A Look At Key Global Events In The Upcoming Week

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Bernanke: "Inflation.... Who me? No, no, Ipad 3 will be even cheaper!"

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Will we be so lucky to hear of the passing of all these Financial Raping Criminals?

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And US now working to ease Ali Abdullah Saleh out of Presidency in Yemen.  To what lengths will we go and what will Saudi Arabia do? 

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Does that count as a Quantitative, Qualitative or an Abdullahtative Easing?

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Sorry off topic, but I need a quick answer.

In Canada can I sell 1 ounce of Gold without a paper trail?


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Use a casino to "exchange" it or a payday loan or a local pawn shop.  You won't get spot price, but it's pretty close.

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Thanks, this was what I was told

Reality is no dealer in gold or gold coins will buy any "in case" unless they comply with FINTRAC regulations, even if theoretically they don't have too.

Most gold bullion requires a purchase certificate normally issued through the Bank of Nova Scotia (who for some reason has dealt in gold and is the depositor of record for eons). You have a difficult time selling gold without that certificate of purchase.

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"..each one of these is a 'life'; a life you helped destroy..."

Hope you're not looking for a fence.

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Gas in my city in Michigan just went to 3.89/gallon.  Don't you just want to see who is saying there is no inflation?  10% more to $4.00 on the National average.

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Ya think?   Rice and wheat comodities buys in 2011 are the no brainers of the century.

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Something to keep an eye on is the highly contagious "Negative AIDS" disease that has appeared in China.  It could literally wipe out half the world's population within 2-5 years...


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All we need is one more problem. 

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It just dawned on me.... What with the useless state of the MSM today, no content whatsoever worth spending time with...  Why not start a new news channel called the Conspiracy Channel?  And do just what it suggests.  Realize that over the last 5 to 10 years, it would have been more entertaining and predictively accurate than just about any other source?  And what with the state of the world today, probably'd get a damned good audience to boot.

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This is an intense week. All this NUMBer talk talk is one thing.

Meanwhile, screaming disaster headline fatigue has set in, which might have been th eintention. India just had a Cricket World cup and not a mention made of Japan or this thing that is be-falling all of us. 

The middle east has simmered much louder than int he past few weeks, 10's of thousands on th estreets in Sanaa and other places. And yet, with Fukushima grabbing top billing, it's been back-grounded. Watch it come screaming back. US assets are being re-deployed, they are losing the plot in Libya, which means escalation....

Europe will give a money-shock, as Ireland meekly accepts another banker forced bail-out. Something will give there. Sooner rather than later. Just like a rising tide floats all boats, a falling tide grounds them. 

No good outcomes. I hope most here are materially out of the "market casino", all those winner's bells are just to pull the fools in.

Hard money, hard decisions....



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ORI, I had this thought the other day and it reminded me of you!  Maybe the end of the mayan calander is a cosmic pun for the end of the age of maya.  All the illusions of comfort and order that we cling to are crumbling around us.  soon many will realize we are naked and alone in a hostile world!  thanks, as always for your insights -j.

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Ahhha j.D, very interesting. never made that connect myself.
Maya-n end time. I like it and you are welcome!

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the best analysis of the "end of times" and correlation to mayan and hopi prophecy, and it is much more realistic and verifiable than the trash you read elsewhere.  Study it closely.  I think they're on to something here, and I think the PTB certainly know much more....thus the distractions on a regular basis.



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nuclear monetary war oil



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NEW YORK (AP) — A Wall Street hedge fund manager accused in the biggest insider trading case in history bragged on a 2008 conference call about making a massive illegal trade only moments before the market closed, according to prosecutors who played a tape of the call Wednesday at his trial.

Speaking to three of his employees, Raj Rajaratman called it a "big drama" — one that prosecutors say began with an inside tip from a Goldman Sachs board member right after the board agreed to accept a blockbuster offer from Warren Buffet to pump $5 billion into the struggling investment bank.


Will there be any witnesses from GoldmanSachs at the Raj criminal insider trading trial next week?

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Heard tell that there's gonna be a representative, dude's an 88 y/o retired deaf, dumb, mute, blind janitorial assistant who was on the 3rd sub-basement swing shift.  They're planning on having him plead on a lesser charge of manic masturbatory events, will be sentenced to spend 3 weekends handing out towels in the lady's room at Smith & Wollenski's and placed on inconsequential non-supervisory all expenses paid probation in a Miami Beach co-op owned by Goldman.

All other charges will be dropped and case summarily dismissed.    

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Does anyone know anything credible about the possible revaluation of the iraqi dinar?

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My God...what is going on down there?

Declaring 2010 "the best year in safety performance in our company's history," the owner of the Gulf of Mexico rig that exploded has given its execs bonuses. 

"Notwithstanding the tragic loss of life in the Gulf of Mexico, we achieved an exemplary statistical safety record as measured by our total recordable incident rate and total potential severity rate," the SEC statement reads. "As measured by these standards, we recorded the best year in safety performance in our Company's history."

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Thanks Tyler, always go here first for my weekly macro prep.