has been more plausibly substituted as the basis of morality. But I consider our relations with others as constituting the boundaries of morality. With ourselves, we stand on the ground of identity, not of relation, which last, requiring two subjects, excludes self-love confined to a single one. To ourselves, in strict language, we can owe no duties, obligation requiring also two parties. Self-love, therefore, is no part of morality. Indeed, it is exactly its counterpart." Thomas Jefferson

Oh, here's a Max Keiser treat for you:

moneymutt's picture

thanks again, nice Jefferson quote, I like most founding father quotes, but had never seen this one. They did talk a lot about virtue, not something high up in our dicsussions today.

I agree selfishness is the exact opposite of morality.

BarrySoetoro's picture

Despite what your hippie teachers tried to cram down your throat, one iron-clad truth remains: The primary purpose of a business is to make much as possible as quickly as possible.  And if that means sourcing labor in a place where bullshit Obama regulations and Big Union thuggery don't invade every corner of the shop, then that's what a business should do.  The Democrat party has spent the past 50 years creating a hostile environment for business in this country and now we are enjoying the fruits of their hard work.

This country's biggest problem today is its epidemic of entitlement mentality.  The governnment isn't entitled to a business' money, and American's aren't entitled to a job.  Liberals have priced American labor out of the market...tough shit, and better learn some Chinese unless this country is willing to purge liberalism from its shores forever.

moneymutt's picture

Did you just not read the several paragraphs about Germany. Your response perfectly makes the point of my post, you are so wedded to your ideology and your hate on one presonalty that you completely ignore evidence I present to exactly counter your biases.

How does Germany compete with China? not by being low wage (they are well paid), not by destroying their unions (they are some of the strongest in the world), not by removing regulations, shoot German is one of the leading lights for Greens in Europe and for promoting alternative, clean energy...

Would it explode your brain if you actually thought for a moment on how Germany defies your logic gravity? Just maybe there are some merits, and some holes in your arguments, maybe there is some gray zone but I suppose is better to emotional rant about your pet peeve than actually think about what has worked or has not.

Besides, you don't even have to look to foreign countries, all the things you rail against were in place, in force, in spades in US in 50s, 60s, 70s, high taxes, strong unions, entitlement...shoot, a person with a simple HS degree felt "entitled" to a job with wages as good as college-degreed folks, including generous pension benefits, wages so good a guy with a HS degree with a regular, blue collar job could buy a house, raise a family on his salary alone...and those were the best of times economically of times in would say all that ills us is stuff that was even more prevalent at the time we were at our economic best, what sense does that make?

You seem to say we should do what we did from 1998-2008, deregulate, reduce wages, legislate away Union powers, make gas guzzling cars, have a congress and Pres that are Repubs, and then all will be better. Really  from 1996-200 when Repbus controlled Congress and had nuetered Clinton, thebi-partisan supported, Repub congress pusshed Gramm bill passed deregulation on banks, something the likes of you advocated for strongly. After that, from 2000-2006, maybe you forgot, Repubs controlled everything, got their way on did that turn out for us? Did Repub philosophy improve America's economy? jobs? middle class?

How can we even have a dicsussion and try to figure things out when people don't even look at the facts, evidence, and actual results of policies? Instead you just keep your biases no matter how badly they fail or how well other policies do for other countries.

Frank Owen's picture

Ayn Rand fan no doubt.
Your rant is so full of hatred towards liberals you can't see straight. What a one-sided piece of garbage.

aldousd's picture

The only thing that concerns me about this whole thing is that it was nudged by government. I have no problem with industries dying or being outsourced. It's nothing new really, nor is it bad on a large scale.  It will be bad if people decide to take up complaining about it full time, or go postal on the government or something instead of trying to find something else to do. But, if they expect the government to figure out what that is for them, they deserve whatever the hell they do or don't get.

moneymutt's picture

I agree that many govt actions in markets can have bad or perverse effects, however that does not mean government actions are always bad for economy/common wealth, anymore than they are always good. I think it about looking at the potential policies and seeing what works and doesn't. Like this law that killed this plant, such a result shoudl have been quite predictable and should have been considered. With some thought, it is likely the law could have accomplished its goals, energy savings, less imported oil, pollution etc and also kept the light bulb people working here in US doing LED's.

I just can't buy govt is alway bad argument any more than I can buy the companies/capitalism is always bad, they each have their place and ways they should be checked and limited. Too many people are completely anti-business or completely anti-government in my mind, and it blocks us from effective thinking. Look at successful countries around the world that have strong, wide middle classes, great neighborhoods and cities, good globally competive economies, they are usually very balanced between govt and private sector and if anything, more heavy on govt meddling than we are.

aldousd's picture

Creative Destruction. Nobody making horse carriages anymore except but for a very niche market:


Azannoth's picture

"Here we have a product, invented by one of America’s Greatest inventors (if not THE greatest).."

BullShit Nikola Tesla invented things Edison could not dream about, only that Nikola was a Serb imigrant

Treeplanter's picture

The new mercury bulbs put out less heat.  That's nice for a desk area.  Otherwise, I intend to stock up on the old guys while I can.

BarrySoetoro's picture

I love this line:

What made the plant here vulnerable is, in part, a 2007 energy conservation measure passed by Congress...

"In part"??  What, exactly, was the other "part"?  Congress bans product, factory that makes product shuts down...seems pretty clear to me.

And while I'm at it, I love the phrase "unintended consequences."  Unintended is not the same thing as "unforeseen."  If I get drunk off my ass, plow into a school bus and kill a bunch of kids, that is an unintended consequence...but it sure as shit ISN'T an unforeseen consequence.  My dog could have called this one.

merehuman's picture

life is dangerous

darkpool2's picture

Duh, do you all have to have such linear minds?. There`s a role for many different types of lights in different places and different circumstances, just optimize. Frankly if you dont cheap out by buying the WalMart quality CFL`s,  they do last a long time and they dont take forever to get to full luminosity.(a little patience maybe) I am probably 80% CFL`s in the house, with scatterings of halogens etc where needed. Kept my energy costs flat for years. 

anvILL's picture

Who cares?
They have been using Japanese equipment to make their fluorecents for decades anyway.....

lynnybee's picture

............. & we gave our tax dollars to G.E. in the T.A.R.P. so they wouldn't go bankrupt !!!!!!   So, they stole money from the American Citizens & our children & unborn children & then tell us all to go to hell, they don't need us as workers anymore ?     WHERE'S THE REVOLUTION ?


merehuman's picture

on channel 7?  Oh , got it mixed up with survivors. How can i do revolution when poorly educated, barely literate and "dont have time for that shit".

Sides you all done chemtrailed my ass with barium and aluminum and who knows what other shit you all might spray on us. I AM NOT a damn vegetable and would never noticed the chemtrails but it was on utube. Who would a known , do folks really look up?  Too busy chasing the next desire  to see what goes on around me. A hell i am busy making money, i dont want to hear about no damn silver. Gold? what the hell is that?

I am sure the government knows what its doing, my banker assured me of that and he wears a suit. I aint even got one, so i know he knows whats up.

I will probably have to wait in line to be microchipped, but i will go early like when i got my ipod. I can buy it now and pay next year . Yea.

The absurdity of normal life. I wish you all a better day. Merehuman

Seer's picture

Hey!  As Dick Cheney told us, "The American way of life isn't negotiable!"  The masters have spoken, all fall in line...

digalert's picture

Barack Hussein Obama:

"under my plan, electricity rates will necessarily sky rocket"

I'm constantly looking back for my elusive carbon footprint.

John_Coltrane's picture

Yeah, greenies strength isn't really in laws like conversation of energy.  Its much more energy efficient to maintain an older vehicle for 10 years than the energy input and environmental damage required to make the raw materials for a new one.  Its all about centralized control for them.

And LEDs are also a scam (I did basic research for years on them) since they require DC current to run.  Thus, like CFLs which require expensive transformers in their base to boost conventional 120 V, they require rectifiers to convert stand AC to CD.  And the weak point is their transformers so one rarely gets the full bulb lifetime claimed.  This is both inefficient and expensive.  Thus, the high cost of both technologies.  The only way they would ever be adopted is by mandate.  The energy cost of manufacture must always be fully accounted for.  Stockpile those incandescents while you can.  You'll never get the color rendering they provide from any FL or LED source.

Richard Whitney's picture

Cfls cost more than they are worth. They contain mercury - doesn anyone not know what problems this presents? Their expected life is overstated by a large factor. They are only efficient when they are on and left on; in a place like a bathroom, where the light goes on and off, they are no more efficient than regular light bulbs. So the green movement has managed to make consumers poorer, endanger their health, perpetrate a fraud and corrupt the general understanding of science. This is not progress.

prophet's picture

Powerless.  Hmm. 

What companies could still operate profitably if we turned off the grid?  Would that be a net job creator?

My TV broke a few days after the flash crash and I have not seen CNBC since.  I wish quitting smoking was so easy.

The Internet would need a breather.  A good thing since it was created with funding from the government with the intent of being a way to corral the growing fringe using phreak technologies to converse in dispersant ways.

Reggie would be spot on with his RIMM call.

Would put the financial collapse thing on the back burner for awhile.

You can bet when "they" pull the rip cord its going to be a humdinger!


Hang The Fed's picture

This whole thing is just another sad example of what we're promised is compromised by the machinations of the scumbags who really pull the levers and push the buttons in the economy and our government.  Should we be pursuing greater energy efficiency?  FUCK YES...I think it's blatantly clear to anyone other than the creationist freaks that the planet upon which we live is a finite object, with finite resources.  Pushing down the same stupid road in terms of energy policy is like finding your fucking wagon up to the axles in the muck, not twenty feet from solid ground, yet deciding that you can somehow plow through while the oxen dragging the whole rig are floating upside down.

However, saying one thing while doing another (hypocrisy) is an even emptier promise.  The current energy policy is STILL handing out ridiculous, offensive and just plain stupid breaks to the same ilk who have transformed the GoM into a giant chemical toilet.  Hence, due to the obligations of our political talking-heads, all that you see here are the same self-serving consequences that result from lackeys doing their masters' bidding.  If our "elected officials" TRULY believed in a forward-thinking energy policy, we'd stop supporting multinational corporations that are determined to squeeze every last useless dollar out of us for the production and delivery of such filthy and antiquated resources and we'd have a public policy that supported the development of newer energy technologies.  It damn sure wouldn't happen overnight, but this current miasma of empty words and misguided actions isn't helping a single...fucking...thing.

Instead, your "elected officials" are simply shipping more manufacturing overseas, under the same antiquated construct that we now know is NOT the way forward, and they are pleasing their masters via actions that make the people at large look at a new and progressive energy policy as some sort of boogeyman that will take even more of their jobs away.  If you want some proof of this, just look at the fiscal benefits enjoyed by the petroleum/coal industries vs. the amount of federal funds that actually go toward the development of new energy technologies.  You'll find a disparity that roughly matches the gulf between the economic realities that ZH readers see and what the puppet-show government reports.  Sick, sad, useless, and completely self-destructive.

We WERE the country of innovation and, we're just another bunch of chumps, being led around by a bunch of douchebags via media disinformation and policies that are dressed up as "supporting" progress, yet only damaging the people in favor of satisfying the entrenched TBTF's AND the "too big to prosecute or hold accountable."

*deep breath*...Okay, I'm done.  See it how you will, but this story only makes me see more duplicity on the part of our government in the service of their oligarch masters.

Hang The Fed's picture

No problem,'s summarized quite easily.

We will be/are taught to hate the idea of progress, or new ideas that run counter to what we know, simply because there are some people who have a vested interest in keeping things as they are, and they have enough political or economic influence to paint the picture that way.  It obscures rational thinking in favor of nationalism, theism, and, at its ugliest, racism.  But, better that we're all squabbling amongst ourselves and trying to provide for our families...dogs that have been beaten for a long enough time start to forget that they ever knew anything else, and they're happy when a handout comes instead of more whipping. 

covert's picture

all of America is turning against success and ambition in all ways everywhere and pretending not to be, why?

Seer's picture

Please DO elaborate as to what you mean by "success" and "ambition."

JW n FL's picture
General Electric Main Plant

DEC Selects Cleanup Plan for General Electric Main Plant Site Record of Decision for Operable Units 3 and 4 Signed on March 30, 2005

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has issued a Record of Decision (ROD) for the General Electric Main Plant State Superfund site in the City of Schenectady/Town of Rotterdam, Schenectady County.

The estimated total present worth cost to implement the remedy is $45,800,000. Capital costs for construction of the selected active remedial actions is $13,300,000. The estimated average annual operation, maintenance, and monitoring costs for 30 years is $2,513,000.


Which is why.... G.E. has plants over seas... no enviromental problems...


GE has six wind manufacturing and assembly facilities in Germany, Spain, China and the United States. (1 here 5 else where around the World)

Fast Facts for Lighting EMEA

  • 8 000+ employees
  • 8 manufacturing locations:
    • 7 in Hungary,
      1 in Spain
  • Operations in 34 countries
  • 6000+ lamp types and solutions
  • Headquarters in Budapest, Hungary
  • Global Technology Center in Budapest

Dr. Sandi's picture

DEC Selects Cleanup Plan for General Electric Main Plant SiteRecord of Decision for Operable Units 3 and 4 Signed on March 30, 2005

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has issued a Record of Decision (ROD) for the General Electric Main Plant State Superfund site in the City of Schenectady/Town of Rotterdam, Schenectady County.


The estimated total present worth cost to implement the remedy is $45,800,000. Capital costs for construction of the selected active remedial actions is $13,300,000. The estimated average annual operation, maintenance, and monitoring costs for 30 years is $2,513,000.

If that's not an fine example of U.S. job creation by GE, then I don't know what the hell is!

And GE is doing this without even paying a dime of federal income tax. Makes me damned proud to be a Yank.

sgt_doom's picture

Hmmm....but Dr. Sandi sounds like a Canadian name.

Are you from Canada too?

Blaise Pascal's picture

If you like incandescent bulbs, now is the time to stock up; they will no longer be available (in 2014, I believe).

Before you buy CFLs, with their mercury problems, consider LED bulbs.  Solid state, very efficient, much lower lumens / watt, and no mercury disposal problem.

I am exploring those myself.


JW n FL's picture
At GE, manufacturing – and factory singing – matters!

It’s been a week in which the fundamental importance of manufacturing and R&D has been on the front burner at GE. The company just announced that it’s opening an Advanced Manufacturing and Software Technology Center outside of Detroit that will bring 1,100 jobs to Michigan. And GE’s Chairman and CEO delivered a speech to The Detroit Economic Club hammering home the theme that U.S. businesses need to aggressively invest in export-driven manufacturing if the country is to successfully emerge from a “reset” economy. It’s why we’d like to leave you on this 4th of July holiday weekend with three newly launched TV ads that salute the people at GE who roll up their sleeves everyday. And besides, who knew that GE’s assembly lines inspired so much teary-eyed singing?

sgt_doom's picture

You from Canada?

You sure sound like it?  I bet you're from Canada?

And it's the 51st state, dude.

JW n FL's picture

General Electric plans on building a $135 million, 150,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in the Rensselaer Technology Park.

GE will receive $10 million from the state Senate to make the deal happen, said Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno.

"This is tremendous news because, for the first time in recent memory, General Electric, one of the largest corporations in the world, a company that began in our region, has chosen the Capital Region as the site (for) a major, new, high-tech manufacturing facility," Bruno said.
Seer's picture

Free Money (bribes all around)!

JW n FL's picture

G.E. is building a 350-employee plant in Schenectady, N.Y., to make high-density batteries that will turn many locomotives into diesel-electric hybrids. And in Louisville, Ky., it is adding a factory that will employ 420 workers to produce hybrid electric water heaters — heaters now made in China.

The two moves by G.E., often accused of being too quick to close plants and move operations overseas, came only after its unions agreed to keep costs down by swallowing painful concessions, including a two-tier wage structure.

JW n FL's picture

Fantastic Read... Thank You for Your view! You are Fantastic Phoenix Capital Research! Please keep the information coming! You are a Service to Your fellow Country Man / Woman. The truth in a easily digestable format can reach everyone, thusly turning the tide... Educating the masses is what it will really take to make any real change in our Country. IMHO 

Millennial's picture


Push it to the 3:22 mark.


I love this video makes me feel proud to be an American. Also cheers me up.

Seer's picture

Just when I thought that I'd seen the most grievous excess I run across something like this!

Racing trucks... good god!  I remember when trucks were for working.  Cars were the only thing that were supposed to be fast.

TuesdayBen's picture

LED lighting is the future.  Love it.

TheMerryPrankster's picture

CFLs are crappy and suffer a whole host of problems, like reduced lifespan when used in an inverted position, won't work with dimmers, slow warm up, etc.

But CFL's are only an intermediate solution, LED lights will be socket compatible and should last much longer and give off a better light. Current problem is they are expensive. I don't know what magic will be used to reduce the  price, right now there is talk of utilities subsidizing the cost of new LED bulbs, since the decreased power use would help to extend  the productive lives of current powerplants and decrease the need for new power plant construction.


Currently almost all LED production  occurs in places other than the U.S. - we don't make stuff, we just consume.


Seer's picture

"I don't know what magic will be used to reduce the  price, right now there is talk of utilities subsidizing the cost of new LED bulbs, since the decreased power use would help to extend  the productive lives of current powerplants and decrease the need for new power plant construction."

You can no more subsidize-away costs than you can eliminate risk by spreading it out!

Those costs will come in the form of higher electricity rates.  Higher electricity rates will mean more $$ for the folks who mine coal.  It all washes out!

We have to level out consumption and then back off.  Either that, or we die.  Unfortunately it appears that the elites have made the decision: we all die (so that their "system" can run until it hits the wall).

anonnn's picture

LEDs now available with white light [output] and being sold to RV'ers and others living off-grid.

These LEDs use so little electricity that 12V systems, using solar for battery re-charge, can have white space lighting without draining battery supply.  I.e., daylight solar recharge  exceeds 24-hr battery demand for full lighting.

 Incandescant, fluorescent and CFL drain the battery beyond solar rate of recharge. 

Re: Edison"s lamp. The patent was NOT for the lamp [bulb]! The US patent was issued for the system incorporating both electrical grid and the lamp...after a long and ruthless patent battle. After all, it was apparent that  English inventor Swan  had already demonstrated his carbonized bamboo filament that was first to last long enough [hours] to be practical. It is known that a lot of $ changed hands before the patent was issued to Edison...for the system.

Everyman's picture

Boycott GE.  IF the CEO iand BOD are so smart to bring us to this point they have no reason to be in business.  This is not leadership or innovation, it is criminal.

sgt_doom's picture

"Boycott GE."

Oh wow, dood, like that is so smart and masterful, are youse from Princeton, Harvard or a Yalie.

What color are your panties, dood?

Seriously, are you a certified American zombie consumertard?

Sheeple boycott, consumers boycott, real citizens blow the effing stuffing out of things.

Or are you one of those sneaky bastard Canadians who's always claiming they didn't get the memo?????