LNKD Touches All Time Low Of $75.82; Everyone Who Bought Post Break Is Now At A Loss

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We really hope that the guy who bought LNKD at $122 on its first tday of trading has sold, because while one may debate the merits of gold and silver as an alternative currency to the infinitely dilutable linen/cotton contraption that has become enemy #1 of every central planner alive, there is absolutely no debating that LNKD is and will be nothing short of a dot com bubble until it drops to its fair value, somewhere 60% lower than current prices...where its fwd PE will be at most triple digits. Yet that will hardly be a consolation to LNKD longs: since everyone who got an allocation at the IPO has since sold, the entire LNKD long base (that has not booked a profit) is now at a loss.

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Mmmn nothing like the smell of a good bagholder.

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Single Digits look to be on tap.... then possibly some day in the future LNKDQ.pk.

Might take awhile, can't do an IPO and go pink sheets in less than a year... it would look bad for GS. LOL




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Everyone who is holding Linkedin is so incredibly hosed.  Honestly, did anyone NOT see this coming?

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LNKD will be under $30 within 6 months to a year, and there's actually every reason to believe it could be under $10.

The only question that's really worth pondering is whether it goes to the delisted status (and pink sheets).

When the markets crash, due to a systemic event or series of events that unwind the Fed and Treasury nectar that for now have catapulted the artifice that is our new Amerikan equity markets into insane territory, and despite the much hyped 'Bernanke Put' (that failed miserably before, in 2007, just as all 'Greenspan Puts' failed, ultimately) LNKD could be one of the old-school 'Winners of the New World,' and see single digits or even go to zed.

It's by its own admission, and at best, generating 15 million of net income a year, and more realistically (as ZH pointed out, probably closer to 2.5 million net), and that was without the crushing compliance/regulatory costs of being an equity traded on a public exchange, and it has gone so far to concede it will lose money for the foreseeable future now that it is being traded publicly.

When reality sets in, we will all look back in amazement that a company with these numbers could ever have achieved a market cap of 1 billion, let alone 10 billion, and that is assuming it's ever able to be profitable while it trades on a public exchange.

Preceding every major market top and subsequent crash in equity Ponzi history, there are always macro events that sound the alarm, and then there is that one, easy to identify fraud that becomes emblematic of the incredible irrationality of what was the entire farce du jour, which could be LNKD when the chapter is ultimately written (though, admittedly, there is a great deal of competition to choose from in seeking that symbol of epic and transitory stupidity).

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At least they have a bag to put their old pets.com and webvan prospectuses in.

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goin' to $20... as will the rest of these $5 ground-breaking suck-ins.

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Maybe that is why MASSACHUSETTS HAS REACTIVATED THE MILITIA!!! Once the stock markets collapse then all is on like DonKeyKonG!



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Maybe... its BYOOD Bring your Own Olive Drab... but I think this is serious news because it shows that the states are expecting some sort of social unrest.... what else could it be?

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What's the CAGR for the peak-baggers?

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The CEO is comfortable with the price.

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wow - slow news day.

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If 22 posts so far today is slow, we would love to hear your definition of fast.

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Really Tyler?  That sounded like sarcasm to me.

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edit: Nevermind, I did a bit of tracking and see that Bob likes to complain about the service around here.

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ignore the trolls sir, not worth your time.

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My bad - not well stated.  Can not believe that LKND trading is particularly meaningful in the scheme of everything that is going on. 

Just saying save your energy / resources for posts that matter most - and don't sweat the quantity of posts (understanding that may fly in the face of web business 101).  Fewer more insightful posts are better than large quantity of posts that don't matter much. 


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there are others who like more news (and i have yet to find smt not interesting posted here)...you can screen through and read what you are interested...just saying...we got enough screeners already looking to give us that "insightful stuff" which is good for us...thats why we come to ZH...

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Understood.  But, and this is not a ZH commentary, the internet and cable tv presents so much absolutely useless drivel, that help in sorting out the highly relevant from the fairly irrelevant is a valuable service.  At the height of the "information age" the noise from endless chatter buries the important items. 

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Here is an idea. Don't click on the stories you don't like.

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the calm before the storm me boy

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I'm trading in all my physical for LNKD!  HoboFader told me to.

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If you do, he'll use your picture as the screen saver on whichever one of the four screens in his corner office you choose.

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"Interest rates are amazingly low and that, thanks to Ben Bernanke, is driving everything," Yastrow said. "We’re on the verge of a great, great depression. The [Federal Reserve] knows it.



Ah ... soothing words. QE3 anyone ?

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I love it.  And the 10yr is now below 3%.  People love losing money to negative real rates?  They can just give me the difference and I'll even return some to them so they lose less.


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Can't wait until insiders offer the secondary in January. I should be able to buy in at an astronomic multiple instead of a galatic one

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Internet based recruitment service for middle ranking service sector employees - can't get more leveraged beta than that....

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How much do social network sites cost to dig out of the ground?  Anyone?  I think someone said $5 a few days ago...

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There is someone out there who bought at 122.  He/She has to feel like a complete douche.

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Yes, Brian Nutsack bought it as 122, via the FED... using current and future taxpayers monies...

... so, whos the real sucker in that situation?

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LOL.  Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.

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Who'd a thunk it??

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Bobo "the tradar" BTFD NOW!





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Watching motherfuckers drop!

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Those that forget history, are doomed to repeat it.  Dot com bust didn't ring in any of these investors ears?

Onward to the printing press, QE#3 will launch soon... 


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the entire LNKD long base (that has not booked a profit) is now at a loss.


I wonder how many 401k owners realize this might include some of the funds that their expert managers put them into?


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Euphoria reminds me of silver.

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A 10 year company with $2-million in earnings is still worth $7-billon.  Much more room to fall.

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Um, sorry... but who is stupid enough to buy shares like this, Facebook or Twitter anyways?

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that stock that company isn't worth 50 cents! It's a shit job networking service in a fucking ddepression! Think about monster? What a joke their are no jobs. Monster just try's to sign up idiots for online classes with Phoenix university. Absolute horse shit! Bartending school is more reputable then any of that carp.

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THe only shitbags that have "value" are financials. I'm sure they lapped up some of that profit pump. Hey, even crooks need cash, too.

If QE continues, they could at least print me off a few loafs this time. I wanna buy a scooter for robotrader.

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Does CNBS still have a ticker going of LNKD?

Got my puts in place yesterday.  I sure hope this doesn't hurt the Groupon IPO, that one will be an even better short.

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CAN'T WAIT. Let's ROLL!!!!!!!!


bobotrader, we is countin on YOU!

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atleast groupon is making money though...the valuation will probably be astronomical but they do have a decent business model....for now.

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you underestimate the retards

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Investors holding LNKD shares at last Friday close were not Linked in to their few remaining brain cells.

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Wheeeeeeeee!  I love slides.    



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Here in Silicon Valley, everybody talking about IPO again like 10 years ago, but I know this 2nd tech bubble came at wrong time.