A Look At Key Global Events In The Upcoming Week

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... It's like a repetitive nightmare that never ends.

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Friday May 20th:


NWO to stage false flag terror event in Jerusalem.



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IMF story means smoething big is coming.  If they did not want this to come out, it would not have hit the controlled disinformation media.  Distracting the masses while the next major event happens, classic.  Stories to distract the public while unvents unfold guarenteeing economic austerity for all the trusting masses.  Amazing display of controlling human psychology.

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I agree.


BeckAdict Arnold just returned from Israel and has been foreshadowing something big will happen soon. 

Combined with this, http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/05/15/us-palestinians-palestinians-idUSTRE74E1NT20110515


= Big Trouble Little China

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by Hugh G Rection
on Sun, 05/15/2011 - 15:36


I agree.


BeckAdict Arnold just returned from Israel and has been foreshadowing something big will happen soon. 

Combined with this, http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/05/15/us-palestinians-palestinians-idUSTRE74E1NT20110515


***** "That shooting took place in the tense neighborhood of Silwan in East Jerusalem, where violence regularly breaks out between Palestinian stone throwers and Israeli police and Jewish settlers." *****


You damn kids get off my lawn with those rocks or I will break out my m-16 and mow you down, again!

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The demonstrators in Tahrir waved Palestinian flags as they listened to speeches denouncing Israel and chanted in support of Palestinians. Pointing to the Israeli flag, protesters chanted “Bring it down, Burn it!

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the muslim brotherhood has been giving the christians a hard time over there too... just like everyone said would happen..


the muslim brotherhood has an entrenched political presence.. pre-over throw.. and then afterwards the new law chages and expedited the voting process which ensured the win for the muslim brotherhood.


I am waiting for the Obama Administration to completely leave the Christians in Egypt hanging.. at which point I will charter a jet and fly over with some friends and start my own private crusade.


This world is such a joke any way! why not?

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Fuck it. I'm in brother.

How do I get my ar50 through customs? This fucked corrupt world needs a dose of justifiable retribution.

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And the US Army Corps of Engineers would like take this opportunity to remind you that they are confident the dykes and levees along the Mississippi are engineered to withstand the additional pressure of the flood surge. 

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whats not on the agenda is how and who will they save the euro group. Now that superman is likely to be behind bars/side tracked.

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Superman can't help us now.  He's in a wheelchair.


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Canadians Banished at the U.S. Border: Ensnared in customs hassles post 9/11...


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I went to Canada for Canadian Thanks Giving! went back for Christmas with an un-paid traffic ticket from Florida that I had forgoten about.. I was turned around and sent back to the U.S.! Good I am glad Canadian's are getting the Hard Time that they give out! and all this after the cross boarder millitary deal between the U.S. and Canada. http://goo.gl/wNji8

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US congress raises debt ceiling without any cuts.

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Dont forget the Invasion of Israel


The promised (dont bet your bibby) new oil wells on the Atlantic And Alaska range to offset the Oil Spike set off by the Invasion.


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The Morganza Spillway has the potential to be the next "Black Swan". This is an artificial barricade that has prevented the Mississippi River from heading straight south for over 40 years. "Google it". The COE is opening it very slowly because they are not sure that they can close it after it is open. Can you say Nuclear power plants with no water...NOLA high and dry.

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If the news is inflationary-----> buy silver

If the news is deflationary----> buy silver

(because if the news is deflationary, that only means imminent QE(n +1)


People get with it.




Exchange NYMEX

Contract Type Futures

Country/Region United

Contract Identifiers

Trading Date2 8/11/2011

Expiration Date28/11/2011


Margin Requirements

Intraday Initial Margin 15,280

Intraday Maintenance Margin8,000


fuck it people buy


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Fukushima reality can no longer be hidden - this is the elephant in the room...


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Agree. Three reactor vessels leaking. Two more cities evacuated more than 30 km from Daiichi site. Impossible to get workers close enough to "repair" deadly reactors measured at 2Sv/hr. No that's not a typo. 2000mSv/hr. Cold shutdown ain't gonna happen.


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How about "Fukushima Nuclear Medicine Research Facility" as a name change ? Any stock plays you can recommend i.e. robotics, drones, radiation detectors and kits, COAL MINES ? Monedas 2011 Meltdown Magic Tour

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Don't forget DSK rape enquiry in New York. That may spook Euro markets.

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When the SHTF and we "One Per Centers" own all the private Au and Ag........we will all have the "half life" of a Coptic Christian in Cairo ! Monedas 2011 Have a Jolly Jihad