A Look At The Lawsuit Against Michael Lewis, In Which We Find That Brad Pitt Has Bought The Movie Right To "The Big Short"

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Brad Pitt hearts zerohedge.

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While I think it's great that Brad Pitt wants to tell this story, the most explosive documentaries can only be found on the Interwebs.

That said, I hope Mr. Pitt shocks the world with this story.

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>>That said, I hope Mr. Pitt shocks the world with this story.

A nice dialectic movie would be to get Fight Club meets Inside Job.

Fight Club II: 

Project Mayhem wasn't enough.

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Brad Pitt's production company, Plan B Entertainment Inc., has bought the movie rights and is working with Paramount Pictures Corporation to produce [The Big Short] film.

Jesus, Brad Bitt is getting Tyler Durden envy (or maybe Angelina is) now that the character he played has become bigger in cyber afterlife than he ever was on screen.

I sooo hope Alec Baldwin plays Barney Frank.

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Alec Baldwin? no way.


There is only one person, and one only that can play Bawney Fwank.


Elmer Fudd.(gepacker)

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I don't care who plays Barney Frank, just as long as Wing Chau is played by Bang Dae Ho.

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Just found this:

Morgan Stanley Hacked in China-Based Attacks That Hit Google

"Morgan Stanley experienced a “very sensitive” break-in to its network by the same China-based hackers who attacked Google Inc.’s computers more than a year ago, according to leaked e-mails from a cyber-security company working for the bank."


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Yo Chau!  Stop digging.

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discovery will be fun, the plaintiff will have to "wing" it

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I hate to say this and you can scorn me. I just couldn't get into the Big Short. On the other hand, I could read Liars Poker for the fourth time.

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No scorn needed.  It's probably one of those all or nothing books with people.  Me personally, once I started, I could hardly put it down.

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I think Brad Pitt would be smart to treat the movie rights to this book as a trade and not an investment.  Finance drama just doesn't translate very well onto the silver screen.  Wall St. may have spawned a whole generation of Gordon Gecko imitators but I don't think the movie was a smashing success at the time (and I have always been a bit underwhelmed by it frankly).

Trading Places, on the other hand, is fantastic as a comedy and the finance drama there is more of a plot device than the central focus of the movie.  Steve Martin once said that when he was starting out, comedians were all about Vietnam and Watergate and race relations.  He figured that eventually people were going to get tired of that political stuff and when they did, he was going to be there...and he was going to be silly.

With the very big caveat that there just might not be an afterwards this time around, I think something similar is going to be required to turn the financial shenanigans of the naughty oughties into box office gold.

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Glengarry Glenn Ross was used to spawn better sales people.  I know some who had to watch it as part of their orientation for a new job.


How about mandatory viewing of The Road?






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You just nailed it.  Do The Big Short as a black comedy.  Like Dr. Strangelove.

Box office gold.

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i agree that "money as evil" is a tough sell because "we already know that."  black comedy can be good--but satire can be self-defeating.  "it's not serious because it's not serious."  I like Shakespeare's "Hamlet" of course since "the play's the thing wherein' i catch the conscience of the King."  Of course "you need real talent" to pull that one off.  In other words "it's a crime in real time" and "i have something to say about that."  To the King himself tho?  As he "sit's on his throne"?  "Take me to your leader" Brad Pitt because "are you really willing to die for what you believe in"?  There was one great director who did that--his name was Orsen Welles and the movie was Citizen Kane.  Good luck!

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Money's not evil.  LOVE OF MONEY is evil.

And Citizen Kane was a pretty lousy story.  Just incredibly brilliant cinematography.

The Trial was Welles' best flick.

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Truth is a defense.

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Plan B needs to produce World War Z before The Big Short. 

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"depicts Mr. Chau as someone who ignored his professional responsibilities, made misrepresentations to investors, charged money for work that was not performed, had no stake in the CDOs he managed, was incompetent or reckless in carrying out his responsibilities, and violated his fiduciary duties by putting the interests of 'Wall Street bond trading desks' above those of his investors."

Shit man! That's a heck of a good resume! I'll bet Goldman Sucks got their eye on him! That's the kind of people they look for!!!

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I bet their offer letter is already on his desk

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Former Chinese restaurant financier looses trillions in meltdown and is hired by Jewish cabal to do God's work!

Given that plotline this will be one swell movie.

I just hope they give it a happy ending.

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Everybody say 'wow' tonight,
Everybody Wing Chau tonight...

Danny DeVito's probably feverishly working on a screenplay for "Get Big Shorty."

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If Chau loses, does he go to jail?

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The country is broke. No one goes to jail anymore.

They'll sentence him to twenty years of reading reams of mortgage documents for the wind down at Fannie Mae, for a modest salary and benefits.

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"American business is not a monster, but an expression of God-given impulse to create, and the savior and guardian of our happiness."

- W.G. Harding

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"The book "depicts Mr. Chau as someone who ignored his professional responsibilities, made misrepresentations to investors, charged money for work that was not performed, had no stake in the CDOs he managed, was incompetent or reckless in carrying out his responsibilities, and violated his fiduciary duties by putting the interests of 'Wall Street bond trading desks' above those of his investors."

Is that it? I mean, is that the prosecutions best shot? ... Hank Paulson would put Chau in the shade ... No contest ... Paulson had the nads to waltz into CONgress with a couple of sheets of bs scribbled on note pad paper and convince the uber clowns that the world would stop turning if they didn't cough up $800 Billion in a day or two. Compared to Paulson, Chau is a Boy Scout. 

Paulson also told the US Gov that he would not take the job as Treas Sec unless his earnings at GS and future earnings were tax free. No one has ever gotten a total pass on income taxes to my knowledge.

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Yeah, at first I thought he was talking about Ben Ali.

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Wing Chau is a "citizen" of New Jersey. That's too funny.

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End the Federal Reserve, it is the cause of all this nonsense!!!!

Ron Paul 2012

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that is not a "complaint" its a movie script

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the passage on Wing Chau was one of the highlights of the book. def a rabbit hole moment

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Should be worth an extra 100,000 hardcopy sales of the book! You just can't buy publicity like this. Lewis must be laughing all the way to the bank. Good for him. The book was excellent.

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"His fees ranged from at least 0.09 percentage point of assets a year for CDOs filled with high-rated bonds to at least 0.17 percentage point for those with lower-rated debt, according to prospectuses."

That's what always got me. He was making more money peddling shitty wares than good ones and didn't have enough skin in the game for him to care if they ultimately blew up.

In business you should always try to analyse the incentives the other party has. One glance at those should tell you to be careful.

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It will be interesting to see what Brad does with this project.

A friend of mine went to high school with Brad.  She was into acting and very involved with the high school plays.  They spent 4 years trying to talk Brad into trying out.  He said he wasn't interested...yet, he would sit in the back of the auditorium and watch all the rehearsals.  My friend lost touch with Brad when she moved to New York.  She did see him again...when she went to see Thelma and Louise.

I can only guess that our very own Tyler got tired of watching rehearsals, too.

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