Live Webcast Of The Obama-Merkel Press Conference

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Expect the usual: more promises of Marshall Plans, more FX liquidity swaps, more US taxpayer commitments to keep Europe afloat and the Greek retirement age under 60, etc.

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Silver bitches ... in first.

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Police is out of control! This is so stupid!

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Read the law sometime.

It is against the law to pay any debt with more than 50 pennies.

It has been on the books for a long time.  It was meant to avoid harrassing debt payments.  Think of a dump truck of pennies to pay for a month's rent.


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Thus, I now feel safe defacing over 49 cents worth of copper currency.



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ummm ... bullshit.


Title 31 , Subtitle IV , Chapter 51 : Coins and Currency
Subchapter I: Monetary System
Section 5103: Legal Tender
United States **coins** and currency (including Federal reserve notes and circulating notes of Federal reserve banks and national banks) are legal tender for **all** debts, public charges, taxes, and dues...

[emphasis added]


Would you care to post the citation backing up your nonsense?

Didn't think so.



EDIT: They don't have to accept them, but it certainly isn't "against the law".




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Another conference where both leaders think they are superior to each other.  All they share in common is the knowledge that them and the bankers are the only ones smart enough to understand the economy and that they are doing it all for the people, the people just don't understand how good they have it.

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Someone get Marine One to Crawford ASAP and bring back dubya. At least he invented new words.

Someone needs his meds: "largest donors of assistance...uh..uh...largest donors of assistance"

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Notice how the world leaders are gathering? ehhhhhhh?
Something is brewing. All this slop they dribble out at these highly arranged appearances are all a front.

A-lignments and dis-ly so. The pieces are in movement. Merkel was in India last week and skirmished with Iran on the way in just to set the right "tone'. Dis-cordant that is.

Trippy days and trippy nights...


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No joke -

Obama is going to give Merkel a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

What next? Are they going to give Ludacris a Nobel Peace Price (or Economic Award)?

This shit is beyond farcical.

They're going to ensure that there is a formal institution set up in Libya, ''to ensure the transition of power from Kdaffy to the people," and to accompany the Rebels' newly founded fractional reserve model central bank and oil pumping infrastructure.

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Yeah, except Gaddafi is winning. Absent U.S. boots on the ground (Italians and French won't cut it), Gaddafi is going to stay in power.

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It'll be interesting to see who he points his finger at this morning...

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they are pulling each others fingers.. not pointing!

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Step 1. Put on a suit and tie.

Step 2. Hold a press conference.

Step 3. Sell people on the idea that you know what you're doing.

Step 4. Take their money.

Step 5. Profit.

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repeat every 4 years......'democracy'

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I will call your Austerity Measures and Raise YOU! one (1) Patriot Act! Sir!! what do you say now?

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Why is there a portrait of Elizabeth Bathory on that wall???

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Merkel looks like she needs help...

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My guess is her diapers have overflooded.
Someone ought to carve a swastika on her big, fat, ugly, greasy, heavily covered with makeup forehead.

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That is one ugly bitch, and the German is no looker either. 


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they let you out on day parole cheeky

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"That is one ugly bitch, and the German is no looker either. "

Fucking classic! Tyler: Quote of the day...

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how does that solve Greece's problem?...They can't use the grease from her over blown butt cheeks or from her flaccid oil their economic wheels!

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Not even with Weiner's electronic cyber dick...

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Goody, more teleprompter porn.....

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How did she get the presidential medal of freedom?

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How did he get a Nobel [Rothschild] Peace Prize?

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he was the highest bidder...

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and Trichet got the Karlspreis recently. I mean Merkel, Obama, Trichet etc. are as evil as puppets can be. But these prizes are EXTREMELY disgusting. Are they inflating or is it just my perception?

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And then Hillary announces at the State Dept luncheon Chancellor Merkel is being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom ... and Obama is anxious to give Merkel the award.   Damn lies and liars

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CNBS central: Kudlow pumping the the "new improved" Barama, now referred to as DUDE?

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Merkel: When we make the handoff, I double back, grab one of 'em and beat it out of him! Huh?
The Dude: That's a great plan, Angela. That's fuckin' ingenious, if I understand it correctly. It's a Swiss fuckin' watch.

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Nihilist 1: "Ve vant ze money, Merkel!"

Nihilist 2: "Or ve cut of yer Johnson..."

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Tha fuck you say ?


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They both have experience blowing bankers.

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They are both guardians of the Rothschild's banking dynasty.

No banks will ever be allowed to fail! Endless bailouts, endless liquidity!

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Apparently reading from paper is more difficult than reading from a teleprompter...

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Don't forget a JOINT TASKFORCE!

spanish inquisition's picture

Don't forget a JOINT TASKFORCE!

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Mrs MULTI CULTI has failed is standing next to a black (quasi) President in the worlds leading nanny state talking about partnership and mutual success. GOD why am I even watching this mess.

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Because it's so vitally important that every Corporate Media Broadcast Channel is running it?

Ahh, good ole public service.

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Please Mr. Obama


Ask Angela the following question


What will Germany do when Spanish 10yrs bond hits 7%....Leave the Euro¿? Why they still hold all the gold reserves against the "Washington 2004 Agreement"...

What a farce is German Financial System , they are corrupted: SPECIALLY LANDESBANKS,

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This guy is hitting all the pre-elections rhetoric-- it's a tired old script: talk about an ideal future while perpetuating the status quo which is nothing short of debt slavery for the ruling class.

It's so funny how as these pathetic leaders start losing their popularity they seek solace in their partners in crime. Talk about war efforts to try and boost morale and unity while glossing over the facts that their banking masters continue to engage in the biggest economic genocide that would make Hitler blush.

Trying to take credit in helping the democratic process in MENA while they kill the process domestically. 

Meaningless rhetoric bulletpoints:

  • Working together
  • Military acknowledgement
  • Pro-democratic efforts in hotspots
  • Middle East peace process
  • Education
  • Jobs
  • Future Utopia of nations coming together

Create an ongoing drama and point to it as a means of progress when popular sentiment wanes.

How cute, he's trying to talk economics-- wreaks of coaching from his moronic advisors-- carrys the same meaningless analysis.

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Send the people below to Libya, to help the "freedom fighters" (who already have a complete, fully functional, fractional reserve central bank and oil economy).

Jefferson County To Lay Off One-Third Of It's Workforce To Avoid Largest-Ever Municipal Bankruptcy

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While Rome burns Nero-Obama fiddles and acts like life just goes along as usual.