Lipper Reports Largest Ever Weekly High Yield Outflow

Tyler Durden's picture

Just out per Lipper, High Yield recorded its largest weekly outflow ever with a negative $2.8 billion this week. Presumably this is due to the risk off mood in the markets carried over from last week, or maybe just more funds converting out of fixed income and pumping into equities in advance of what even the futures just seem to realize is an inevitability (go ahead, check out the ES chart AH, we dare you). That said, per ICI there was a 3rd consecutive outflow from domestic equity, so perhaps this was simply derisking. Continuing on the Lipper news, the 4 week average dropped from $181 million of inflows to $641 million in outflows, pushing the year to date down by half to just $2.9 billion in inflows. On the other hand, loan funds continues being John Holmes with $9.5 billion in YTD inflows, although just $57 million (down from $686 million) in the last week.