A Look At The Week Ahead: All Eyes On Chinese CPI And Lending Growth Data

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Will Zero Hedge be decoding the expected manipulated CPI ?

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The BLS will decode it for you.  They throw everything out there.  Even their hedonic adjustments.

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China's economy might be in a bubble, but their stock market sure isn't.

Still waffling around.

Wait until those 1 billion Chinese learn the thrill of stock market gambling...

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I worry a little that they are just now learning the thrill of precious metal investing.  It is irrational to some degree to overweight pm's excessively in one's portfolio, but Richard Russell said once that there is no fever like gold fever.  I am afraid they know their system is corrupt and may turn to barbarous relics

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dude--orientals are born gambling. where you been?

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UK CPI Another elevated print of about 4.3% yoy is about to be released. Consensus expects a reading closer to 4%.

No doubt, for the 19th consecutive month, the above-target inflation rate will be blamed on "temporary factors".

I wish I was kidding.

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About CPI, I just happened to land on this page:

Hedonic Quality Adjustment in the CPI


They perform hedonic adjustments on not only appliances and televisions, but clothes, footwear, and educational books!


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You obviuosly have a gift.

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Next it'll be firewood and caves.

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Any way you look at it, this has to be good for occupancy and rent rates in the Great Ghost Cities.........right........?

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updated info showed chinese cpi of Jan will be around 4.9 which will be lower than market expectation

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I'm moving to Chile

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IMF warning that inflation could spread.......as if



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Is that the "US Shilly Fed" or the "US Philly Fed"...or did I misread it?