A Look At Global Economic Events In The Upcoming Most Important Week Of The Year - All Aboard The QE2!

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Friday and Saturday: Breeder's Cup @ Churchill Downs!

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I wager $10 that we get non-specifics, implications, nonsensical blabber, and a basic evaluation of bernakes neatly trimmed beard and jesus christ pose ... and perhaps we can guess the cup size of the libertarian looking blonde aid sitting behind him ...

they will tell us nothing; no numbers... nuthin'.

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If that is the case then people will flock to safety (gold/silver). If we get less than expected QE people will flock to safety (gold/silver). If we get more QE than we thought, people will flock to safety (gold/silver). 


One thing is for sure - Bernankass won't get it "just right". He is dancing on a razor blade; either he falls to one side or the other, or else he gets cut in half. 

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Bernanke's not going to meet the markets great expectations this week.

This whole 2 month ramp job on wild expectations was just to allow the criminal insiders and good old boys to distribute their shares to the suckers who will be left holding the bag.

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Yeah, they'll probably crash it, then do QE...something to the tune of 5-7trl.  Banks have massive short positions.

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Got any back-up for any of that? It would make monkeys out of a lot of people if you do.

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Hey wait a minute, this QE2 has no life boats.....

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When will we hear about QE2?  Is that the same as the "US FOMC decision"?

DosZap's picture

All this hinges on Tuesday night.

If the GOP,takes House & Senate, the QE Shit is over.

Commods, will tank for a couple of weeks, or maybe longer......FALSE hope will be born anew.

Obammy will still be his usual gregarious,race healing self.

But, his Boyeeez,Weekend at Bernies, LiL' Timmay, will be history..............

If they take(and  they will) the House, and leave the  DemoNcrats Senate in control(even 2 seats), then we get QE 2 in increments of 100 B per mo(or, as Prescribed).

And business as usual, except for no legislation will get done, some undone, and the rest of the next 2yrs,will be TRIALS.


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Even without a majority, our esteemed senator from the great state of Kentucky(?), Mr. Ron Paul will become the head of the committee that will put Ben on a tight leash.....so I think QE2 is much ado about nothin.  That plus the fact that China just put a couple of shots across our bow as well as the complete destruction of far, far too many completely U.S. gov't dependents - nope for the big QE.  Remember, newly created dependent are way more appealing to this corrupt gang of thieves than current "customers".

Endstrategy's picture

treemagnet, are you talking about American citizens that are now dependent on the gov? Or about foreign coutnries that are newly dependent on the US?

What else has China done recently besides ramp up rhetoric and temporarily restrict REE?

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I would like to see emerging markets follow China's lead and peg to the dollar. I think that would make QE2 more fun to watch.

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Smells like intervention going on.




Humpty Pundit's picture

Everyone is expecting the announcement on QE2 during the FOMC release Tuesday at 2:15 ET.

bull-market_3.0's picture

Isn't it happening on Wednesday?

Miss Expectations's picture

"BOE, ECB and BOJ are all scheduled to meet soon after the FOMC. The BoJ meeting was advanced to allow an earlier start of its asset purchases program. For the MPC, our UK economists do not expect an announcement of additional QE. Policymakers around the world will no doubt be closely watching the market reaction following the FOMC decision...."

And then I thought of this scene from The Great Dictator:


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I sailed the QE2 years ago fabulous lobster bisque. As a student it was only $300 to Southhampton. When I passed the white cliffs of Dover thought of Jimi Hendrix and the 2 grand i lossed in their casino.

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"From Goldman's Tan/Stopler dynamic duo"

So did Tyler write this or these GS douchebags?

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I predict silver will go up at least 3 percent this week.  If it goes down, I´m buying more.

If it goes up, Im buying more.  If it doesnt move, I´m buying more.  As Wilde quipped about someone, ¨He knows the price of everying and the value of nothing.¨ Silver and gold are fantastic values.  And Im buying good smooth Nicaraguan rum to sip as the show unfolds.

Thanks Tyler for this great site.


flacon's picture

I'm loaded to the hilt with silver - but dang, I forgot about rum! I'll buy a couple cases of Johnnie Walker "Black Label".



HarryWanger's picture

Everyone in on the same side of this "expected QE2 trade" when that happens expect the opposite. They all say sell on the news, I think we rally big on the announcement.

Just how the game works.

Robslob's picture

Which Rally are we on...getting confused with QE Rally, Split Congress Rally or now the Republican House and split Senate Rally...?

asianist's picture

I'm starting to cringe at the thought of any new intervention in Japan. It's like one of those movies where the hero tries in vain to resuscitate a dead loved one; refusing to give up and screaming "start, damn you!" while hammering and punching the victim's chest, to the distress of everyone watching. And then a truckload of defibrilators pulls up behind...

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