London Rioters Attack Ritz Hotel, Fail To Dent Reinforced Glass

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Just your typical London protest. The Telegraph has recorded the attempted break and entry into a bank, which however proves too much for scattered "anarchists" courtesy of reinforced glass. The same can not be said for the Ritz hotel unfortunately.

And the latest timeline from The Telegraph:

19.15 Scotland Yard says: "Although the TUC march has passed
peacefully there remain pockets of disruption by breakaway groups in the
West End."

19.00 A Large bonfire lit by protesters in the eastern end of Jermyn
Street appears to be getting out of control, says reporter David Barrett,
with buildings now looking at risk.

18.55 Projectiles known as "Thunderflashes" - fireworks
containing coins - are understood to have been thrown at police in
Piccadilly Circus. Some riot police appear to be removing reflective bibs,
to reduce the risk of being set alight.

18.30 Amid clashes between police and protestors, a police
officer appears badly hurt, reports Michael Howie from Piccadilly. Half a
dozen police medics treat him before he is dispatched to an ambulance,
wearing a neck brace.

Meanwhile, protesters are being allowed out of the kettle, but those who do
not want to move on are involved in clashes near Piccadilly Circus.

17:59 Daniel Hannan, Telegraph blogger and MEP, questions the
negativity of the protest, in the post: 'March
for the Alternative'? WHAT alternative?

17.35 Lloyds TSB bank on Piccadilly is under attack from protesters, at
least one large plate glass window has been smashed, with banner poles now
being used as weapons, while red paint bombs have been thrown. Nearby a
protester is being treated for a head wound by police medics.

17.30 Reporter Michael Howie is among a crowd of thousands of people
contained within the police kettle surrounding Fortnum & Mason. He sends
this report:

"Skirmishes have broken out as police block off the exits to
Piccadilly, with protesters charging either end. Shop windows have been
smashed as terrified demonstrators and shoppers got caught up in the

One father sheltered her distraught little girl in a doorway as missiles
were flung at riot police who hit back, striking some with their shield.

Peter and Elizabeth Davies, both 73, from Guernsey, were desperate to
escape the clashes.

'I came here to see my mother in a nursing home and we just wanted to find
a nice place to eat," said Mr Davies, taking refuge with his wife in a

'It's terrifying,' said Mrs Davies. 'I've never seen anything like it


attack Topshop in Oxford Street

17.10 In Oxford Circus, many shops are now closed, though shoppers
continue to stroll among activists, with the main troublemakers dressed in
black, says reporter Ben Leach:

"Many of the shops around Oxford Circus are now closed as hundreds of
activists continue to protest outside Topshop. Dozens of police officers are
lining the entrance and seven riot vans are parked nearby.

Banners reading 'Keep warm, burn out the rich' are draped from traffic
lights, and flags depicting Che Guevara are being carried by the remaining
hardcore of protesters.

Shoppers continue to stroll through the area, which is filled mainly with
activists, most of whom seem to be either teenagers or in their twenties or
early thirties. The main trouble makers are dressed head to toe in black,
some wearing face masks, scarves to cover their faces and helmets."


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High Plains Drifter's picture

sounds like the agent provocateurs are busy today in London.

Careless Whisper's picture

indeed. those abercrombie & fitch "anarchists" were planted to make the peaceful protestors look bad.


Sudden Debt's picture

why do their need to always be "peacefull" protestors?

Peacefull never cut it.

Blow and burn a few places to the ground and let some blood flow in the streets. That's how points are made.

Only sheep walk "peacefull" to the slaughterhouse.

The banks ruined it all and politicians topped it off.

The real points will only be made if some of those bankers and politicians are shot or murdered.




falak pema's picture

listen you eater of 'moules frites' the word ...'peaceful' only has ONE 'L' at the end...Capito? I know you have no government right now...But it is no reason to be a semi-frog in a dining room of the Ritz.

AG BCN's picture

very funny:) however SD does have a point.

falak pema's picture

he loves dining in the Ritz with his PITCHFORK!

Thomas's picture

Tony Blankley may have foreshadowed this in "The West's Last Chance".

MrPook's picture

She is a mad cunt though

YHC-FTSE's picture


Yes she is. That's the highest score I've given anyone. She is a two-faced, zionista mad cunt brimming with hate for anything decent, good, or fragrant.

Freddie's picture


Some tard here will say they just want their rights like the union goons in Wisc.

YHC-FTSE's picture

Mate, if you can't see that Melanie Philips is a mad cunt, then there's no hope for you. 

Arkadaba's picture

Mmmm almost time for dinner - moules frites - sounds great as long as the moules don't come from anywhere near Japan:

Sudden Debt's picture

Weaklings like your sort need to switch to racial insults and grammar corrections to be noticed.

The day you are able to communicate in my language or any language that's not your own and do it without making any mistakes you may speak. Otherwise you should keep a lid on it.


Arkadaba's picture

Parle-tu francais? Pas de tout(e?s?) Zerohedgers sont ___________

Fill in the blank.

And no I'm not going to do accents - pain in the ass on an english keyboard. 

Edit: Crap - Zerohedgers should be plural

falak pema's picture

I love to pick up the gauntlet of a man so sure of his baboonishness that he waggles his rosy, pink butt like it was the quintessential ornament, the inimitable perfection, the one and only queen's necklace...Marie Antionette would swoon from envy.

What be your of such profound disdain..that the ground trembles at each step you take?

joshbot's picture

falak pema just touchéd Sudden Debt's ass! (As in countered not felt, get your minds out of the gutters people!)


scratch_and_sniff's picture

eh? Take the marbles out of your mouth mate, this is 2011...unless you have mental problems, in which case accept my appologies.

Non Passaran's picture

Excellent stuff, FP.
I had few words for Sudden Debt, but you put it so nicely, there's nothing left to say.

Voluntary Exchange's picture

@Sudden Debt:

You are leaving the realm of "man" wherein you have unalienable rights, and plunging into the realm of beast, where other beasts will do battle with you. Enjoy your choice.

Antarctico's picture

Oh my, such talk!  Too much of this and sir might find himself being detained indefinitely at a FEMA camp.

mogul rider's picture

Oh fuck another dope thinking a fucking ditch digger should make 80K pounds a year.

I can't fucking wait for the cops to shoot these fucking maggots and get the party started.

As a private taxpayer I have fucking had it with civil serpents and their never ending list of bitches as we die.

Fuck'em shoot the scum and let's get on with rebuilding a society based on work for pay not some fiucking distortion whereby a dick with grade 4 education makes 80K a year.



SuperRay's picture

wow, what a really think that these people have fourth grade educations and dig ditches for 80k a year? can you actually comprehend anything more complex than skiing down a mountain and getting laid or drunk afterwards? what a douche you are

rich_wicks's picture

You don't seem to get it.

Guess what people in the private get paid?  AS LOW as the private sector can pay them, before people from the private sector refuse to work at those rates.

Guess what the people in the public sector get paid?  As much as their unions demand.

Public sector salaries have to be cut until you have JUST ENOUGH people willing to work for that level.  Public servants are ludicrously overpaid.

GoinFawr's picture

No dick-wich, you  don't seem to get it.

If you are honestly trying to tell us that 'austerity' for the middle classes is going to result in any sort of permanent reduction in their tax burden, you are either a complicit elitist or an unwitting dupe. If it's the former: fuck you and all your actually 'ludicrously overpaid' ilk.

tmosley's picture

These people aren't members of the middle class.  They are members of the government class.  They deserve NOTHING.  Sadly, they won't get it until they push for "everything" too hard.

GoinFawr's picture

Yah yah yah, your type always says that until they find themselves in a situation where they need some real help. MY OH MY how quicklly the tune changes at that point...

Just so I can be certain we're on the same page, would you mind elaborating on what exactly you mean by "these people"? You know the one's who, unlike glorious self righteous you, "deserve NOTHING."

Dr. Porkchop's picture

I'm not sure.. are you cheering for a world where everyone is paid as little as possible?

tmosley's picture

Yes, that is economics.  You want some people to just be able to get as much money as they claim they should while others get market wages?  That is redistribution of wealth on a massive scale, and leads directly to economic collapse, and then EVERYONE starves.

goldfish1's picture

Way back when some hunters morphed into farmers and the division of labor seemed a good way to set up a nice little deal with water, food and shelter…money became an instrument. If I remember, the guy who managed the water was king dude. Now it’s mega-freaking-rich-I-own-the-world against you- got-shit-and-you-better-like-it. How to remedy this imbalance?

Harlequin001's picture

Dr Porkchop that is precisely how market based economies should work.

sullymandias's picture

You gonna fucking tell me that union workers caused this financial mess? That they are the ones that fucked us over into debt? WTF, get a fucking clue. It's the elite that fucked us, no questions asked. If you have a problem with a union worker, that's your fuckin' problem. Either you are with the rest of us against the man, or you are pond scum, not worth a fuckin three-sentence post.

Non Passaran's picture

Well, public sector unions are as guilty as everyone else, if not more. Do they negatively contribute to budget deficit? Yes. Did they (like the average Joe) take out ridiculous mortgages? Yes. Do they (union workers working for the gov't) remain largely unaffected by the crisis while the private sector is getting screwed? Yes. The corrupt government and large business are culprit #1, but public sector unions are close to he top of that list.

Arkadaba's picture

I work in the private sector and do ok. I make more than my sister who works for the gov. She definitely has more benefits and job security. Trade-off: She hates her job and I love what I do. 

In the US there is such a knee-jerk reaction to unions. The only thing that makes sense to me is that you been trained

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

ark, what ?? unions are run by an elite overcompensated thugs..the system of extracting dues by law would remind one of taxation if one could connect the dots..and who is supported by funds from those a clue?

a one eyed man in the land of the blind.

YHC-FTSE's picture

+1 @Arkadaba

My thoughts exactly. 

Although we have very different histories in this aspect. The worst parts of unions in Britain can be summed up by Peter Sellers' Fred Kite. But according to their msm, the American unions are always associated with gangsters and political corruption. 

ElvisDog's picture

I'm a government contractor and not a day goes by when I don't think what a lucky bastard I am. However, if a budget cut comes along and I am laid off I will not be out there waving a sign at the injustice or claiming I'm doing it "for the children". I will head into unemployment knowing that I was a lucky bastard all these years.

Milestones's picture

Not necessarily disagreeing with you but,. maybe you ought to a have a little chat with your city mayor, city council, city atty. and city mgr. as to where in the hell were they when these "hugh" sums were granted to these dumb grunts?  Ya know even a slice of bread has two sides to it; why not demand their versions of events. Might get interesting.    Milestones

Bobbyrib's picture

From all your junks, I do believe this country is not smart enough to have a middle class. The Conservative first class, corporatist, bootlickers will learn when it is too late to save them.

Everything is so stacked against the middle class in this country it is not even funny. Life as an agrarian is looking better and better. Farm land in Montana is still pretty cheap. If only I knew how to farm...

maximin thrax's picture

And yet, it does have a middle class. There must be something you've missed.

Bobbyrib's picture

Eventually it will not. We're heading back towards the days of 19th century America. How glorious for the non-rich it will be!

maximin thrax's picture

My ancestors were perfectly happy in 19th Century America, reconstruction notwithstanding. Throw in flat screens and internet and we'll have it better. Maybe the middle class should scale back its expectations?

Bobbyrib's picture

I imagine some people were perfectly happy in the 19th century. That is not to say times were good during the time period. Whenever I read about 19th century America it doesn't sound like a place I would want to live and work in. Is "socialist" Canada taking Americans yet?

You can brag about our healthcare over every other country how ever much you want, but much like your ancestors in the 19th century most Americans will not be able to afford healthcare (Obamacare or not). When your country's economy collapses it leaves a larger pool of applicants for corporations to hire, run into the ground, and replace. If there are so many people desperate for work, why provide healthcare when companies and executives could just keep more and more?


scratch_and_sniff's picture

I'll give a guy 80k to dig a ditch...if he throws you in it.

VyseLegendaire's picture

You better edit your post before the Ministry of Truth catches on.