Live MSNBC Video Coverage Of Earthquake

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For those who don't have access to a TV...

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Funny, many ZHers have killed their sets. I have not had cable in years. MSM is obsolete...just google it.

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I'm watching this and then wondering why.  It's so entirely useless.  These people just fill the silence with their incessant babbling.  It's less than useless.

I am Chumbawamba.

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less than useless,

worse than noise

in the attic

infant toys.

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I haven't killed my set yet...gotta watch the Simpsons, but I do not waste time watching idiot media parading about blathering on about nothing. I get far more here than I do from watching the various clownNBC shows.

I have never had cable and won't because there's really nothing of value there, it's only a distraction.

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Thought the same thing. No braodband either, so no Net TV either.

But having eyes that "see" is  compensation enough.


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Hello ORI,

Nice link. I think if you have not already read them you will find the following books by immanuel Velikovsky very interesting:

Worlds in Collision

Ages in Chaos

Earth in Upheaval


Oh regional Indian's picture

Thanks Drachma. have not read th ebooks but have read all his work that is on-line.

India is a litttle low and slow that way (book-wise).

Look at those titles, tell the whole story eh?


Drachma's picture

They may be a little low and slow, but they sure have great book prices. I remember paying $35 (including shipping) for all my electrical engineering textbooks from India, as opposed to $400+ here in Canada.

BTW, I'm looking for a good translation of the Mahabhata and Ramayana. Any suggestions on a  good link?


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B-but I own one of those USB thingies to watch TV on my computer!

I didn't watch TV in the last two years, though. Only my brother uses it.

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Tsunami waves (est @ 6ft) should be reaching Hawaii about now.

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That guy is a fucking imperial retard.  He has no concept of the metric system.  1.2m is less than 4ft, not 6ft.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Japonese are tough people.

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I knew my family was different when I was in the first grade in the 1960's.

I went to a friend's house and discovered they had all the furniture in the house arranged around a big color Cabinet TV so they'd never have to take their eyes off of it. 

My family had a black and white portable TV we kept in a closet unless somebody wanted to use it. 



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we kept our TV out but my youngest brother was in the closet

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Which one of the USB devices do you use to watch TV on your computer?

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I'm from Brazil and the model that I use here wouldn't be suitable for you (Brazil uses the Japanese HDTV system).

Get one from Hauppage and you will be set.

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This is a neat way to find who does not have a TV...

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1 Year tv free here. One day I decided that I was tired of watching other people live their lives and decided to get the hell up and live my own...

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I decided that I was tired of watching other people live their lives and decided to get the hell up and live my own...




That was very well put. Things are changing now, and rapidly at that. What worked in the past won't work any longer.

impending doom's picture

Thanks. It only came as a result of feeling like I was inherently damaged for years since I was dissatisfied with the status quo, despite "winning" the game. Just to illustrate: I was engaged to a stunningly gorgeous, devastatingly intelligent girl who essentially told me to fuck off once I woke up. I just couldn't match up with the Jeeersy Shore, Amerikkkan Idle, So You Think You Can Trance... This quote keeps me going: It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

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did they blame Bush or Palin yet?

little carl of cnbc fame is attacking gov walker like a small dog

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No tv here. It was like a bad breakup...they have hounded me for months to come back.

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thank you, Tyler ....... i do not have cable & would not have known about this ......... so happy for ZEROHEDGE in my life.

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I have a TV, it just never gets turned on. Rabbit ears, gubmint got me digital for fwee!!! Don't miss it at all. Maybe Craiglist the sucker and get more shiny. But seriously, what else is gonna go wrong? Cue the frogs?

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No wonder you never watch it.......(;

DosZap's picture

No wonder you never watch it.......(;

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The spokesman for the Tsunami warning center thinks 1.2 meters is 6 feet and 2 meters is 8 or 9 feet.

Will someone buy this fool a meter stick and a yard stick and let him see the difference?

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Isn't math a required subject for scientists?


I am Chumbawamba.

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and while you're at it, send some to the treasury 

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Not these days. I'm currently taking a requisite course for my degree. It's called Electricity and Magnetism: a non-calculus approach to the EM phenomenon.

We wouldn't want to muddy the waters with MATH now, would we? After all, the concept of electric potential is so much easier [for the instructor] when you don't have to explain vectors and gradient fields.


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Other than a sports event now and then and some PBS cooking shows (Lidia) I have lost interest in tv. Gov paid for my digital box, I have no cable.

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Thanks for the photos.  I threw out all TVs some years ago when I got mad at the managed news, the disgusting entertainment and the annoying ads.  Haven't missed it.  Interesting to see how many others on ZH do without TV.  I might have guessed that.

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Shit, I haven't had TV since 2000.  Why anyone would invite an inanimate object into their living room to lie to them and try to sell them plastic crap they don't need is simply beyond me.  It's a complete waste, and I have too little time for that.  Everything TV can do, other media and real actual experience do with greater breadth and depth.

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i swear one of our guys called the earthquake last night before it happened!!!:

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The Brits call our news "talking heads".  Few pictures, lots of editorializing, glibness, when a picture comes it is 50% obscured by text, pictures, logos, and of course  sheer ignorance on the part of the staff as to world geography, history or politics.  I hate US news.

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Our news is all glitz n tits.

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the best coverage... not pg-13.. you will see people getting killed.. you have been warned.